Health Benefits of Asparagus

You never could stand the taste or smell of Asparagus but you would be amazed at all the health benefits that little vegetable has.

So here are the great health benefits I have compiled for the wonderful food of Asparagus…

  • It is high in vitamin K and Folate
  • Eat asparagus when you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving – because of it being high in folic acid it helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida
  • Great for your heart
  • Helps w*Helps menstrual cramps with fertility problems
  • Great for your gastrointestinal tract and your colon
  • Helps menstrual cramps
  • Great food to help treat depression
  • Has been known to increase the success rate of chemo therapy
  • Is considered a diuretic which means it is a good anti-inflammatory – best for arthritis, asthma rheumatism, and even water retention…PMS
  • Help get rid of warts
  • Helps detoxify your body
  • Add more asparagus to your diet to lover cholesterol
  • Great for nursing mothers stimulating milk production
  • Has antioxidant agents – prevents the effects of aging
  • Has antifungal and antiviral qualities
  • Great for your kidneys – cleansing your body by stimulating urination and preventing kidney stones
  • Helps prevent bladder and urinary tract infections
  • Use to be used as an a aphrodisiac – increase sexual and comforting feelings
  • Helps with treating HIV
  • Helps prevent multiple sclerosis
  • Helps prevent scurvy
  • Asparagus has anti-cancer agents – especially lung cancer
  • Helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Helps fight off high blood pressure
  • If you bruise easily – eat more asparagus
  • Is considered a laxative – eat an asparagus if you have diarrhea and constipation
  • Great for your capillaries – eat more asparagus to avoid varicose veins
  • Great for your eyes preventing cataracts
  • If you are experiencing hair loss- eat more asparagus
  • Helps treat toothaches
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  1. Asparagus is tasty, healthy and very nutritious – but I think this article goes a little too far!! The only things not claimed are a cure for baldness and telepathic powers! A healthy, balanced diet provides many of the benefit listed. Happy eating!

  2. what if I have a kidney stone? it is also a godd for me?


  4. For #3
    You would better off if you would hold somrthing else, than your nose while peeing.


  6. It’s because of the way that the body breaks down the asparagus inside your body. Nothing to worry about!

  7. asparagus is very nice steamed as long as its not over cooked

  8. I take an asparagus form of hormonal treatment,there are some folk before me in the comments who may benefit :)
    As a qualified nurse may I point out that in your point [Is considered a laxative - eat an asparagus if you have diarrhea and constipation] it probably would not be wise to eat it if you have diarrhoea/diarrhea. Informative article and you have made me want to go and eat some now!

  9. The only way to eat it is to put it in a frying pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and a pat of butter.Cover pan tightly and cook on low until nicely browned and soft.Sprinkle romano cheese on it and a little salt and pepper.Never boil it and only buy it fresh when the stalks are not too fat.Break the bottoms off where they “give” and snap the remainder in half.Be sure and wash well before cooking.

  10. I dont know what to say after reading that last one. Holy Whistles!

  11. Can asparagus help cure hepatitis?

  12. eat blanch asparagus to enhance your beauty… Japanese, Korean, Thai and Australians love it. asparagus adds life!

  13. Asparagus also helps in reducing the Age by 2 yrs if you eat it daily for 2 years

  14. lol! I can’t stop laughing at this.

  15. what a load of crap. eat a apple and see a shrink.

  16. It will improve your SQL Server 2008 Administration talent and keep you awake on long, lonely evenings when you are monitoring your disaster recovery and backup management systems.

  17. You guys are all so funny

  18. i take a juce from the aspargus and drink averyday istead of cooking what you gays think is better than cooking

  19. All i got to say is Aspargus is Good, I juice it, I cook it, O Aziz, was you trying to say “what do you GUYS think is better than cooking in stead of GAYS LOL

  20. I like it with olive oil and salt. Yummy

  21. I eat it every day, there are benefits to eating all vegetables. All green vegetables have the same benefits. It beats my old diet of processed and take out. I lost 20 lbs since new year just by eating right. And yes, my pee smells like melted plastic.

  22. Where did you get this information? I’d like to see if there’s more information that you don’t have here.

  23. I pressure cook it. Once the pressure cooker comes up to steam, I time it for 1 to 1 and a half minutes and its done. Bright green and very good and quick.

  24. I can eat asparagus everyday. I usually boil it in water, for maybe 5 mins and then put butter, salt and garlic salt on it. And it is awesome!!

  25. you guys are really funny but is there anything about them being any good for a lactose intolerant? im kinda doing an assignment at school and need to know…

  26. I’m actually eating some right now, first time I’ve had it, it’s yummy, and hope to see a healthier me. : )

  27. I actually juice enough for a week, refrigerate it and take a spoonful of it dutifully daily after breakfast. It\’s been good for the immunity so far!

  28. i love it raw…its really yummy.

  29. very informative. joan, storing it for a week at that state (juice) will lose its potency if not totally lose it. best to take it immediately after boiling (not to long).

  30. I just received a ppt presentation stating pretty much what you guys say here and more, it even quotes “documented cases” of cancer cure. I think it’s a little overrated too. Still I’m gonna up my greens intake just to be sure, who knows, I might even develop some powers!

  31. I get those Ziplock microwave bags and put asparagus, olive oil and garlic in it and shake and move the outside of the bag around until it is all mixed up. Then I put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and I have steamed asparagus in olive oil and garlic. It is delicious!

  32. hmmmmmmm.yummy

  33. Just ate 4 of the little suckers. I love them best steamed with some salt and onion powder. If you put it in a steamer, you don’t need butter or olive oil. Geeze, I wish I had some more right now. And BTW I’m glad someone mentioned the PEE PEE smell. I was wondering why it smelled weird after I had some asparagus earlier today….almost thought something was wrong with me. So relieved! Thanks Guys.

  34. i know of 2 terminal cancer patience that used asparagus in high volume to completely over come this deadly disease one was a lung cancer patient and the other had pancreatic cancer since cancer runs high in our family we now use asparagus on a regular bases , to answer the question (why your urine smells so bad after you use it – it helps to remove deeply in bedded poisons and toxins , wast never smells good especially when its been there a while , just keep using it ,

  35. tbhis is a great products, wanna know more and how it helps asked me at

  36. Here is how to prevent asparagus making your urine smell.
    Boil and then puree,store in fridge and take a 1/4 cup twice daily for cancer prevention. I hate it but doctor it up with applesauce.

  37. Ever since I began eating asparagus my poops have been over 1 foot long.

  38. hi,
    is it possible to have more information about the effect of asparagus on fertility problems.

    thanks a lot for your help.

  39. Seriously, It makes my urine smell – a lot!

    It makes almost everyones urine smell, but some people cannot smell the odor. You just have to accept it.

    As far as eating asparagus – I love it!

    Best recipe: Roll asparagus in olive oil, salt, and pepper, wrap in bacon and grill! Fantastic!

  40. this is work i love it

  41. I thought asparagus caused constipation. Would love to try it for health reasons but am afraid of to.

  42. I am amazed at everything I am hearing hear. I do know that the urine does smell a little but as long as you are not in a new relationship my husband understands. I did notice that I am not as tired I have been eating it for 2 weeks and Most Definitely is an afrodiziac.

  43. hi…….I wish anything will work for me, how can people claim so many benefit from a vegetable… nothing works for me no vegatable no drinks….

  44. Milka, what doesn’t work for you? You comment is very vague at best?

  45. Milka, for anything to work no matter how wondeful the claims you have to be positive and expect results. Don’t ever say NOTHING works for me that is very negative and negativity breeds disease.

  46. Well said misskareen. Also vegetables DO have many health benefits you just need to be consistant and stop eating processed anything. You can do it Milka whatever it is you wish would work will work, just believe.2iu4d

  47. It also makes you gay so watch out

  48. I love to put my asparagus in a frying pan with balsamic vinegar and garlic and heat covered for approx 5 minutes…YUMMY

  49. Asparagus is good. I feel like Superman, but my piss smells like kryptonite.

  50. Historically, asparagus has been used as a diuretic and in the treatment of arthritis and
    rheumatism. The amino acid asparagine may be responsible for the diuretic effect of
    asparagus. When this amino acid is excreted in the urine, it gives off a strong,
    characteristic odor.

  51. #34 Jack wrote of knowing 2 cancer patients that used asparagus in high volume to over come their disease. I received an email/article yesterday telling of asparagus cancer curing cases as well as benefits for kidneys, etc. Jack wrote how cancer runs high in his family so they use asparagus on a daily basis. The email/article said to puree it; I wonder if cooking and eating it poses the same benefits as cooking and pureeing it. Can Jack or anyone reply with some insight? I am going to do this, because eating veggies is good for you anyway and it can’t hurt.

  52. #51
    I got the same e-mail I think.
    The Dr. recommended drinking it daily by pureeing it and mixing 2 tablespoons in a cup of water(hot or cold) twice daily. He said it needs to be from cooked asparagus such as canned, providing the brands have no additives. He suggested stokely or green giant.
    I puree 2 cans of green giant, keep it in the fridge and use it daily. It lasts a week or so.
    I prefer it in hot water like a broth.
    He also said in cases of those who actually have cancer, increase to 4 tablespoons twice daily.

  53. The best way to eat asparagus is to juice it raw. I mix it in with other veggies and fruits, put it through my Omega Juicer and get a delicious and healthy juice.

  54. Can it be eaten raw and what parts do you eat raw?

  55. Can it cure Americans?

  56. To Miwie….Why would your want it to cure Americans? Just go eat your vegetables and be happy you live in America where green vegetables are plentiful. And also be glad that asparagus could cure cancer along with other illness! I think that this is WONDERFUL!!!

  57. it is also great to sear asparagus in olive oil, salt, greek seasoning on a cast iron skillet!

  58. I love Asparagus…
    But people I think they are talking about fresh and not frozen or canned asparagus to help with all those problems. I know that with todays busy society it’s hard to buy fresh and expensive. But fresh is the only real way to enjoy the great taste of ASPARAGUS. I even eat them raw, yes with nothing and they are even better than steamed.

  59. I have read all your comments…amazing!!I am currently battling breast cancer and definately intend to try asparagus because I believe it will help.

  60. You guys are all way too funny! I actually lol’d at a few. I came to this site because I was interested in knowing some benefits of aspargus and I got more out of your comments. Laughter is the best medicine! and of course along with a side of aspargus will cure anything! I am so going to pick some up from the Market Thursday! Thanks guys you made my visit here a pleasure! :)

  61. i’ve been eating asparagus for about 4-5 years now and LOVE it! my hubby only gave it a chance when he was super hungry one night and now BEGS me to buy it… we usually put a bundle in a freezer bag, throw in some olive oil and salt and then throw it on the barbie! yum! my dad also just ate it for the first time over mother’s day weekend and loved it. asparagus is the best… except for the smelly pee thing. ;)

  62. I had asparagus for the first time on sunday I started peeing like a pipe, so I thought something wae wrong.Then I tried some at about noon on Wednesday, since then I have been running to the wash room just about every hour.It’s now 4 A.M. and I’m up researching my food in-take for the day, only to find out that Asparigus is the reason for me peeing like a fire hose. This mus be good for me as I had trouble before getting rid of my urine at a young age 55. It works better than flomax.Wow!!Got to tell my Doctor about this Thing.

  63. I’m trying asparagus as a cancer preventive measure. I am a cancer surviveor and take all preventions that I read about.
    I put four, six inch stalks in a blender with four table spoons of diced tomatoes and a couple spoons of vinegar and some ice. It
    makes about 12 ozs of juice that tastes like V8 juice. I haven’t
    noticed any smelly pee. The tomato juice might kill the smell.

  64. Farmers’ Markets during the summer and early fall provide great prices on asparagus. I can get 3 bundles (8-10 long stalks in each bundle) for $5. So much cheaper than the grocery stores. Definitely check out the farmers’ markets.

  65. I am so thankful to find out about this. I have several friends suffering from various cancers. I grow asperagus and my 9 year old grandson loves it. He will eat it raw! I overhead him telling his 90 year old great-grandmother how to fix it. He likes it best fixed in the microwave with a little butter. After microwaving he adds a little seasoned salt. He will ask for this before any dessert! He loves most vegatables and we are thankful for that.

  66. Whats so bad about smelly urine? At least then you know it’s time to change your drawers

  67. I read this one remark that she juices it and takes a spoon full each day. I take one whole bunch, juice it. You get about 7 ounces and drink that at lunch time. I cant see where one spoon full has any benefits. By the way–it tastes bad but I just drink it because of the benefits. Its worth it.

    Also canned asparagus was recommended. Puree it and take 3 tbls a day. That doesnt taste good either but Im all for trying.

  68. I came on this site to find what are the benefits of asparagus and your comments were not only helpful but hilarious as well!!!

    It made me laugh while I read this important info.

    Ps. I puree my asparagus and my pee is not smelly. Am I doing this procedure the proper and normal way.

  69. I’ve read the email about the benefit of eating asparagus and so I try to take asparagus; fried with onions, chili and bit of salt.You know what when I did a blood test (check up) my blood test result was normal. By the way the blood test was to check for cholestrol level, kidney and blood count. Thanks for my friends who forward me this email.

  70. Will this help with Hepatitas C & Cirrohsis of the liver

  71. Asparagus tastes yummy… I make it this way,

    Clean stalks, brush them with little olive oil and grill it on hot charcoals for about 2 to 3 minutes. Drizzle with salt and pepper and enjoy. It keeps the natural flavor of the asparagus…

    Another way – Clean stalks, cut into finger long pieces, and mix with similar cut pieces of carrots and french beans – coarsely chopped garlic and ginger – toss in a hot pan with little olive oil – saute for 2 to 3 mins at high flame, finish off with salt and pepper – Add some fresh parsley or basil. Super starter salad.

  72. Put some in a ziploc bag with a little olive oil and pepper. put on the bbq and grill! slightly crunchy, and great flavour!

  73. can it increase libido

  74. The best way to eat them is RAW (nutritional reasons). However, better than nothing, eat them steamed, grilled, sauted, whatever…do not overcook them, though.

  75. well, the answer for urine and poop change is in the article: the asparagus helps detoxify the body, so all that smell/size is what you had in the body before. i presume overcooking is not healthy, nor microwave, so i will go for the lightly boiled asparagus and some kind of 10 day cure:)



  77. can sspargas make my dick harder:)

  78. I puree a can of asparagus, pouring off some of the liquid, and store the finished product. Each morning and evening I drink two tablespoons of the puree with carbonated mineral water. A delicious drink providing not only the health benefits of asparagus but mainly calcium and manganese from the mineral water.

  79. jon you are such a two year old……………

  80. I do know the many health benefits of asparagus. An e-mail and a report that I read stated that it is a very strong cancer fighter. The recommendation is to take four tablespoonfuls of steamed and pureed asparagus twice a day. I am wondering whether the effects are similar if you eat the asparagus after you steamed it without having to puree it. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

  81. Why didn’t they teach me about asparagus and stinky urine at my school. I was so embarassed at the toilet in my office when I had this bugger[asparagus] for the first time. I will eat them again. But only on weekends. I grilled them(covered) in the oven with olive oil, salt and dried basil. It is yummy and feels healthy.

  82. i drink 4 tablespoon puree asparagus twice daily for 1 month already. I drink it before breakfast with empty stomach and before bedtime. My sugar level and uric acid are normal. The excessive flow of blood during my menstruation (i even used adult diaper) is already normal. thanks to asparagus.

  83. I’m going to try it just to see what my urine smells like. You all have me curious.

  84. asparagus casserole EASY and GOOD

    layer it like this….
    crushed saltine crackers
    asparagus from can
    shredded cheddar cheese
    asparagus from can
    shredded cheddar cheese
    (mix left over juice from can and 1 can cream of mushroom soup)
    pour it over layers
    cover with crushed saltine crackers and put a litter butter on top
    bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 350

  85. wow thanks uncle has terminal liver cancer and I’m going to suggest asparagus to him.
    Maybe it will help :)

  86. I use Dr. Chi’s Asparagus Extract which I order through Herbal It’s on sale right now too. Each packet is equivalent to 1/2 pound of asparagus. The packets are very handy and I have used both hot and cold water to make the tea. Not the tastiest but it beats canned! Canned, microwaving and boiling deplete the nutrients. Raw, juiced, steamed quickly or extract would be most beneficial. Using it primarily for my lungs.

  87. Asparagus is really an aphrodisiac. Just took some a few hours ago, now… I cant’ stop pointing :-) .

  88. Some people notice a strong urine odor after eating asparagus. Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called a mercaptan which when broken down releases a funny scent.
    The odor will disappear when the asparagus is completely digested and absorbed

  89. I received an e-mail from a friend about Asparagus being a cancer fighting food. I don’t know if this is true or false however I do believe that our health is based on our diet and that there is a natural cure for any ailment. The e-mail that was sent to me held a link which I have read and have included with this post. I have read the other comments and I believe even more that asparagus does have some very valuable properties. Fresh asparagus is obviously the best but even canned is alright. The article mentioned that if using the canned to buy the well known brand names which I wont mention here but you can find out for yourself through the included link. I buy the bottlled container of asparagus which holds 12-25 stalks of asparagus and blend it. Takes only a few minutes and provides about a weeks supply. The article mentions that you only need to consume 4 tablespoons in the morning and 4 in the evening. I can’t say with any conviction if this works but on the other hand it won’t hurt you either unless you have an alergy. Here is the link that was given to me. Does anyone have any actual proof?

  90. Hahaha the comments were hilarious! Asparagus is so good. I found this great recipe online that is delicious and healthy. Just add salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil in a pan with asparagus and bake for 7 to 11 minutes at 400. So yummy!

  91. I am a nurse working in home with a cancer client for almost a year now. I do her diet and nutrition therapy in addition to medication, juicing and supplement regimen. I see her lab work monthly and since adding asparagus in her juice and to her meals she has drastically improved! We use all organic vegetables and fruits. Juice must be drank that day as it loses potency over the 24 hour period. Also we make our own organic tumeric capsules and cinnamon capsules (empty gel caps can be purchased at health food stores). Her labs were improving already with the regimen but asparagus added a huge boost. I am a believer!!!

  92. As for me, make my own asparagus shake. I buy canned asparagus from a supermarket/ grocery store, then emptying the whole contents in a blender and adding condensed milk as a sweetener. I usually drink it 1 glass everyday of my own asparagus shake.

  93. Hi … I read on one of the Health sites that Vit K is NOT good for Hepatitis C… just google it. Asparagus has alot of vit K in it. Although, Vit K2 and Vit D3 work very well together in bone health, immune system issues, keeping on top of seasonal viruses.

  94. does it cure seasonal allergies?

  95. huh i read that asparagus is a major aphrodisiac,and the author suggested to just look at the shape well I am a black guy i cannot see any similarity until my friend said asparagus is 4 white folks, we blacks should try ZUCCHINI

  96. I wish I could believe that this or anything would cure or prevent cancer. Cancer has taken two of my brothers and and several other relatives, walter

  97. Whatever tard, your comment was no more mature. Chill out.

  98. If you don\’t enjoy the taste of steamed asparagus try \”French Sauce\” my mom always made it and it made me love eatting aspargus but never knew all it was was a spoonful of mayo and a squeeze of mustard mixed up. Husband hated it until the first time I made it with sauce…now his favorite veggie.

  99. That was meant to be a joke,,, i guess some of you guys really need that stuff as a brain cells rejuvanator Read between the lines and think a little … GRANT

  100. The Naturopath from suggested for my mom Dr. Chi’s Asparagus Extract to detox her kidneys in order to normalize her blood pressure, since kidneys are very mush involved in regulating blood pressure. We’ll try it.

  101. Your comment that your pea smells like plastic was interesting I just read an article about how plastic is being detected in our bodies because of so much plastic in our environment. Maybe you’re cleaning it out.

  102. For erectile dysfunction stuff as many stalks in ur ass as u can , run for 5 kms without any stalk falling off , take them out one by one , boil it and then eat it

  103. To everyone who has written about cancer… as a cancer survivor and asparagus fan, I wanted to share some info. Check out cayenne pepper drops. I take several drops in a little warm water twice a day and have been cancer free for 5 years. C. Pepper has even saved heart attack victims. There is a lot of info online about how it has CURED inoperable cancer patients. You can find the drops at most health conscious food stores. But be cautious and do your homework because not everyone’s system can handle cayenne.

  104. Eat it raw. Just juice it with an apple, celery, and carrot.

  105. Amazing! I dont think i hv ever read about any eatable with so much health benefits. Great Job buddy. Thx for sharing Info. From Now, I’ll check that Asparagus is essentially a part of my daily diet.

  106. I heard that if you have kidney stones that if you eat a bundle of asparagus and several diet cokes that it will disintigrate the stones…I had a friend that did that one time.

  107. I have been using the juice to treat the occasional flare ups of urticaria vasculitis. Beats having to take antihistimines that make me overly drowsy and steroid treatments. Got the suggestions from an herbalist a couple decades ago. She said that it was something do with an enzyme in the raw asparagus. Beats the we don’t know how to treat it that I get from doctors.

  108. Yes, I’ve used asparagus to flush kidney stones but I’m not sure
    of the diet coke. Any soda pop helps form stones. I rather use watermelon juice or young coconut water. Works always (I’m a chronic sufferer) and I’ve so far avoided any kind of “intervention”.

  109. Helps with PMS? .. I will let you all know! :)

  110. which kind of asparagus is anti cancer or the best to use?

  111. sorry this is kinda late, there is more additives in foods fruits and veggies in america than probably any other country, it only makes sense health insurance is expensive, and theyre trying to make it mandatory, out unhealthy diets make “them” money..even organic foods can be false labeled..but asparagus is very good for u,,especially if u can get it organic

  112. hilarious. I was trying to find out the benefits of asparagus and I was able to get more. The stalks up the ass and! Asparagus is good no matter how you cook it, raw, butter, olive oil..etc..either way it\’s healthy for you. Most green vegatables are. We should be eating them on a regular basis!

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  114. I have just eaten an asparagus right now…And It taste’s like spinach but only better….

  115. can asparagus cure diabetes?

  116. Any more cancer/asparagus related stories? I am in my 2nd week of 4 TBSP twice daily. Not bad for someone who would never have dreamed of eating it until I got breast cancer. I will keep ya posted as to whether it works for me!

  117. FYI…..
    Asparagus, according to the National Cancer Institute, has the highest amount of glutathione of the foods tested. Glutathione has antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties. For those concerned about their urine….glutathione is also involved in detoxification of the body. It binds to fat soluble toxins such as heavy metals, solvents and pesticides and tranfers them in water soluble form to be excreted in your urine….YEAH!

  118. never ate asparagus willing to try, do u still get the same benefits of asparagus if it is pickeled?

  119. I have been in chemo treatment for colon cancer which is in my liver and lower right lung. About 5 years ago it was found that I had a small tumor in my colon, and I had a colon resection. The doctor said they got it all and I didn’t receive any more treatment. About 2 1/2 years ago it was found in my liver and lung. The oncologist said I had about 2 years before my liver would fail. In dealing with the chemo treatments I was extreamly tired. Over 6 months ago I was sent an e mail about aspargus puree cure for cancer. I will never go so far as to say it is a cure, but my health has greratly improved. I have energy beyond anything I could have hoped for and in the last 3 months I have gained over 10 pounds. I am 75 years old and feel great. The lesions are still there but have remained stable and have not spread. I will have another scan in 2 weeks. I attribute my health first of all to the outpouring of prayer, and then to the message in my e mail about asspargus. I believe the “God works in mysteerious ways, His wonders to behold.” Carol

  120. Carol, that is great news!!!!!! Please keep us posted! I have breast cancer..also have mets to my liver, skin and various other places. So, are you no longer on any chemo and just doing the asparagus?
    Today is 2 weeks for me on the asparagus, but I am also on chemo and a targeted drug…I am sooooo impatient to see if asparagus really works for me. Yesterday, I made a juice of apples, carrots, kale, spinach, celery, romaine lettuce & beets. I didn’t add the asparagus to it, but will today. Anyway, I have been having terrible pain in my left arm/shoulder where I have lymphedema. Today the pain is sooo much less. I truly believe in the healing power of God through nature!!!…also, two sayings go through my mind all the time, “You are what you eat!” and “If you have your health, you have everything!”.

  121. Estou iniciando o consumo de aspargos; o motivo: estou incluída entre os pré-dispostos ao câncer ( vários familiares tiveram câncer). Estou usando em conserva; já que o inatura é raro por aqui, e muito caro. Quando observar, algum resultado, positivo ou negativo, darei depoimento. Nilza

  122. damn! why I’m reading this at 1am, after reading the benefits of asparagus I want to eat it right now but don’t know where to get it at this time.

  123. damn! why I\’m reading this at 1am, after reading the benefits of asparagus I want to eat it right now but don\’t know where to get it at this time.

  124. I have the best vegan recipe for a creamy and semi-spicy soup I make for detoxing and eliminating excess water. Ladies, this is good for weight control and that PMS water weight that we all hate.

    Try it! So easy… so YUMMY!

    The Turista Chef–

    Creamy Asparagus Soup

    serves: 2
    level: easy

    1 lb. organic asparagus
    1 pinch of sea salt (to taste)
    1/2 tsp Muchi curry powder
    1/4 tsp paprika
    2-3 Tbsp soy creamer

    Wash and cut ends of asparagus and slice into 1 inch pieces. Toss in a medium sauce pan filled with boiling filtered water. Make sure you have two inches of water over asparagus. Cover lid. Add sea salt, Muchi curry powder and paprika. Lower heat to medium. Cook until fork tender. Allow to cool. Do not drain water. Add soy creamer and blend until creamy. Serve warm.

  125. Look again, second item from the end…
    “If you are experiencing hair loss- eat more asparagus\”

  126. I suffer from chronic kidney stones, usually having 3 to 5 bouts a year, for the past 6 years. Trips to the ER resulted in Ct scans each time, at considerable expense. Every time a stone was confirmed, I was told to take pain meds and wait for it to pass. Once I had to have a stone broken up, and that was just awful. Fourteen months ago, I knew I was dealing with a large stone. I was scheduled for lithotripsy on Monday at 10 am. On Friday, I found a remedy on the internet, and tried it. It was easy, and safe. I drank 72 ounces of CocaCola within 2 hours, then ate 15 ounces of pureed asparagus within 15 minutes of finishing the coke. The acid in the coke is supposed to erode the stones, and the asparagus helps to clean out the kidneys and ureters. Early Monday morning, I passed 3 stones, the largest of which was about the size of a rice krispy. I was able to cancel the scheduled procedure. When I saw my doctor later in the week, he said the “stones” I had passed had actually been one stone, that would have been impossible for me to pass without intervention. I told him what I had done, and he said if that works, continue. The best news is that I have only had one kidney stone since that, instead of the usual 4 or so that I normally had in a year. I’ll definately try the 4 tablespoons a day!

  127. I love asparagus, but I hate the smell of my urin after eating it. New research has shown that asparagus makes everybody’s pee smell, no exceptions, but only 22% of the population has the gene that makes them be able to smell it.

  128. Hi I heard about the life enhancing effects of asparagus and i wasnt convinced until i mashed it up and smeared it all over a mallard duck in the local park, it looked at me a little confused but the next day i found it shaving infront a hand held mirror and had read the entire spanish dictionary diagonally.

  129. Check out – they have a nice list of things and have even used this article!!

  130. It has an oestrogenic effect and nourishes the ovum which will increase your chances of getting pregnant and even decrease your chances of a miscarriage if you have asparagus throughout the pregnancy. Of course…everything in moderation.

  131. Processing causes lactose intolerance. You may want to consider going raw. Raw nuts and even milk and other dairy if you can find it. Even raw almonds in the stores are not really raw…they are processed either by steam or chemicals even the ones still in the shells. USA made it legal to market nuts as raw even though they have been pasturized but you can still get those raw nuts, cheese and milk from local growers.

  132. I have kidney stones… and asparagus (boiled) is actually one of the healing cures for kidney stones. You boil the veggies in water, and drink the water from it… Also, strawberries are also very good for stones. It helps break down and dissolve the stones. One other thing… take a couple teaspoons of all natural Olive Oil, 2x a day. (Not tasty at ALL), but it is also VERY beneficial for that and many other sicknesses in general. Hope this helps and that you try doing this!

  133. WOW!

  134. who smells their urine? what u thought it was gonna smell like flowers?

  135. I hear it also cures herpes!

  136. Our Titanium Jewellery are guaranteed forever against scratching and breakage.

  137. How about trying eggplant bro.

  138. I had a bundle of those last night, and my urine smells like corrosive liquid :) I’m thinkin if I eat that for one month, my pee could be radioactive lol

  139. I liked the info about asparagus. Many thanks to you for bringing the facts in front of us.

  140. I have always eaten asparagus. I tasted them when I was a kid and loved them. I open a can and eat them all just out of the can. If there something wrong with that, I don’t see any comments about eating them out of the can. Does anyone know if this is not good.

  141. I read this article and tried asparagus for the first time( steamed ).

    I thought the serving was delicious, but the next day I noticed hair growing all over my (before) bald head, I had lost 53 lbs. overnight,
    my ‘manhood’ returned to high school stamina ( I am 62 ) , and after driving to work my old Chrysler Cordoba got 49 miles per gallon( and even ‘the rich Corinthian leather’ is soft and supple to the touch. THIS STUFF IS REAL GOOD.

  142. Good Luck, dealing with Bladder Cancer, had 2nd surgery for tumors, and am going to try this, nothing to lose, love it anyway!

  143. try goldenseal and red clover tooooo

  144. Asparagus melts like butter in the mouth when you pick it barefoot in the garden along with all the other plant produce that you grow yourself- like all of your food it is sickly and stale when you get it off the supermarket shelf because it has travelled so far after being picked without ripening naturally-as long as you people belong in a world of clones you had better just get used to eating clone food and stop pretending that you can be supplied with something better without lifting a finger to help yourselves!

  145. you are very funny about holding your nose while you pee. It is normal. It is not as bad as you think. Asparagus is one of the best benefits in oour diet. i dont want to have diabetes so I gotta pay for a price to keep myself healthy. My parents and my husband have diabetes, unfortunately, but they are managing it very well. Carrots do give the best benefits—for our vision and it also cleans our kidenys, too. There are other veggies that give us good benefits. I eat some asparagus regualrly. smell stinky urine is better than nada.

  146. I LOVE asparagus, I just ate a whole can of it and its midnight lol, I was thinking darn I have school tomorrow I’d better go online and see if this causes diarrhea and that’s when I found this. My favorite way of eating this is off the grill. We get a couple of bunches of it at the store and then we put olive oil in a cake pan with it and stir it up, we have a special seasoning we make ourselves out of onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper and use that for seasoning then we put it directly on the grill, it is delicious!! I am stoked it is so healthy for me and it explains a lot, I kept thinking I had to have a kidney or bladder infection because of the odor in the bathroom, now I know I’m healthy. I eat a lot of canned asparagus too since we don’t fire the grill up every day, I wonder if it is as healthy as the fresh kind that costs a fortune.

  147. Tastes great raw by itself, or raw dipped in all-natural no-added-oils/sugars nut-butters (like almond butter, for example).

  148. i love the way my pee smells when i eat asparagus. love taking a big ol wiff

  149. I bought some asparagus at Farmer’s Market in NYC. Been eating it every night steamed with regular dinner. I found it constipated me (I have hard bowels). It caused me difficulty in passing and saw blood in stools and on toilet tissue – I had heard it was supposed to be laxative. Was surprised, it did not seem to work for me. I had no malodorous urine though. Strange!!

  150. What is it in the Asparogus that makes it so good for you. Everyone keeps tellin me to eat it but i want to know whats so good about it.

  151. I was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in the spring. It was about a year ago that a mass was first detected on an x-ray. I received the same e-mail several of you refer to in your comments. I prefer not to have chemo /radiation treatments since I’m not young and prefer to live out my life as naturally as possible and to continue to enjoy life as long as I can. I’ve been using canned asparagus which I blend making it easier for the body to assimilate. I’ve been taking 4 tbsp three times a day. The cancer is spotted throughout one lung and it is growing slowly so I’ve increased asparagus to take once more each day, and cut way back on the fruits that I’ve been eating that have lots of sugar. Thanks for all your sharing and comments!

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