Japanese Water Therapy: Embrace It and Live a Better Life

Water therapy or Japanese water therapy has several health benefits. Fight diseases like High BP, Kidney diseases, Constipation and even Diabetes, thanks to water therapy.

Water therapies have been around since ancient times. They are popular in Japanese medicine as well as Ayurveda. Ever wondered why water therapies are so popular? Well the answer to that question lies within us. We are 60-70% water. So when there is an imbalance in the amount of water we have in our bodies, there are bound to be health issues.

I have personally experienced the great benefits of water therapy treatment. Let us understand water therapy in some more detail. If you don’t believe what I am saying, just try the water therapy treatment and then, see if it helps you.

What is water therapy?


Japanese water therapy

In Japanese water therapy, before you brush your teeth every morning, drink about 5-6 glasses (~ 1.5 litres)of water. Apart from this, you should not be consuming anything, for at least 45 minutes before and after drinking this water. So drink 1.5 litres of water, brush your teeth and then wait for 45 minutes before eating/drinking anything.

The first time I heard that I need to drink THAT much water, before brushing my teeth for this  ‘water therapy’ to take effect, I went, “Ewwww”!

If you are having similar feelings, or, if you are on the older side and can’t drink so much water in one go, increase your water consumption gradually. In a few days, you will be able to follow the rules of water therapy treatment. Another thing you could try while following the water therapy treatment, is that you could initially drink 2-3 glasses of water. Then drink the remaining glasses of water, after a break.

There are some other water therapies like- warm water therapy and hydrotherapy. But let’s talk about those water therapies some other time.

Which diseases can be combated using water therapy treatment?
Japanese water therapy helps fight several diseases that include-
* Body pain
* Acne
* Obesity
* Kidney diseases
* Vomiting
* Diarrhoea
* Piles
* Diabetes
* Constipation
* Menstrual Disorders

Personal benefits of Japanese water therapy (that I have noticed)
1- My skin feels much healthier, and has a natural glow.
2- My eyes feel much better.
3- I used to have head aches earlier, but that seems to have reduced after I went on Japanese water therapy.

But before you try Japanese water therapy, please read about Fatal water poisoning

 blue-glasswater_1.jpg (376×480)

Japanese water therapy

So my suggestion to you is, knowing what you know, try Japanese water therapy. See if it helps you. If not, water therapies will certainly not do you any harm…… If you liked this article on , you might like: Drink Herbal Green Tea & Fight Diabetes Now!

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  1. very useful article to know!!
    Life is another name of Water and Japanese knew that!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. water therapy is great

  3. I agree with you Chitra, once again. Thank you.

  4. Water therapy id really helpful and easy to follow. Drinking water before the brush really works. It’s a good technique. Nice write!

  5. Wow….very good piece..great advice.

  6. Good article and very informative.

  7. Absolutely fantastic article as always Rox! Very wonderful information and excellent tips! I am going to give this a try!!

  8. Really well presented article, with facts and tips. But why does it have to be done before you brush your teeth?? and do you have to use bottled water?

  9. Hey Lilly.. Assuming that all of us brush and then go to bed, when we get up in the morning, we still have some bacteria in the mouth. On drinking water before brushing, some of this bacteria gets washed into the stomach and it actually helps bowel movements. Hope that helps answer your question. ;)

  10. This was very informative to me. I did not know such water therapy existed. Of late I have found these natural cures much more effective then chronic problems that you have mentioned. They have all the more value as you start to enter middle age..(not that I am middle aged yet..or as I try to make myself believe…:) )

    Great article Rox. Very well researched!

  11. Another wholesome tips presented. I’ll try my best to try this at home.

  12. Incredibly informative article and I was going to ask the same question as Miss L about drinking before brushing. Must confess that water therapy is something new to me and I know that I don’t drink nearly enough water…maybe this guideline and advice will help me meet my daily quota. Will probably have to break me in slowly!!! Thanks.

  13. If you drink too much water on a daily basis though you can actually flush out too many nutrients for your body to handle. My grama was on a diet that had her drink mass quantities of water in a day and she had to be hospitalized. I think this should be advised to people who are not seniors or with compromised health. Her doctor told her that had she been 15 years younger she would have been fine. Just a suggestion.

  14. 1.5 is just a big amount of water. I go for water whenever thirsty.

  15. @ The Des- I have already written an article on that which is in queue for publication. You can read the details in that. Water therapy is different. :)

  16. you know my cousin does this water therapy thing and it really works, he was coming on with maleria and he did this for a week and it stopped its onset so thanks for sharing. I have just had a baby and had some kidney problems while i was pregnant so i am going to try this.

  17. Hi Roxi,

    I really enjoyed this article. The subject matter and the manner in which you have presented this article is so entertaining and educational. I, for one, am definately in favour of Water Therapy. It really makes sense to drink so many litres in the morning before brushing teeth and the boydy is going to remain re-hydrated most of the time. Also to wait 45 minutes and then eat makes alot of sense too. Excellent!!!

  18. Surely there r benefits of drinking water early morning 1n can start with 2-3 glasses first then gradually increase it.gud write rox let it keep coming.thxs

  19. This is something I had no clue about. I sure will try this. No harm done. Thanks a lot for this info

  20. Hello,I’m a student medicine and work on proposal on japanese water therapy.I need to authoritative article or references benefits japanese water therapy.Help to me,please!.thanks.(

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