Tibicos Mushroom: a Miracle Cure

The tibicos have been a help to numerous individuals. I, myself, tried it and it somehow cured my insomnia.

One of my mother’s friends also did, and it alleviated her diabetes. She even said that the tibicos brought better effects than her expensive medicine. Before, she can’t even stand; After taking the tibicos for weeks, she was able to walk. Many other (who we gave some tibicos to) claimed that the drink was good for them.

The tibicos originated from Tibet, in the Himalayas. Mother Theresa of Calcutta obtained some for the poor and needy. (They aren’t exclusively for the “poor and needy!” Anyone can drink the tibicos in order that we may get the maximum the gift of nature has.) There was a condition, though, for its distribution: It mustn’t be distributed as a commercial product but as a free one.

The tibicos drink can be created by growing the tibicos mushroom. You may find growing mushrooms a bad idea but you must consider the tibicos’ effects, you must think about a better health. Here’s how to do it:

1. Store tibicos mushroom and water (the water must be pure) in a clean glass container. (Do not use soap in cleaning the container, for it has contents that may kill the needed probiotics for our health drink. Use alcohol or distilled white vinegar instead.)

2. Add sugar (preferrably Muscovado) with 1 spoonful of sugar per 3 of Tibicos.

3. Cover the container with a clean cloth and fasten it with a rubber band. This is needed because the Tibicos need oxygen to live.

4. Store the container in an undisturbed area for 24-48 hours.

5. Strain. (Use a plastic strainer, for a stainless one reacts against the Tibicos. Same goes with spoons)

6. Drink. Preferrably at morning and on an empty stomach. If there’s spare drink, store in the refrigirator.

7. Repeat the procedures. However, cleaning the container again or rinsing it may wipe out baby Tibicos. Thus, it’s not advisable. After many repetitions, the Tibicos will have been plenty for you to share with your friends.

What does the Tibicos cure?

It is good for arthritis, migraines, cancer, diabetes, heart, digestive system, liver, muscles, nerves, eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys, and blood. In addition it keeps body temperature regulated, and drinking it helps alcoholics to quit.

So what are we waiting for, folks? Let us grow these mushrooms and obtain a healthy life. And thank God for what He has for us.

Availability of the Tibicos:

Because it was first distributed by nuns, it may also be available in your Church; you must inquire. I am uncertain, for it is distributed by the people themselves who were satisfied by its effects (like how we acquired ours); it has been passed from friend to friend. I don’t know of organizations distributing it.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    Where is this mushroom available from?

  2. Hello! I would like to know if we can substitute it as our water intake. Can we drink about 1000cc per day? Will there be any side-effects? You can reply to me at Thanks!

  3. hello! am from bacolod city, philippines.

    Tibicos is among my greatest blessings – and the least that i can do is propagate & share to as many people who might have a need for it…. in fact, with a friend, we created a website dedicated to Tibicos enthusiasts and if any one of you reads this, please visit … we hope to share this wonderful gift to many others, and it\’s for free :)

  4. I and my co-faculty here in EVSU(Eastern Visayas State University) Tacloban City Main Campus was blessed with Tibicos when a friend of my compadre(also from this school) who happened to have his friend from Mindanao visited his home at V&G Subdivision also this city. We have been drinking Tibicos for almost a month this year.

  5. Just surf on the web for ”Kefir” it is an other name for tibicos.

  6. i would like you to konw that its better to take tibicos mushroom than taking medecines, tibicos mushroom helps cure my diabetes.

  7. Hello from Vancouver. My friend gave me this Tibicos from the Philippines and I pray this will be the answer to all of my health problems. I really like the taste of it and I will be giving this to my friends with cancer. Since I’m a cancer survivor for the last six years. Amen…

  8. Grace, is that Vancouver, Canada you’re from? I’ve been looking to get Tibicos for a while, and I’ve been making milk kefir for close to two years, currently trying addition of fish oil, lime juice and turmeric for added effect.

  9. Yes, Felix I’m from Canada. Well, Vancouver is in the west coast
    of Canada part of British Columbia Province. My tibicos is really producing a lot and I’m really enjoying drinking it. If
    you want i can give you some but where do you live….
    My e-mail address id Tibicos are not for sale, you have to share it and give for free…

  10. Hi,

    I am overweight and just feel blah, no energy and my Choleterhol is very high. My good freind shared some Tibicos with me and yesterday was my first day drinking it. How long does it take for the effects to start working? Thanks. Anyone who knows can e-mail me at Bright Blessings and Good Health to All!

  11. my cousin shared me this tibicos,yesterday, and im now start drinking. And i will also shared it to some of my friends as i see the good effects. Wish of good health to us and all.

  12. hi I am interest in the tibicos let me know how to get I live in Utah USA, and I pay the shiping and handling. my e-mail is please gime info

  13. where didi tibicos mushroom come from???
    how it was discovered??
    please comply to my email on friendster please

  14. hi evry1…my first time to drink the tibicos…on the 3rd day i felt headache…and the following day too which is today…i felt like groogy too..a vertigo-like…the headache is severe…if range it from 1 to 5…mine is 5.

    is there any1…or sum1 who knew very well about this tibicos who’d like to give me honest diagnosis why im feeling this way?
    Thanks a lot..God bless! my email

  15. answer to jonv may 13 2009 I think your taking to much water drink six ounces at a time then gradualy you can add.

  16. Naming it as a mushroom is not proper. It is not specific species.

  17. It is not a specific species. The so-called Tibicos mushroom actually consist of bacteria and yeast.

  18. i too have been drinking tibicos for 2 and a half months now, i usually take it before breakfast and it did wonders to my health. at first,i had a hard time drinking my tibicos brew but i took it gradually and i began to like it’s tibicos was given to me by an officemate and i continue to share it with my family and friends.

  19. to samuel de la cruz….of Utah USA

    you know i have read in ur column that you really need
    tibicos-mushroom. I am from the Philippines and you
    know i have plenty to dried tibicos now because i used to
    drink it almost a year now that is why pls answer this column
    because i will send you plenty so that you can drink also
    this miraculous drinks its so wonderful pls …..

  20. i swear that the tibicos is miracle

  21. can i ask if tibicos is safe for pregnant woman and to breastfeeding mother?

  22. To #21 by glen, Jun 9, 2009:

    I am unsure. But I don’t recommend it. Since Tibicos is a medicine, it may not be safe for pregnant women to drink it.

  23. who can define it??

  24. Hi, I would like to know how to get this tibicos, I live in Arizona USA, if someone has it and willing to share, I will pay for the shipping, please email me at

  25. hi,I would toknow if tibicos could cure also my breast cyst/mass..?thanks a lot..

  26. hello im”so much interested with this tibicos .can you tell me where can i get it. ….thanks alot

  27. gud day to all can someone give me this tibicos mushroom m from philippines i have a kidney problem right now mam/sir pls im begging you pls. my email is thank you very much in advance. god bless to all

  28. I have lots of tibicos with me that I have grown. If you need you can have some., grow it by yourself but dont sell it. Im from Vancouver. tel 6042152450
    Its our daily drink its very healthy.

  29. Hi nydia,

    could you email me at about how I can get your tibicos, I don’t have a table phone, my cell phone can not call to vancouver, could you please…..please……………



  30. I have my tibicos and before I start to drink, I would like to know the dosage of drinking for daily use and want to know also how to share my cousin because I am in New York and my cousin is in California. Please give me an idea how to mail her.

  31. I went to mexico and somehow I run into someone that was taking tibicos they were giving to me . I hope this will be the cure for me I wish I can give them away just like it was giving to me but unfortunaly thing run diferently over here but I will be able to share this with my family

  32. how can you say that tibicos is a miracle?

  33. dwin, how can you say that tibicos is a miracle.

  34. I was just told about Tibicos and found it interesting that someone mentioned it as kefir. I have been growing \\\”kefir grains\\\” for a few months. They were given to me and I was told about all the wonderful benefits of them. I don\\\’t like the fact that I need milk to culture them and am wondering if they are the same as the Tibicos. Do you have any idea if I can use the above recipe for what I have? Thanks

  35. I was just told about Tibicos and found it interesting that someone mentioned it as kefir. I have been growing \\\\\\\”kefir grains\\\\\\\” for a few months. They were given to me and I was told about all the wonderful benefits of them. I don\\\\\\\’t like the fact that I need milk to culture them and am wondering if they are the same as the Tibicos. Do you have any idea if I can use the above recipe for what I have? Thanks


  37. I have the tibicos culture. I am in Durban and email if you want some.

  38. I am looking for some Tibicos. If someone can mail some to me, please contact me, I’m in California.

    Thanks so much….



  39. ann,
    just follow the procedure mentioned aboved in this web, make sure you use MASCOVADO SUGAR because it produces good bacteria that helps our immune system.

  40. hi, I am living in miami and am trying to get some tibicos. If any one in the miami area has some,please contact me at thanks

  41. ei everyone i’m jersie from dumaguete and my mother is taking tibicus.. Actually it is really a miracle drink instead it is an herbal medicine so it doesn’t have any side effect.. Trust me.. And also it is available worldwide but it has different scientific name.. And i’m studying this plant for a couples of weeks to know what kind of substance is there in the mushroom and I found out that there is an extraordinary substance that boost our immune system. The arthritis, migraines, cancer, diabetes, heart, digestive system, liver, muscles, nerves, eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys, and blood sickness is not a sickness but it is a sign that your immune system is not healthy.. If your immune system is healthy it is the one who will repair the disabilities of your body.. So just dont forget to pray to the LORD because he is the one who made things possible… GOD BLESS!!

  42. hi im becca, my boss is looking for this tibicos can u give us any idea where can we buy this.?

  43. hello im Adam from Fort Stockton Texas, and i just heard from this TIBICOS today 8/19/09. I really would love to somehow get some! i have some issues and would love try them and also share them with my mother in law who suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, and i think thyroid. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME TO GET SOME OF THIS TIBICOS I WILL BE GREATLY THANKFUL TO YOU! plz e-mail me at….thank you all!!!…

  44. Anyone in U.S. has some tibicos to share? I’m in North Carolina, U.S., would like to get a few grains of air-dried tibicos (no heat drying). Can send an SASE (self stamped addressed envelop) if you like. Email me at . Thanks.

  45. hi! im eden mae from iloilo city, philippines. can anyone share with me her/his experiences after taking tibicos mushroom? my e-mail ad is

  46. Hi. I live in the Philippines. You are a Filipino, right? Where can I get these tibicos? My mother has a diabetes and I would like her to try these.

  47. what is your website


  48. hi..I’m from the Philippines.. Where can I find this mushroom?? Pls would be a great help..

  49. hey, i’m still fifteen. i found out (also from your comments) that Tibicos mushrooms have really great effects. But I’m wondering, what are these made of? I want the Scientific basis please. Thank you.

  50. marvee of de lasalle bacolod philippines,my bestfriend also gave me that tibicos,and im enjoying the effects right now…i also shre it with the other member of the family..but they didnt feel the effect yet,however,im looking forward for them to appreciate the father has a good tistimony for this..thank you so much to this network..mabuhay kayong lahat!!!

  51. hello everyone am robert from las pinas i’m a type 2 diabetic i got the tibicos when i visited my parents in albay they use to dirnk it for quite sometimes already with gods grace they dont drink their maintenance medicines for hypertension and for for diabetes so it helps a lot mys sugar level is also normal thanks god for these wonderful health drink

  52. hello everyone i like all of you to know that tibicos drink really works!!!

  53. hi beth where in the philippines r u? Im frm bohol n i also grow tibicos it’s really a miracle drink. I drin tis for three weeks now and gone those migraines i suffer almost evry week. I feel light evry day! Thanks to my friend who sahred it and so im willing to share this too for free.

  54. hello I have tibics to share , live en Los Angeles , Ca., email to, ref tibics.thanks

  55. hi im marvee..from the philippines.Again from those wo want to ask a tibicos,you can ask it for me for free,because it cannot be sold to anyone and it is a helpful medecine that GOD has given to his people. many have been able to experience the miracle effect of tibicos,from all kinds of diseases! my bestfried gave me this,and i also share it with others who i think really needed it,for GOD SAID to his people, help one another in that you please your GOD that is in heaven. YOU CAN CONTACT ME IN THIS NUMBER:09054400622 OR YOU CAN GO TO MY E-MAIL ADD. for those who want to ask for the tibicos. THANK YOU!

  56. i can give you if you want. I am growing o lot of this mushroom and i’ve been distributing it to people whom i think needs it especially those who can not afford to buy expensive medicines for their illness. you can contact me anytime.

  57. to those who are in need of tibicus you can see me. just bring your glass containers. you can find me at Oas municipal agricultural services office, Albay. Or you can come to my residence at 070 delrosario st., balogo, oas, albay. its for free. and believe meit works wonders.

  58. Please if anyone can send me any info on Tibicos and how I can get it. I would appreciate it. I suffer from migrain for over 40 years and I also suffer from high blood pressure and a skin disorder called VITILIGO, where eventually you start losing pigmentation and your body starts turning with white patchs. I have been to Dermatologists and there is no cure and they have told me it is due to stress also, so maybe TIBICOS could help me? Please email me if you know any info on how I can get this miracle herb!!!!
    Thanks again,

  59. Hello Everyone,

    I talk to my mom yesterday and she is in the Phil. She tells me that she is drinking Tibicos now . A Nun give it here. and she said that she feels better now coz i show she has high blood and always have headache i see her on a cam and she looks very fine . And i’m quite interesting also to dink it but i’m here in Michigan anyone who have it near in my state pls email me at thanks

  60. Hi,
    I’m in Australia, & I have Water Kefir grains/ SKG/ Tibicos for anyone who wants some. Also, Milk kefir grains, & Kombucha cultures.I can post them around Aus.
    They make the best healthy drink.

    gamgo(AT) optusnet(DOT)com(DOT)au

  61. Hello, Could you ,please,send me the website about TIBICOS ?? My e-mail is
    Thank you in advanc!!
    Good luck to you and stable health !!

  62. I live in Montclair California and am very interested in the Tibicos, if someone can please email me or send me some of the Tibicos, this would be fabulous.

    If you can send me some please email me first and I will provide you with my mailing address.

    Thank you so much!

  63. I am a drinker of tibicos. It really work wonders i followed my mother who was with diabetes and regularly drinking it. she said that tibicos help her to fight the disease. she could hardly see now. but tibicos according to her has been improving her body condition. just be sure you will not eat foods that complicates your diseases and tibicos will work wonder for you. Please have your daily exercise too. I too has seen imrpovements from my body like i can sleep now without awaking at midnights just to urinate.

  64. hi Bebe Lizalita i am Beth in Legazpi city could you pls send me in my email your proportion in preparing tibicus.Is mineral water okay to use?Thanks.

  65. Hello any one live here in the US that has Tibicos pls send me some and i will send you a payment for shipping. or email me at



  66. Can someone gives me some tibicos to try. I am suffering from pulling veins from my backside to my foot. The pull is painful and caused my lower legs, foot and toes to be numb if I continue to stand or walk. I can’t stand or walk for long, otherwise the vein pulling pain and numbness in the foot will occur.

    My name is Peter and my email address:

  67. do tibicos mushrooms die? i noticed some of them stay at the bottom, while others float. why is this?

  68. Hello there! I am in Manila, Philippines. I received tibicos from an officemate, and I have been taking it every 2days, for a week now.

    As per the Wikipedia information, handling the grains with a stainless steel material, is preferable to silver. Please confirm this. I would like to properly handle it, so that I may maximize the benefits. The reason I ask is, I handle it with a stainless steel spoon, when I do a transfer. I use a plastic strainer when I do a harvest, and it is kept in a glass bottle.

    After harvesting the cultured drink, I wash (rinse) it (grains) with tap water, before I place it back in the glass bottle with muscovado sugar/water. The water I use to culture the drink is filtered water, which I buy from your regular water delivery store. Is this correct?

    I have had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol too (not taking meds, by choice…and i’d rather exercise)! And because of my lifestyle, I may have some issues with my liver and kidneys already too.

    Is there anyone out there that may have the same issues, and have seen changes from taking tibicos? *How long have you been taking it? *How often do you drink it? *When do you drink it? *How long before you noticed a difference (if any)?

    Any tips and suggestions will be highly appreciated (not just by me for sure, but also everyone here who has questions about it)

    Many thanks! CHEERS! :)

  69. Regards from Peru (Land of The Incas, where Machu Picchu is located, in South America =) )

    Today, November 21st 2009, is my first intake of Tibicos (aka. Tibetan Mushrooms, Chinese Mushrooms, etc.). To cultivate, prepare and take care of the Tibicos search on YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, etc. to find tutorials about this.

    Also you could search for website forums about Tibicos to know if there is somebody who has Tibicos near your hometown.

    Finally, you could find more info with tibetan, chinese, doctors or communities, ecologic/organic communities and of course your local Catholic Churches who are related with Mother Theresa’s congregation. Maybe you could find more about her and probably ask someone about this story about Mother Theresa and the Tibicos:

    ¡Salud para todos! (Health for all / also, Cheers for all) :-)

  70. HELLO

    Any body interested to water kefir or TIBICOS i have some and the muscovado sugar, i can send live kefir. If interested just email me…


  71. Dear Jimmy, or anyone who can help.

    I have heard of the tibicos and the wonders it has made to a lot of people, my brother will soon be sending me one but i would like to send soon some to my husband who is now in Abu Dhabi. My question is: Is there a way where i could transport the tibicos to my husband (no in a container with water) so that he can also use it? Is air drying possible? How many days will the tibicos live? Kindly help.

    Helen of Bacolod

  72. Hi

    Any body interested of tibicos or water kefir, I have lots now. Im in USA any one here that interested just email me back at I will send live to you, just provide for the shipping…. thanks


  73. response to Tony Parado: i believe the instructions say to handle them with plastic, not stainless (both the strainer & spoon). i’ve been drinking the tibicos juice daily for a couple of months now, more as a probiotic than anything, since i really don’t have existing health problems that i know of, so i can’t really claim any health improvement. if there’s any one who has had actual improvement in their conditions, i’d love to hear about it.
    does anyone know how to air dry/preserve tibicos mushrooms?
    if ur going on vacation, can u leave the tibicos for an extended period with changing the water & giving them sugar?

  74. pwede ba tayong ma overdose sa paginom nang maraming tibicos?

  75. hey good day every one..aim roland martinez one of the many people to take the herbal like a tibicos mushroom. this herbal aregood for the health.. like me. iam very strong and healhty..

  76. Hello, my name is Max. I had a spastic colon and IBS among other health issues. A friend gave me some tibicos and I drank it for over a year. It cured my spastic colon and IBS. I was overall much healther. It truly is a miracle. I stopped consuming it and caring for it, therefore it died. If anyone in the Houston Texas area has tibicos, I would really like to start consuming it again. Please send me an e-mail at… I will not stop drinking it daily, if I can find it again. Thanks and may God continue to bless all living things on earth!

  77. Hi, my name is Mari. I am living in the Detroit area and am trying to get some tibicos. If any one in this area has some, please contact me at . Thanks

  78. My wife is a tibicos user for almost a year already and her health improves significantly. She’s taking steroids & mestinon everyday for her myastenia, but base on her physical examinations, there’s a lot of improvements compared to her previous results. In fact, all parameters were within specs now. Even her neuro doctor was surprised for the improvements. Base on my observation, tibicos can detox your body, especially if you’re taking maintenance drugs everyday. So, enjoy drinking tibicos!

  79. if u want mushrooms ,please connect me .my MSN is

  80. Its been along time since i started drinking tibicos, i just wonder why my bunch seemed to stop multplying but still it ferments the water i use w/c is purified P30 per Jar. Do i need to sitr the concoction to mix the sugar and all? I also use a stainless steel spoon. Will it affect the potency of the drink?
    Pls commnet back,

  81. hello!! can u pls share ur tibicos. i’m surrering fr hypertension & hyperthyroidism. my husband,too. he is dibetic & with heart enlargement. thanks a lot po!!! GOD BLESS!!

  82. Dear Friend & Brother,

    Could you please advise me what I have to do to get Tibicos.
    I have been suffering with Type 2 Diabetes for several years now.
    In the last year, I began to have the beginnings of complications
    in the form of mild neuropathy.

    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours,

  83. I will like to see a picture of these tibicos please thank you.

  84. My Dad is visiting from the Philippines in two weeks. He takes tibicos regularly and i have not been successful in finding any in San Diego Please tell me where I can get some. Thanks!

  85. Please could you send me this tibiscos.I like to try it myself and to my sister who is suffering from goiter and also to my mother who is now bedridden because of stroke.My email ad is cel 09062822440.I am willing to pay for the shipping.
    Thank you so much.

  86. hi! pls.. inform me where can i get this tibicos im interested and i have a severe migraine maybe this is the remedy of my problem.
    thnks!!! email me in ym.

  87. hi,
    i would very much appreciate it if you could send me some tibicos.let me know how much will it cost for the shipping,i am willing to take care of
    Thank you very much.

  88. hi,
    i would like to have some of your tibicos.I live in bicutan.please let me know how much it will cost you to send ad:
    contact no:09195569219
    my name:alicia dela cruz
    thank you.

  89. hi alicia dela cruz,

    i have live tibicos juz got it from a friend. for now konti pa lng cla. maybe after a two weeks marami na. i used to have them before kaya lng naging busy ako nde ko nahaharvest on time namatay tuloy. buti na lng meron pang live tibicos friend ko binigyan ako. coming from experience effective sya. i used to drink around 2 to 3 liters of its water. i was cured from hyper acidity, dyspepsia at pumayat ako. nkakacleanse din ng kidney.

    maybe email me after two weeks and meet me near my place so I can give some to you. just bring a glass jar with you. (pede na ung jar ng mga palaman sa tinapay so long as glass ha) here’s my email: juz email me and will let you know kung san tayo kta kits. tga greater metro manila ako.

  90. Hi, I would like to get some tibicos, I live near Houston,TX. If someone has it and is willing to share, I will pay for the shipping, please email me at

    Thank you and God Bless.

  91. Anita | Oct 21, 2009 | Reply

    I’m in Australia, & I have Water Kefir grains/ SKG/ Tibicos for anyone who wants some. Also, Milk kefir grains, & Kombucha cultures.I can post them around Aus.
    They make the best healthy drink.

    gamgo(AT) optusnet(DOT)com(DOT)au

    Hi Anita, my children who are staying in Perth would appreciate to receive the Milk keifr grains, tibiscos and Kombucha and wonder which part of Australia are you in ?

  92. from where are you?

  93. hola soy alcoholisimo y me urge dejar de fumar

  94. Hi, my name is jannette and I have these tibicos at home. they multiply really fast. i dont know what i will do when i get too many. i am the only one who drinks the water in my house. I am from Los Angeles, California. I am willing to share but i dont know how to ship them.

  95. @janette -share it to me.give me visa so i can go from philippines :)

  96. hi…i’m devi..i’m from indonesia and i’am a biotechnology college student

    i want to do my last project assigntment and i want to use tibicos as my research subject

    i have some tibicos now, but i think it won’t be enough to use as research

    my research title is how to make the lactic acid maximum production from tibicos

    so we will know by this research if tibicos fermented result still can be drink after 3 days or more

    do you mind if you help me by send some tibicos grains for my research?

    i’ll pay for them if i have to…
    thank you GBU

    (contact me

  97. Hi Jen,
    Thank you so much sa tibicus na bigay mo.Matagal ko ring hinintay na magkaroon nito.Aalagaan ko ito and i update kita sa mga improvements na mangyayari.Again thank you,thank you,thank you.

  98. Hi Anita, I’m from melbourne, I wish to get Tibicos and Kambucha tea from you. Please let me know the price. My email is, mobile phone 0424661517. Thank you very much.
    from HT

  99. Felix from Santa Ana I need some.

  100. we have read ur posting bout the website of tibicos but u did not write what is the web site. kindly tell us your website and how can we have the tibicos mushroom.

  101. dont rush things everything will happen in GODs time u just wait and be patient.

  102. I live in Houston, Texas. I have never tried Tibicos but would like to see if it helped me with my health problems. I have heard that it has a great effect on people living with cancer. I would like to give it to those I know suffering from the disease. I have been searching for a while but have not been successful. Is Tibicos difficult to grow? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. God bless..

  103. to those who need some tibicos, i have enough to share, just give your number and i will call you…this only applies to those living within metro manila only…

  104. Hi Emma… I would like to request some tibicos. Here are my contact information: 8463359 and 09283189213.
    thank you very much!

  105. i need more information about Tibicos. can you share with me at:

  106. hi.. im from malaysia,are anyone can get for me tibicos or infor

  107. We have been drinking tibicos for a while, my husband has improved significantly his cholesterol level and his blood pressure is normal for the first time in his life, yes this stuff works…

  108. It is very effective and safe,me and my mom and some of her officemates who are sick are now healthy and strong

  109. I have been drinking tibicos drink for a week, so far i have not seen any special effect.

    However, I have notice that I can \”output\” after drinking it.

    Btw i have some questions

    1) Sugar to use. Should it be Molasses or Muscovado? Some say molasses, some say muscovado. Can white sugar be used?

    When I use muscovado, I got a soury smell like something had turn bad. H/w if i use molassess, the smell is not that strong and it taste good. Even my 6 yos is drinking it with much enjoyment and ask for more.

    2) How do you tell if the tibicos are dead? My batch did not produce much bubbling. It does not appear \”fat & round\” but some are already becoming grain size (separated apart) after i run it over tap water under the running tap. Also I think I am not getting any multiplication of the tibicos.

    3) What is the effect on the tibicos if we do not prepare the drink according to the recommended proportion? I usually estimate. I prefer sweeter, so I put same spoonful of molasses to tibicos into a glass bottle (the size of the large Nescafe glass bottle).

    If all my batch fail, i will not have tibicos anymore.

    Hope some kind souls could help in answering my queries.

  110. I have some of the tibicos mushroom at home. I’m from the Philippines, in Montalban, Rizal Province. It was given to me by an office mate about 3 weeks ago.

  111. for those who want to have some tibicos, i am from cagayan valley area, philippines, u can email me at… absolutely not for sale, its FREE…

  112. Hi, i m Amy from Malaysia, Johor. My family r drinking tibicos water for a year now, I ve share them to my church members n siblings. THANKS GOD !!

  113. hi i am looking for some tibicos if anyone would like to share i live in vanocuver , bc please reply thanks
    Eduardo at

  114. i wouldnt mind trying some tibicos, please tell me how i can get of hold of you thanks a lot, i live close to vancouver

  115. you are so right, it is his will not ours, i am still wating for someone to share there tibicos with me patiently wating in vancouver , bc God bless you all

  116. if you haven’t gotten some till now,
    i can give you some if you live in metro manila area…

  117. I have some tibicos for intrested user . I am from malaysia and residing in Rawang, near kuala lumpur.

  118. some one gave me this jellylike thing which the giver told me that it is tibicos mushroom but from what i read from these post tibicos mushroom is composed of grains. how can i know the real tibicos mushroom. What is MILK KEFIR GRAINS?

  119. Miss Lory i’m from paranaque I want to have tibicos mushroom for my mother who is in the hospital for a long time how can i reach you? my number is 09278466012/09196120272

  120. Loris mira esto

  121. Hi Rose,

    Have you already got your request to Miss Lory? If not, we have some live tibicos grains at home. My wife use to drink this Miracle Drink. You can contact me or my wife Noemi at 8374555.
    We are just at Hagonoy, Taguig City.
    - God Bless!

  122. Hi! please could you send me this tibicos, my parents need it very much, I stay in Perak, Malaysia and will pay for the shipping.

    Thank you very much!

  123. Hi Susan,
    Sorry, I am only sharing our tibicos for filipinos living near our place in Philippines.

    If you wish to have it, try to write to your Malaysian Blogger: Alfred and Janet, they know where you can get it in Malaysia. They have posted the procedure how to culture and prepare the Pro-biotic Tibicos drink.

    Please visit their website at:

    You can post your comments or request there. I hope they would be able to help your parents needs.

    God Bless!

  124. Hi Susan,
    if you have anybody in KL i can pass some TIBICOS to be forwarded to you..
    please reply

  125. salam
    abdul rashid im interested too…can i get some tibicos from stay at bangi.

  126. : Boy Gomez,

    Thanks for your furthermore information.

    : Addul Rashid,

    Thanks so much, I have a friend stay in Ampang, how can I contact you? or could you contact me at my e-mail:

  127. Hi;

    Susan:give me your friend contact number so that i can make arrangement…

    Azmi:give me your contact number so that i can contact you…

  128. Hi Abdul Rahid;
    My friends contact no: 016-6888233

    Thank you very much…..

  129. Susan Le, I am Chan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have lots of tibicos grains. Please contact me

  130. susan le ..i\’m from perak too.. please contact me 0195566129…

  131. i would like to know why sometime the extract after 3 days can be sour or sweet. is sour or sweet better for the health? some say if you have any operation, you cannot drink it for at least 3 months. is it true.

  132. i would like to share my experience with you is that, i recently had my knee wash out surgery and due to allergy of the cream or tape, i had blisters on my wound for 10 days. so i apply the extracted tibico on the wound and you won’t believe it the next day my would stay dry and healed. don’t panic if the wound is slight red when first applied (no burning sensation at all). better still is you use a gauze soak it wet and leave it on the wound until next cleaning and you will be amaze a new layer of skin appear. trust me.. also… can use as facial mask… clean and remove pigmentation…

  133. Hi my number is 0192403246 I am looking for Kefir grains TQ David PS I work in Rawang

  134. Hi, I’m currently staying in Klang. Looking for Tibicos for my dad who has diabetes. Does anyone mind to share? Thanks loads.

  135. Hi, I am Richard from Singapore. Can anyone advise where I can get some Tibicos. Appreciate your help.

  136. Hello Bebe, do you still have enough dried Tibicos strain? You must be the answer to my prayers :) I’m in Bacolod City. Where are you from? – hope you can share some to me.

    I’ve been culturing, drinking and sharing Tibicos for over 2 years. I’ve noticed that my strain isn’t healthy anymore. I discarded them but now, I am guilty coz there are some people I’ve been helping with the juice. Also, my family has been drinking this for 2 years and we kind of miss it by now. Reply please.

    Thank you very much.
    May Altarejos-Cueva

  137. Hello David, Kimberly, Richard and all those interested in tibicos,

    I’m Chan and I stay in Kuala Lumpur. I have lots of tibicos grains. Please write to me if you need some.

  138. Hi! I am Noel Caoili from Philippines I would like to ask where can I get Tibicos because my mom needs it. she has a high level of diabetis someone told me about this but I dont know where I can get it. 09197452690 thanks and God Bless….

  139. where i can get or buy the tibicos mushroom here in the philippines.

  140. Hello, I live in Miramar, Florida, and I am searching for a place where I can get the mushroom for my wife and I. Thank you. My email address is

  141. @Noel – as far as I knew still few who know’s Tibicus here in the Philippines and I’m glad to share it with others kindly send me your location if you are in Manila much better just email me here :-)

  142. I have 600 grams of Tibisco mushroom and if anyone need them please drop by in Seremban,NS, Malaysia or make some other arrangements to collect, I am willing to help.

  143. Philip | Jan 22, 2011 | Reply

    I have 600 grams of Tibisco mushroom and if anyone need them please drop by in Seremban,NS, Malaysia or make some other arrangements to collect, I am willing to help.My e-mail add:

  144. Hi. Do you know of anyone who has tibicos? I’m here in Manila, Philippines. Do you know of anyone to whom i could contact for this, so i could buy it from him/her?


  145. marami kaming tibicos dito.oo napakarami gusto nyo bibigyan ko kayo libre..

  146. i get my tibicos from cfc chapter head stgo chapter, november 9s 2010, i first shared it to my neighbor, a terminal cancer patient full of edema, after she religiously taking the tibicos beverage she gradually has recovered…she can now do some home chores which she was not able to to for quite some…also i shared it to my classmate in elem…she is diabetic, 590 sugar level, she was very weak, pale and lonely, after two months of taking the tibicos her sugar level went down to 150, she is now active and healed. thanks God for this miracle gift …..

  147. can i have it please text me 09204661329

  148. can i have it too? im from cagayan de oro city please text me 09204661329

  149. Another name i just found out they go by is Kefir and there’s a water and milk version of if you google water kefir for example your sure to have better results

    i recently ordered 4tbs of dried kefir on ebay from a reputable seller

  150. Another name i just found out they go by is Kefir and there’s a water and milk version of if you google water kefir for example your sure to have better results

    i recently ordered 4tbs of dried kefir on ebay from a reputable seller

  151. i lived in the phillipines, where can i get tibicos?

  152. hello i am from santiago city more than willing to share you this miracle gift….if you have the chance to visit our place just text me ill give you some…tibicos FREE text me 09162527180

  153. Is this the same as the snow lotus yeast?

  154. hi. they’re not mushrooms. they’re actually a mix of bacteria and yeas, and they’ve been used as a drink of sorts since bilblical can read more about them here:

    btw, my sister just gave me a batch and i’ve cultured them in 1 tbsp of molasses and 1 liter of water. will see how this goes…

  155. hello everyone!

    it is so overwhelming to hear positive effects of Tibetan Mushroom.I never heard anyone testified negative.It’s my 3rd week now of taking care of ‘Tibicos’ but i harvested a lot,infact i shared 7 of my friends already and 3 jars for our own consumption. You will really be amazed on being strange of these creature.,it resolved my uncle’s stage III lung cancer,it instantly healed my friends skin inflammation,it amazingly healed my dad’s allergy and to amaze you more it took away the lumps of my friend on his feet,now walking much better just by soaking feet on water used from washed Tibicos for 3x.You just have to believe,,,Tibicos is alive,talk to your Tibicos,spend care as your sacrifice,,,then one day,it’s your turn to say,,it really does miracles! Continue sharing,find one,you believe can take care and need the benefits of these wonderful plant,,,after all,,sharing gives you good karma.

  156. hi… Im frm nagcarlan laguna, i cld share my tibicos 2 any1 who wants it. You can send me a msg on my facebook acc.just search 4


  157. hi, i’m veronica from singapore… have just cultivated my first batch of tibicos… will soon have more than i need… anyone wishing to have some, please email me at & i can share with you the process of making it as well

    love & blessings to all

  158. It almost a month i grew tibicos but it grow quite slow. I had read from forum that the tibicos might dead so it wont anymore. Is it true?

  159. just wanna ask.. how does tibicos dieS??
    pls answer my question. i dont know how to take care of this.

  160. im from philippines, here in pulang lupa Las PIñas City my mother also has this what they call Tibicos mashroom, my mother only exchange this tibicos mushroom for 3 three bottle of what they call long neck :) and a 1kilo of sugar because this is what my mother used to make it plenty in tagalog paramihin. just leave a message in my inbox if you are interested, why my mother ask for bottle? because she need that to replace the bottles with tibicos that she will give to you,,, im very sorry about my english im relly not that good…

  161. my mother said that the tibicos mushroom dies if you sell it in other words you exchange it for money…. thats what she said

  162. do yuh know in what type of places you can find the tibicos mushroom?

  163. To expert could you please share more information about tibicos.

  164. I am so sorry i also wont not know about it.
    To expert could you please share more information about tibicos.

  165. I am so sorry because i aslo new to it. To expert could you please share with us here.

  166. I am 2 months pregnant and also positive of tuberculosis but Its harm for me to take medicine. I tibicus is not harm for me? Please answer my concern.
    Thank you very much.
    My email ad is

  167. Hi everybody! anyone from Davao City who would like to share some tibicos? i like tibicos. please text me – 09085477456. Thanks.

  168. it is very miraculous ,it very heal a disease,,,

  169. Hi I’m in NYC and would like to know where I can get some tibicos in the area

  170. I think you are detoxing. I had a bad headache as well and two of my sisters had nausea.

  171. Hi May, I’m Cynthia from PMA, Baguio City. How is it possible to get a small amount of your Tibicos pls? Do you happen to live somewhere near Baguio? Or perhaps you might happen to chance by sometime? Baguio is a frequently visited place, if you do happen to have a trip here, I hope it would not be too much to ask you to bring a small amount with you when you do visit Baguio City, please? Thank you.


  173. How you take care of the tibicus ?

  174. hi, my daughter studies at U.P Baguio. she plans to be there by the first week of June. She stays there during school days. We are from Manila. I hope tyo be able to grow more tibicos before then so she can bring it with herf and share it with you.

  175. Hi All,

    I`m from Edmonton, Alberta. I am facinated by the hugh positive comment about tibicus mushroom. I like to try this myself.
    Can anyone out there help me get hold of some?

  176. hello may altarejos-cueva
    wondering how i get some tibicos, i live on vancouver island in british columbia can u email me at

  177. hello…can anybody tell me when this tibicos firstly found…who is found and is there any research about this …

  178. hi im zeus can i ask tibicos from you im from mandluyong. here is my no. 09175694228.

  179. good day to all, i’m from Philippines, been drinking Tibicos and was really a miracle mushroom. just would like to ask if how can i send Tibicos to Canada for my friend.thank u.

  180. I am growing tibicos. I’m here in Batangas City. My contact number is 09228022028 or 043 302 2028

  181. Marlon,
    Can you email me your contact no. Im interested to get Tibicus because of my children\’s sickness.

    Thanks. I live at Tondo, Manila.
    My email ad is

  182. Does anyone near to Florida, United States have any Tibicus I can trade you something for or pay for the postage to get it? Please contact me at I had breast cancer since 2007 and arthritis I would like to cure. Much thanks!


  184. Good day

    can you send some mushrooms?

    I will pay postage. I am in Gingoog Mindanao


  185. It is not for sale, you should get it for free

  186. I live in Orem Utah and want to get some Tibicos grains if any one will share please. I will pay for shipping or postage.
    my email is

  187. Hi to all. I’m Louie from Tacloban City, Leyte. To those who wants the tibicos, just email me @ Here’s also my contact no. +639195383195. God bless us all. More powers and more blessings to come…

  188. Hello maganda sa pakiramdam ang Tibicos 2araw pa lang naming ginagamit mag asawa nasa paniniwala din at dasal ang lahat….God Bless

  189. Hi, I live in Angono rizal po. I wonder if you still have Tibicos to share? Hope to hear from you soon.

  190. Pls txt me. 0908-7696799. I can do meet-up anywhere in Metro Manila.

  191. Tibicos is not considered medicine, but rather a natural remedy.

  192. what’s the scientific name of the mushroom? do you guys know?

  193. My friend shared me her Tibicos and gave me a printed copy of the benefits of it only last Sunday, Oct 31,2011. The next day, I drank the one she already prepared for me and at the end of the day, I noticed that my dizziness was gone. On the second day, i have felt that my dizziness was totally gone and i was feeling better up until now. You see, i have constant headache and dizziness due to high BP and high protein and could not even afford to buy expensive meds for maintenance. I texted my friend and told her about it. I guess, I do not have to worry about the expensive meds anymore. Blessings do come in unexpected ways! Health is wealth!

  194. hello…I am from Philippines and somewhat amazed by the success caused by partaking of this tibicos mushroom…just started taking yesterday and at the same time started growing…

  195. i would like some tibicoo where can i get it

  196. hi jean, please go to this website will help you to understand further…..cheers…

  197. hi susan, just happen to log in tibicos site, and it’s quite sometime now…..well, if you still need some of it, you may log in to this website of please do visit will help you to understand further……..cheers


  198. hi Ico., please go to this website will help you to understand further…… cheers

  199. anyone from cebu city who needs tibicos, i can share some of my grains


  201. Hi everyone im babette from pasay i need some tibicos where can i get it pls contact me at 09272969274/09323486954. Thank you so much

  202. Can you please let me know how i can get some tibicous mushroom. My E-mail is

  203. hi, im from zamboanga there someone here who has tibicos and could share us some?

    thank you very much…

  204. I am interested in getting information about how to use tibicos.
    Please reply if you can. Will greatly appreciate it.

  205. hello, fortunately i have more tibicos mushroon right now and for those who wanted to have some please send me

  206. hello , i have more tibicos mushroom right now and i wanted to share it. email me at … …GBU

  207. Dear Rev, I have Tibicos and willing to share with many as needed. Please contact me.

    God Bless.


  208. hello, i live in california and have some to share anyone interested in my area?
    email me at:

  209. I am a man who is seeking a alternative remedy to doctor pre scribed meds, so I would like too try Tibicos, please contact me at my E-mail i live in avondale arizona

  210. Hello, my name is Karim and Im trying to get some Tibicos for my dad that was discover a stomach cancer last week. I live on Miramar Florida, if someone can share with me plase contact me at
    Thanks and God Bless you

  211. Hi friend,

    we have here in the office you can contact me
    Lydia alavrez 0932 8867159


  212. Hi marlyn,

    we have here in the ofc you can contact me at 0932 8867159

  213. I live in southern New England, USA. Does anyone have any Tibicos they can share with me? My email is Thank you and may God richly bless you!

  214. hello !!! , i live in Japan, i have a chronic kidney failure and i would like to try Tibicos Mushroom can someone who lives in Japan share it with me? my email is God bless and thank you.

  215. hi emily i need ,to see if you have more of muchrooms i need for my father, let me know pls thank you so much

  216. meron aq nyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. alam q pinami2gay lng yan!!marami n aqng minamigay nyan d2 s mga kpit bhay q!!!gus2 nyo b nyan!!!

  218. Hi, Jeanette.

    I live in los Angeles,California, too. Please share tibics mushrooms with me! I can pick up them where you prefer

  219. Can anybody plese share some Tibicos with me, I live in Long Island NY.

  220. ms lydia pwede ba makahingi ng tibicos? here is my number pls text me 09222413600

  221. hi. do you still have tibicos? can i buy some? thank you

  222. I have grown alot of tibicos, if anyone needs some I would be more than happy to share. Ill also send you a print out of instructions on how to grow and care for them.

  223. I have tiicos mushroom anybody who need tibicos mushroom just text me 09196120272

  224. Hi I am from Toronto and I am looking for someone who can give me some mushrooms for my friend who really need them. do you know anybody in Toronto who can share the mushrooms? I would appreciate if you reply to this message. Thank you very much

  225. Tibicos was shared to me by my neighbor friend. My husband who is diabetic, after one month of drinking water from tibicos, his blood sugar is now normal. His leg cramps gone and he became more energetic. I am sharing tibicos with my friends and neighbors. All of them told me the good effects of tibicos
    to their health.

  226. hi, my brother gave me a bit a week ago and now i have lots of tibicos to give away, if anyone from the philippines laguna or manila area wants it, you can catch me up tru don’t worry it’s free.

  227. just to briefly thanks dr shant for curing my herpes with his ADURON B1 herbal remedy drugs.. God we bless you.. contact dr shant tami via and he can cure all you disease/

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