10 Health Benefits of Shrimps

Despite the high cholesterol content, studies have shown that shrimp is perfectly good for you. Discover the nutrition facts and health benefits of these decapod crustaceans.

Do your eyes and tastebuds rejoice, but your conscience feel guilty everytime you’re eating shrimps because you’re worried about their cholesterol content? Shrimps, the most delicious seafood are considered perfectly healthy to eat for people with normal cholesterol levels. They are low in calories and saturated fat, and although they are also high in cholesterol, scientists found that it did not increase the overall cholesterol levels of the study participants. It did show to slightly elevate the LDL or bad cholesterol but it also spiked their HDL, the good cholesterol.

If you’re concerned about cholesterol, steam or grill your shrimps and benefit from its many health-promoting effects.

1.       Fights cancer (Selenium – 57%)

Every 100 g of steamed shrimps can provide the body with an excellent amount of selenium. Lack of selenium in the body has been linked to the incidence of many types of cancer, including prostate. Researchers at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) revealed that a combination of sulforaphane and selenium makes them 13 times more potent in attacking cancer. Sulforaphane-rich foods include broccoli, cabbage and other cruciferous veggies.

2.        Keep skin, hair and nails healthy (Protein -42%)

The most expensive shampoo and lotion will be useless to hair and skin without the adequate supply of protein in the body. Protein is a vital part of every living tissue and shrimps are excellent sources of this mineral.

Sichuan Style Shrimp by FotoosVanRobin.

image by FotoosVanRobin via Flickr

3.       Prevents anemia (Vitamin B12 – 25%(

Vitamin B12 supports the production of red blood cells and help prevent pernicious anemia.

4.       Boosts energy (Iron – 17%)

Fatigue and weakness may indicate low levels of iron in the body. Iron is an essential nutrient needed for energy and vitality.

5.       Builds strong bones (Phosphorous – 14%)

These crustaceans are loaded with phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are the two chief nutrients which work closely together to build strong bones and teeth.

6.       Helps process fats  (Vitamin B3 – 13%)

Niacin helps process fats, carbohydrates and protein and turns it into energy. Shrimps can provide a good amount of this essential vitamin.

7.      Fights depression (Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 347 mg)

Just like fish, shrimps can also supply omega-3 fatty acids. Study participants have shown that omega-3’s offer powerful protection against depression and may help improve mood to those who are already suffering from the disorder.

8.       Promotes prostate health (Zinc – 10%)

Preliminary studies have shown that zinc slows down prostate cancer cell growth.  Eating shrimps will add to the body’s zinc supply which is recommended at 10-15 mg.

9.       Keeps thyroid healthy (Copper – 10%)

Shrimps can contribute to thyroid health through its supply of copper. Copper deficiency has been linked to hypothyroidism.

10.    Stabilizes blood sugar levels (Magnesium – 8%)

These scrumptious seafoods are also good sources of magnesium, which studies suggest can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes

Nutrient data source: USDA

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