Do You Want Clear, Bright Shiny Eyes??

If we pay a little attention to our eyes, we can have bright, shiny clear eyes that can attract the attention of several people!!




Do you want Clear White Shiny Eyes??


We all like to look good, pretty and attractive, and to do this we all pay much attention to our body, physique, hair, skin, and nails….But have we ever noticed that we are not giving enough attention to care our eyes so that they may look bright, clear and vivid to people. The answer would be probably in a negative. Though many people pay much importance to their eyes by washing them and wearing sun glasses in the sunlight but most of us ignore the value of our eyes. Due to which sometimes “Red Membranes” in our eyes are formed. These membranes can start from a single spot and can expand through out the eye.



The picture above is of my friend who had a spot in the left eye. The spot here is usually due to the irritation of the eyes while in contact with dust or dirt.

Sometimes viral or bacterial “conjunctivitis” also occurs which can cause the whole eye to be pink.





There are given several eye drops by the doctor to cure the eyes that help to cure the disease. The treatment depends on the type of the conjunctivitis and its severity.



Tips for having clear eyes:


Apart from the viral or bacterial eye infections, if you want to have bright, clear and shiny eyes, it is important that you wash your eyes with “rose water” daily when you come back home after work, and also before going to sleep. This will help you to have bright shiny eyes.    


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  1. People say I normally have bright eyes but this article just makes a condition more aware and now that I know of it, I can look out should anything happen. A well written, informative and well researched article!

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