The Most Horrible Diseases Ever to Tremble the World

These horrible diseases really make it difficult for those affected to live normal lives.

Lion Face-Like Syndrome

A man called Yang Hui Ming, suffered from this strange disease since he was four years old. At this young age, a lump as big as a mung bean grew on his left eyelid. Later this lump became bigger and bigger as time passed. When his age reached eight, this lump had already reached a diameter of 3 centimeters. Not long after that, his left forehead protruded to form a knot making his appearance resemble a lion.

Updated: The latest article: The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 5 (or The deadliest and most horrible diseases that shock the world).

Premature Senility

At first glance these children seem to be elderly people, perhaps in their 90s. Scientist believes that the occurrence of this disease is due to a minor error in the human genetic code. Most of the children born with these scary diseases only live up to 13 years of age. The premature death is due to the rapidly aging physical process taking place in their bodies. Forty-eight cases of this rare disease have been reported around the world.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Four-year-old Xiao Xin has suffered a strange disease of “Cushing’s syndrome” that causes an increase of 3 to 4kg (or 6.6 to 8.8 pounds) in her weight within half year. Sometimes, within a month, her weight can increase as much as 8kg. Up to now, this four-year-old girl has weighed as much as 70kg (or 154 pounds) while only standing 86 centimeters or approximately 34.4 inches, or less than 3 feet tall. Her weight is reported to be twice that of an obese child.

Blaschko Stripe Disease

This strange and appalling disease covers the body with these rare stripes. This disease was first found by a German Dermatology expert in 1910 while he was dissecting the human body. The stripes establish hidden pattern within human DNA. Many of the congenital and hereditary skin and mucous membranes diseases may show the appearance in accordance with this pattern and finally forms stripes on the human body.

Human Wolf Syndrome

Children who suffer from this disease will grow extremely big, with a dark appearance skin; abundant hairs grow elsewhere from parts of body, particularly near the face until the face is fully covered with variety sizes and textures of wolf-look-like fur. This disease is called human wolf syndrome. The sufferer looks like wolf.

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  1. wow…i had no idea any of these diseases existed.
    Chan, your articles are so original. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Horrible!! But well written!

  3. I had no idea of these diseases. Really it is unbearable for the sufferer of these…

  4. Chan, looking at these diseased individuals, make me very grateful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. i think we should thank to god for our health, theres so many unnormal deases out there. thanks god we are not one of them

  6. man…i feel so bad for those people! I never would have guessed that these diseases existed…

  7. I have seen a few of the people you have listed here on a TV special. It isn’t until we see something like this that we realize how very lucky we are. The children with Progeria and the girl with Human Hippo syndrome touched me the most. I remember how happy the kids with Progeria were in spite of knowing their fate and how the Haitian girl cried because she wanted so much to be like other kids. How unbearable it must be for the people you listed above and others like them.

    Chan, you presented this article very well.
    Thank you.

  8. Those pictures are bizzare.Those of us that are normal have enough reasons to thank God.

  9. i guess we should consider ourselves blessed because this isn”t an affliction on our children or ourselves but we must always remember they are humans and have feelings and no one should ever make them feel bad. these are not bizzare, they are some kind mix-up, that could happen to any of us. God would most likely want us to count our blesses and never say that we are normal and they are not.

  10. THATS HELLA NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Ouch, these are pretty bad! Poor people, have to say though couldnt look for that long.. Felt kinda ill.

  13. Might as well go kill yourself if like that.

    Whatkind of life is like that when people are a afraid to go near you, look at you with pity, fear, disgust… sigh. They have no future and who wants to take care of them besides their father and mother?

    Would any of you willing to marry and take care of these pitiful individuals? I think very very few would consider that option…

  14. theese poor people if some people like us have horrible lives you have another thing comming
    poor people

  15. i think that it is horribile and that if they came where we are they would be bullied

  16. i would hate to be like them people staring at you laughing and pointing i mean like they are still human they are just like us exept they have a desise

  17. Well written! Gives me a whole new sight of diseases

  18. These made me cry.

  19. ok, first of all the “hippo girl” … it was a tumor, and Maury totally fixed that.

  20. The last one looks like acute psoriasis. I have a mild form of it.

  21. I think some of these could of been prevented if they were taken care of at an early stage of its developement. Some of these people are dumb not unfortunate. IF YOU SEE A BLACK MOLE, CUT IT OFF.

  22. thats groes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Please guys pray for these people and make a vow not to tease those who are less fortunate.

  24. tuba Allah karam karay

  25. could these be the after-effects of the Nuclear bomb and chemicals sprayed on the Asian continent by the U.S.A. ?

  26. Im sure, that if people new that a black mole was bad overthere they would get it cut off. but were talking about people who are less fortunate so you cant just say there stupid. maybe they didnt have the money for it. and theres nothing they can do. and ben dover, you are a sad exuse for life… do you really care none for people except yourself? what kind of selfish fool are you.

  27. hahahahahah they suck. those people are so ugly. oh my god soo ugly groooooss

  28. To John Harris,

    Thanks for your support and for clearing out thing. You’re right! Think of that, if you’re one of them, will you allow others to humilate or laugh at you? Where’s your caring heart? Where’s your benevolence? You should feel sorry to these unfortunate communities.

  29. These people are picked on because of their looks,no one should be picked on just because of looks caused by diseases. These people are human and are no different to us. People are so cruel to people who have disorders or diseases. These people are propably really nice, while others make their lives hell and really crap. Nobody should pick on someone because of differences.

    Hopefully,everybody will learn that someday. And you should too.

  30. I feel so sorry for those poor people!!!! How can you horrible people laugh at them? huh? if you had any of those diseases you would not think it is funny. To all those people living with those awful diseases, you inspire me to be able to live like that. Never give up!!

  31. “uhh.. me no rikey”

  32. Oh man, half-face syndrome guy would be a hollywood heart-throb if all we ever saw of him were his angled self-contrived myspace photos.

  33. people not marrying these retards is how natural selection prevents these diseases from ruining the lives of other people

  34. These people need to get lives and stop moping around and being lazy.

    Their disease doesn’t excuse them from acquiring a normal job.


  35. god, help us…

  36. Umm interesting article but the grammar was awful!

  37. These poor people :( God bless them and I hope they find happiness and peace in their lives.

  38. I knew a girl who was born without bones in half her face.

    Fortunately, we live in a country with free health care, and she was able to get surgery at birth. Half of her face structure was made out of a titanium mesh. I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

  39. “Premature Aging Syndrome” is called Progeria.

  40. If there was a god why would he let this happen to people?

  41. To Rebecca,

    Thanks for telling me. :-)

    To all readers,

    Thanks for your support and thanks for pointing out my shortcomings. My wisdom grows with your comments. Thanks again. :-d

    Take care, stay well and be happy.


  42. i feel bad for these people!!!!!

  43. p.s.

    I think my gf has giant head syndrome too, she’s a bit of a know all…


    why is my previous comment posted twice? meh, must be my giant mutant fingers!

  44. Chan Lee Peng you have the worst GRAMMAR ever to tremble the world!

  45. This is to Zach, I wonder how many languages you understand? I think Chan Lee Peng is amazing to be able to present an article half as well in a language that if of another birth place. Chan has other articles here in Spanish too. I consider this writer to be very accomplished. I make mistakes in English, and it my native tongue. Who doesn’t?

    Thanks, Chan for sharing your knowledge and hours researching.

  46. I prayed for all of these people. =] and anyone else who wants to put a “bad” comment needs to re-think it. =/ seriously grow up and become mature, and be thankful that you have been blessed to live the life that you live now.
    Thank You Chan for your article it is good to know someone cares for others.

  47. I think you should add the “human tree man” who has a severe case of cutaneous horn all over his body. I believe he is an indonesian man.
    Just type in “Human Tree Man” into google, you’ll find it.
    Its probably the most odd of all of these in my opinion.
    It was cured, but still a horrible disease.

  48. To Cole,

    I’ve included “human tree man” in my article here


  49. this is y all of us need 2 look at this n thank god that were not in theyre position thank god im not n i praise god everydaii 4 this

  50. funny as hell, thanks

  51. thank Allah for my helth how is you americans ar dum how is god is he Allahs wife

  52. I went through the pictures…made me wonder abt being one of them…it’s a bit sad to not be able to look in the mirror and have a respectable affirmation of one’s personality… but then again, I cld be wrong, maybe one does not really need a mirror to feel good…after all , one way or other, it’s only some flesh we tote around…

    thank u for posting… will visit more often… ciao!

  53. these people, from a perspective we do not have, could be the 20 most beautiful people in the world…or maybe this could have been what we might might have evolved into… u know… we r all the same … i get that feeling here… hope i hv been able to say wht i felt…

    thank u people…

  54. Wow, I feel great dispare for these people. I feel great DISGUST for people who think its funny… Well its not. When I was in school we we studing bulemia and anorexia. Some of the class thought it was funny. Even the dieses are more common then thoses they are still dieses and should be treated as such. Here is an English ad on youtube on how bulemic girls see them selves….in order for the ad to make sence you must watch the whole thing.

    you are welcome -CMharrik

    WOW thanks Chan, This a great article, thanks.

  55. i feel so sorry for those people!

  56. that was gross and sad at the same time

  57. i think i pissed my pants from laughter
    i smoke rocks joe rogen

  58. I feel so bad for these people and wish I could help, but can’t. :(

  59. nasty. that’s what we have natural selection for.

  60. I see no difference between “Premature Senility” and “Premature Aging Syndrome.” I also see no difference in “Elephant Leg Syndrome” and “Rough Leg Syndrome.” Again, I see no difference, other than the hernia (does not look like a penis) protruding from “Penis Grows on Stomach” and “Big Stomach Syndrome.” Can you please post a reply or another article that outlines the differences between these diseases?

  61. Why don’t you know what you’re talking about before giving these syndromes and diseases names and stories. You obviously have no idea what they are really called or anything about them, at least do some research first. “Big Stomach Syndrome”? haha, seriously. Stop spreading lies.

  62. Poor people…*Cries*

  63. Thank You for teaching me about these disease, now I appriciate my present figure even more, after reading this article.

  64. i thank god that iam not suffering from all these diseases.
    but jesus cares for them also, he loves these peopel also .
    he has made our face on his palm.the bible says a mother can
    forgets his child but he (jesus) will never forsake you.


  66. Most of you haven’t heard of these diseases/syndromes because they don’t exist! “Severe Skin Peeling Syndrome” is actually Harlequin Icthyosis, for instance. It just sounds like you made up terms for 99% of the pictures that you randomly found on google. It’s a travesty – you should be ashamed of yourself. If anyone is looking for an actual medical resource in this page, you’ve come to the wrong place

  67. i feel really sorry about anyone who wuld have to go through i sit and wonder how do these pople even make through the day

  68. I had to quickly scroll over some of the pictures since I couldn’t bear to see them. Names of certain conditions have been invented by you, isn’t it?

  69. I’d like to give my thanks to the author for bringing a light to these unfortunate people. The names for their conditions my be wrong but the person still exists or did exist. It takes a willpower unknown to most of us just for these ones to survive without the need of a padded cell. Unlike them most of the rest of the world carries their ugliness and disfigurment on the inside. We as a people should care for and protect them in the hopes that they can teach us to be as strong.

  70. man thats gotta stink… but were no differint :)

  71. Oh my God. I had no idea these diseases existed in this nasty-horrible world. It was a well-written article that informed me about those diseases, good work, keep up… P.S. I loved your last comment. Thank you :)

  72. Why should I feel bad for these people just because they have minor physical ailments? My mental pain is far greater than theirs. They need to get over it and be grateful that their mentality is not diseased.

  73. very well written but aren’t these diseases infectious or contagious?so how are people supposed to get near them without even the minutest displeasure?

  74. beef eater | Mar 9, 2009 | Reply

    this is in response to beef eater’s post on march 9, 2009. he/she said:

    hahahahahah they suck. those people are so ugly. oh my god soo ugly groooooss.
    it is extremely disturbing to me that all you have to say about this article is this. these poor unfortunate people are cursed with such horrible abnormalities and yet you show no sympathy. in fact, you make fun of them. you are a good example of the kind of people that corrupt this world with your perversions, propaganda, and pitiless banter. if it be my only sign in parting from you and all i have to say to you then let it be to wish that you are condemned by such a horrible disease.

  75. shame on all of the people who laughed or criticized these people. however thank you to all of the people that were grateful for their health, and everyone who gave their condolences to these people.

  76. I feel very sorry. God help them!!!

  77. LOL D6, I feel like you’re stupid. I mean don’t get me wrong, alot of the people who commented are but D6, you were the last one so I had to throw your name out there. Um, saying that they’re all asian doesn’t make it a lie (fool). And you say it as though Asia is a state. It is definitely a whole continent with millions of people living there. Please, before you say something stupid again, don’t. All the rest of you with weird, outrageous, moronic, comments, take this advice; Your ignorance is showing, cover that up pumpkin :)

  78. i feel VERY special & blessed.

  79. i have never laughed so hard in my life, i must thank god for making me soooooooo perfect, please let me know if this circus is ever coming to middle earth. be sure to check out

  80. good Lord, i didn’t realize these diseases are REAL.


  82. they’re funny looking ha ha (laughing at them not with them)

  83. If i had a disease i would just go kill myself well try to anyway..

  84. the girl with the hairy face is sooo hot!!! I Love You, I\\\’ve got an erection

  85. No, this is probably the effect of over-population. Nature creates ways to control it when a species (like man) does not.

  86. I quote “Anhtar | Apr 18, 2008 | Reply

    Might as well go kill yourself if like that.

    Whatkind of life is like that when people are a afraid to go near you, look at you with pity, fear, disgust… sigh. They have no future and who wants to take care of them besides their father and mother?

    Would any of you willing to marry and take care of these pitiful individuals? I think very very few would consider that option…”

    No offence Anhtar, but i found that comment very inhumane and if anyone should be pityed it should be you for your narrow mindedness. What shows on the surface doesn’t take away the fact that these people are still HUMAN, with feelings and a conscience. some of the comments on this make me sick, just shows what kind of society we live in, judging purely on looks. whatever happened to empathy?


  88. i think we should worship these people coz they look like hindu gods!

  89. i think the lion man is cool

  90. Please, people, get educated before you start popularizing diseases on the Internet and making up names for them! Some of the ’syndrome’ designations are ridiculous! Most pictures show different cases of the same diseases, such as elephantiasis and ichthyosis, with varying degrees of severity and affecting various parts of the body. An there is no such thing as “penis growth on the stomach”. This is HERNIA and has absolutely nothing to do with the penis! And the last picture is an illustration of LEPROSY!

  91. Its crazy how these diseases occur.

  92. is it just me, or are a good majority of these cases seen in people of asian, particularily chinese, descent?

  93. i’m fairly sure everyone has chronic skin

  94. I don’t know…We could assume that these disorder or illness resulted from a genetic mutation or other causes seem unlikely to have such a stake…For example, leishmaniasis, caused by the bite of a sandfly, would leave a noticeable ulcer on the human body(or any body for that matter). It could be interesting if you added Anencephalic disorder or syndrome. I’m guessing these situations happen for a reason, probably something higher as a purpose from God himself.

  95. this is the craziest stuff that ive ever!!!seen in my life,its scary to know these diseases excist.I hope i dont get it

  96. All these persons on the images are really suffering. I can’t imagine why God wants to make them through this stuff that they’d get when they were born. Come on! God would be really cruel if he would give diseases like this to very poor people who can’t pay surgery. That’s nothing like a test or something. Like you would look “normal” in Heaven. Damn, if God would exist, he is a really, really cruel man.
    And yes, I’m happy I don’t have any of these diseases, but I feel very sorry for the people who have. If I could do something I really would.

  97. As sad as it is, I would say that so-called “invisible illnesses” take the cake in some cases. Here, there is, of course, a lot of pain and suffering, but it is visible, understandable, and most importantly, RECOGNISED AS A REAL DISEASE. I’ve been suffering from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 7 years now, and I experience daily pain and exhaustion which is probably up there with some of these diseases, with absolutely no end in sight, friends and colleagues who are disbelieving and countless medical practitioners insisting that I’m just a hyperchondriac.


  99. I’ve seen some of these diseases on Discovery Health and others I have just heard of….but this symphony of outstanding information and pictures is indeed in need of a….. WHOOP WHOOP!!! ;


  101. o0oo mY mY GoD i fEEl So SAd 4 THem ….gOd bLss thEm All :(

  102. That hippo one is absolutely hilarious

  103. Well if such an egocentric and narcissist entity that force people to obey him and him only, I sure wouldn’t thank him for creating these diseases in the first place. Go to hell god

  104. these people , even with their diseases have good days , maybe more bad , but even so.. still good , it may be hard , but In life you realize to accept who you are or are supposed to , and what everyone else thinks does not matter.. they all have family and I’m sure few friends.. but some babies die in the womb .. I can say learn to deal with what you were dealt , but then again , I was not dealt with what they were indeed , but even if you are a little person , obese , considered unattractive , they have family , and some friends that i’m sure treat them and make them feel normal at times. .. so be it ..we all have our good and bad days in this thing called “life”. I actually think the wolf thing is pretty cool .. too bad shes too young! ;p jk

  105. shame on you, wow who’s the retard now! may GOD only bless you and protect you from marrying. how can you reply with such a hateful heart. my heart bleeds for those of us who are less fortunate. may you find it in your heart to be able to love and be loved. may God be with you as you go about your day to day buisness as you walk this earth and remember those of us who may not be as perfect as you are.

  106. I have prugeria and I think u people shouldn’t talk about it like that.

  107. i think that this is way upsetting and i would hate for anyone of my family to end up like this or born like this.
    it is a tragic disater but oh well !

  108. This is an interesting article, but all of the names for these “syndromes” are made up. Most of them are not even real syndromes at all but simply weird tumors.

  109. Unfortunate that such rare diseases exist and keep troubling some of our friends! May God bless the sufferers and save the world.

    Know Yoga, Know Life!

  110. that was worded as if it had been written by a twelve yr. old. And half of those things are just tumors or birth defects caused by various complications during pregnancy. They should have skipped all the words and call the link ” Terrible pictures of people”

  111. first of all, as far as religion, this proves absolutely nothing at all, either way. whether god exists or not, suffering will indubitably exist.

    Second, I’m not sure who i pity more, the people suffering from these horrible diseases of the flesh, or these people posting hateful comments, whom suffer from horrible diseases of the mind.

  112. The striped disorder could be potentially bad-ass. Think about it:

    Get buff, then get ripped to the core w/ pulsating muscles, then get some kind of costume. You could so be a friggin’ superhero. Or simply join the police force or military… anything where you can go up against opposition and potentially play the hero.

    No joke.

    Don’t call yourself Zebra Man or Zebra Woman, nor Striped Avenger. Go with something like Zebraxus or the like.

    The potential is there. You gotta play the hand you’re dealt!

    In all reality… that was the least terrible of them all.

  113. yo those people a freaks.. that first dude looks like mr potato head.. and those kids are the extras from E.T… and just shave that girls face and she will be fine.. thats what i do to my balls when they are that hairy.

  114. james towne and others,

    How could you all insult these people in such an awful manner!!! What if you are one of them and how would you feel if someone saying bad on you?

  115. very sad Im realy sorry fot those people my nephew
    was this disease god bless you all

  116. really i am very dissapointed to look at this guys.thank you chan,for writing such a nice article.we should not make fun by looking at their conditions.suppose what will happen if we are affected by this terrible diseases.may god save these people from the hands of THESE DISEASES.

  117. I’ll be honest..I wouldn’t even be able to look at these folks..wouldn’t be mean etc but honestly how many people could say they could talk to these folks and not scrutinize their features which in itself would be rude…

  118. Wow, I think I remember meeting a little girl with premature senility a while ago. Can’t remember if it was at my old school (I’m homeschooled now) or when we were out & about.

  119. Who said they don’t have one? Don’t be so cruel when you have no idea what it’s like to be them

  120. actually these videos are to those people,who never belive on God,from these peopls God shows his power that he can do anything with anyone….so we all pray to god that we are not one of them…alwayes remember the god .thanks


  122. Do you notice how all of these people are Asian. These are more then likely caused from the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  123. aaww poor people. i think you should upload more information about illnsees but in every part of the body, i mean like inside, outside, etc (inside could be like of the brain like learning disabilities,trastorns, etc like dislexia, adhd, bipolarity, schizophrenia, etc. or like organs illnesses like asthma, or things like that. and outside could be like disfigurement and things like that) :)
    anonym dislexic asthmatic bipolar schizophrenic =DDD

  124. Why show case these diseases?
    Because They challenge appearance expectations?
    Why thank god for your health? Because your glad you don’t look like that?
    Are these diseases life threatening? Are the painful?
    Are the very limiting?
    Don’t you think someone would care about that?
    …Guess not

  125. i would not want to have these diseases

  126. Ann | Mar 27, 2012 | Reply

    Why show case these diseases?They are interesting to our medical minds
    Because They challenge appearance expectations? No they are challenging to Scientists
    Why thank god for your health? Would you want to be sick like this, these people do not wish their sickness upon U!!
    Because your glad you don’t look like that? No! Because we are glad we have healthy children…..
    Are these diseases life threatening? Sometimes…
    Are the painful? This is why doctors and scientists study their diseases
    Are the very limiting? fewer than a hundred cases world wide
    Don’t you think someone would care about that? People do that is why they make donations to medical and science research
    …Guess not – - Don’t you???

    Read more:

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