Weirdest and Horrible Diseases You Never Seen Before

Don’t doubt and don’t ask why. These weirdest and horrible diseases existed around us.

Not every one of us like to have the diseases listed here. These people are unfortunate that they are engaged with such weirdest, horrible and dreaded diseases. After reading this article, I hope that the reader can respect them not because of their weird appearances but because of their courage and determination to face their lives bravely. They should be given an equal treat as you treat the other people. They should not be allowed to discriminate or criticize because of their weird appearances. This article is the part two of my article on The Most Horrible Disease Ever to Tremble the World. Updated:  The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 5 (or The deadliest and most horrible diseases that shock the world) and Unbelievably most horrible and unusual human growths of all time.  

“Mop-looking” syndrome

He suffered from this weird disease since he was ten years old when he accidentally found that both of his feet and hands have mop like warts grown out. Since then, more and more mop-look like warts grown into branches until his hands and feet are fully covered by these weird things. They just look like four bundles of mops.

Three-time grown face syndrome

He has experienced three times of facial “growth” in his life which is regarded as an abnormal consequence in the medical field. Several years ago, Mr. Liu accidentally discovered a sarcoma (a cancer of the connective tissues, such as nerves, muscles, joints, bone, or blood vessels) on his right cheek. He ignored this sarcoma initially as he thought that it was just a normal consequence that took him no notice. Nevertheless, after several months, he was shocked while looking at this sarcoma has progressed unexpectedly rapid in its growth until all his right face was fully shielded by these weird sarcomas. One can see some black-wool looking hair grown on the surface of the sarcomas. They appear that such weird things grow in length gradually day by day.

Huge tongue syndrome

The children who are in his age will normally have a tongue measured in 5cm in length, but his tongue is measured as 12.5cm, which means it is 7.5cm longer than the children of his age. The extra 7-cm-long tongue is suspending out of his mouth. This huge tongue causes him unable to close up his mouth completely. Despite of this weird tongue, he is always regarded as a “monster” among the children of his age.

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  1. Good grief, this stuff is going to give me nightmares…lol..

  2. Chan, when one looks at these unfortunate individuals they can truly be grateful for the blessings that they have.

    This is really eye opening. We had an albino family in our home town, and two of the children were in class with my sister and I. Other than being careful in the sunlight, I don’t think they had any other health issues. Now I wonder.

    Take care.

  3. It makes me realise that I should count my blessings.

  4. Really horrible diseases.

  5. Gruesome but interesting stuff!

  6. these are really weird and strange diseases,,

  7. i like your article it shows that their are different people out in the world but no one should be treated differently that is a good article my wishes go out to families of these special people

  8. Great Article. Interesting & eye opening. Definetly makes me count my blessings..

  9. Very Interesting stuff !!!

  10. good

  11. How very sad, makes my MS seem like nothing more than an antbite. Thank you for this informative article.

  12. Interesting read, I came across some odd disorders and diseases as a nurse but fortunately not all were as bad as some you listed.

  13. Hi Chan, great article. The first disease is HPV. I have a great picture of this on my 8 seriously weird things I found while breaking from studying.

  14. Very interesting article, but it would be better if you researched the proper names for the disorders. “Eating mud syndrome” is most likely Pica (where one eats non-food or atypical food items).

  15. Those children do not have a disease called premature senility. The disease is actually called progeria. Next time you write an article, use the proper scientific names for the diseases. Not only is it more correct, but it will also make the article appear more creditable.

  16. i have seen two of these conditions believe me they are scary for the ordinary

  17. this is horrible. We should all be proud of these brave people! they are truely amazing for weathering these diseases!

  18. thes people are truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This article just annoyed me because of the lack of proper names. If youre going to write an article on conditions don’t make up what theyre called!

  20. The blue skin men thing isnt real, they are a magic group who PAINT themselfs blue, they are are not born it.

  21. Jess… the Blue Man Group was just an example picture. Look up the blue-skinned people from Kentucky, they are (were) a real family. There are pictures of them floating around, too.

  22. To all readers,

    Thanks for your support and thanks for pointing out my shortcomings. My wisdom grows with your comments. Thanks again. :-d

    Take care, stay well and be happy.


  23. I once was tempted to try and give myself argyria because I love they way it looked. The only reason I didn’t try was because I wasn’t sure how much silver I’d need to take. I’d need just enough to be blue, but not enough to have all the heart and thyroid problems.

    Mysterious leg beads? I’m familiar with most of these, but that one… not only is it new to me it seems a stretch. Beads of what? Out of where? Here I agree with the others and wish you would add the proper name so I can do a little research.
    Anyone seen this one before, can give me some more detailed information?

  24. I feel so sad. God be with these poor souls


  26. TO #25,

    It’s not right to curse on those people. You should feel pity on them.

  27. I am with #23. I am most intrigued by these “leg beads.” I can not find anything about this online

  28. I know most of them must be tre but for some reason i cant help but feel the boy who has to keep eating mud and the leg beads were made up, as i cant find anything about them online. :/

  29. its a disease called pica not mud eatingdisroder….look that up if you would like… hope that helped

  30. I feel like i’m going to puke!

  31. This Is Most Horrible Thing I Have Even Seen It Trembles Me Thanks To GOD for every thing he awarded me

  32. God doesn\’t exist

  33. hahaha the guy with the premature aging thing looks like dobbie off harry potter and the chamber of secrets


  35. I feel very sorry for these helpless people!

    God does exist!!!

  36. Chan, if you tell me you are a native English speaker, I will lose faith in humanity.

  37. there HOTTT!!!

  38. Take time to think about ho@w wonderful humans have to struggle. Even I am guilty of looking in a mirror complain about wrinkles and scars. These beautiful people still fight to live despite their circumstances. God’s LOVE IS with them.

  39. By the way people that laugh at others and judge based on looks, are the ones that need to be pitied. Don’t pity people because of the things they have no control over. Show compassion and pray for them and their families to get through the trials they face. And know that these amazing people and their families do celebrate life despite the diseases.

  40. I feel extremely sorry for them ; may God bless them.

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