Why Indians are More Prone to Heart Attack?

Indians are more prone to heart attack than other nationals.Hence, they have to take some extra steps and spend some extra time to prevent heart attacks.

                                 Why Indians are more prone to heart attack?

It may be a little bit shocking to know that Indians are more prone to heart attack than the other people in the world.

You are all aware that the primary causes for the heart disease are obesity,diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.

The Indians are also prone to be more diabetic for their staple food is rice and its variants.

They have their food mainly with the following menus: For their breakfast, they usually have the following items which are mostly the variants of rice: Idly, Dosa and Idiyappam etc and for their lunch as well as dinner, their main intake of food item is rice.

The rice and its variants which are rich in carbs are the main source of energy or calories for the Indians. Naturally the unspent carbs get deposited in the human body; when their quantity reaches a very high level in the human body,they raise their ugly head in the form of diabetes. The inadequacy in the secretion of insulin which plays a vital role in the prevention of diabetes is yet another factor that makes you easily diabetic.

However, early detection of diabetes is manageable and controllable provided you are in a proper diet control coupled with physical exercises and medical treatment. But uncontrolled diabetes leads to complications besides hypertension and heart attack.

Another characteristic quality of diabetes is that it is a hereditary disease. If your parents have diabetes, you are also likely to have diabetes. Therefore, the Indians, once they become diabetic sincerely carry forward it through their genes and bequeath it to their wards.

Therefore, the Indians have to take the following steps to prevent the onslaught of heart attacks:

1)Diabetes being the major cause of heart attack, you should reduce the intake of rice as a staple food and switch over to the food items which are said to be non-diabetic like wheat and cereals like ragi, bajra and oats etc;

2)Taking your food items in moderate quantity, whether it be rice or other items;In other words, always keep you under the strict diet control, especially under the supervision of a dietician or a doctor.

3)Intake of more green vegetables, green leaves and fruits have less diabetic effect;

4)Being an Indian you are more vulnerable to obesity and diabetes than other nationals. Hence, you should have a brisk walking, stair climbing, jogging, cycling and swimming etc to keep you fit and to keep off obesity and diabetes away from you. Suppose, if you spend 30 to 40 minutes every day for your physical exercises, it is time to increase it to 60 minutes. You should either walk or jog or run the extra mile  and sweat it out  more to reduce  the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other disabilities associated with obesity.That was the recommendation made for the Asian Indians by as many as 100 doctors.If the new guidelines are implemented throughout the country it would be helpful to control diabetes and heart diseases.

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  12. I didn’t know that Indians are more prone to diabetes and heart disease than others, or more apt to be obese. If they are more obese than Americans then they are in bad shape. I am amazed every time I go out at the fat people I see.

  13. It is not because of eating excessively or eating or drinking anything as is the case in the western countries.But the Indians are prone to be diabetic more just because their staple food is rice which is rich in carbs.That is not the case of western countries.

  14. Good reasons given by you.Changes have to be made in the diet pattern.

  15. Good reasons are given by you in this post.Changes will have to be made in the diet pattern definitely.

  16. I was surprised at this problem with Indians. They need to vary their diet more. My son in Japan complains because he is given rice to eat twice a day and being English he is so fed up with it.
    He needs to read this article too.


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  18. is this native americans were talking here or like actual indians? lol

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  22. I agree. The main reason of the disease like heart attack, blood pressure is food.

  23. The scientist helped the government lie and dump the crap they invented on the people they wanted to get rid of. Now they want to get rid of YOU. Wake up. Look up. Investigate. Read between the lines/lies. Good Luck.

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