Are Your Feces Healthy 2?

What’s your opinion on your feces? Are you satisfied with your feces in terms of their color, texture, volume, shape, and odor? How often have you observed your own feces? Are you having problems with your feces?

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This is my feces article series: Are your feces healthy?Your child’s feces: healthy or unhealthy, Is your feces/stool normal?, Effective home remedies for treating hard feces/stool problems, constipation and irritable bowel movementWhat your feces tell about your health, what your feces tell about your health (part 2), what causes blood (or bright red blood) in your feces? and How does a bowel movement affect your feces/stool and health?.

Simple observation on feces provide priceless information about your health as a whole. By carefully looking at the shape, color, texture and margin of the feces, you could diagnose your present health. The feces reflect the diet you took, your health status, and the age of your colon. Specifically, healthy feces reflect healthy colon which provide the foundation for a good health, a strong immune system and longevity.

Looking at what feces you created is just like looking at a picture that tells you thousand of words. Thinking this is degrading or embarrassing is like you are escaping yourself to face the reality. After examining your feces, ask yourself these questions as listed below:

  1. Why do I have these feces discharged?
  2. What have I eaten recently?
  3. What medicines have I taken lately?
  4. Am I stressed recently?

The healthy feces, in general, contain 80% of water, while the remaining are undigested foods and intestinal bacteria. 1g of feces contain nearly 1 trillion intestinal bacteria. For instance, in human large intestine, there are approximately 500 to 1000 different species of the intestinal bacteria. The total number of bacteria dwell in the mucous membrane of the colon together with the bacteria dwell in the feces are about 1.5kg. However, the compositions of the bacteria may vary from one individual to one another just like everyone has a different pattern of the footprint. Basically, human intestinal bacteria can be divided into 3 groups of good, bad and mild germs. When they are not in a balance ratio that they should be, our intestinal tract will age faster than our actual age. If left ignored, the colon will age to a stage that it will finally decay, and eventually it may be fatal and life-threatening. Read more details on an article entitiled “Are your feces healthy? to equip yourself with the knowledge of healthy, unhealthy feces and their related diseases.

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  1. very informative article, thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, Chan Lee Peng: Thank you for the information. Interesting and important; I would also say “vital”.

  3. Kind of gross yet very informative. Thanks Chan

  4. Really good work. It is obvious you put a lot of research time in and worked hard on this. Very good illustrations. Thank you.

  5. Excellent article with vital information. Thank you for working so hard on this and sharing it with us.

    Take care & God bless.

  6. very informative article. good job!

  7. very interesting and informative article….thanks and take care…..

  8. Very inpressive work chan,
    I wish you the best.
    Your a very talented person :-)

  9. Great article, complete and vvery well done, great work Chan Lee, I will stumble it, thank you for sharing

  10. thanks for sharing it is very helpful for my researches..

  11. I like reading about poop.

  12. good info…now i know which foods to load on each plate..poop on…..

  13. poop is # 1

  14. i defecate hard round/ball-like bowels which are clumped together. i also experience bleeding because i have a hard time passing it out. there are also occasions wherein i pass out hard round/ball-like feces and this time it is not clumped together. previously, i defecated soft ball-like feces. most of the time my feces are ball-like. sometimes it’s soft and sometimes it is as if i have loose-bowel-movement? why does my feces change? and why the hard round/ball like clumped-together feces? i am worried about this. i hope you will give me an answer.

  15. To nicole,

    Hard round/ ball-like feces are unhealthy, as they mean that your feces are lack of water and I’m sure that you’ve hard time to smooth them out. Further, you said that you experience bleeding while defecating, in which situation I’d advise you to check with your doctor. The bleeding might be caused by internal bleeding that might be resulted from many factors, only by diagnosing the problem, we can know what is actually going on in your body. This condition therefore prompt you for instant medical assistance.

    Soft ball-like feces sometimes cause you no problem, if the condition is not accompanied by discomfort feeling, irritating pain either at your stomach or lower part, or/ and blood in the feces.

    If you’ve recently consumed diary products, meat, please reduce the consumption, but at the same time, please add fiber-rich food in your diet. Make sure that you take plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

    I hope this helps.


  16. tang slices:sine your pinny on the runny kine….

  17. very good information
    rhank u :)

  18. your article is very educational. Thanks a lot!.In fact I have written down the Self Diagnose of Colon Questionnaire because I want to share it with my partner and with my friends as well. God Bless!

  19. Is there a concern with loose feces that is not too wet or sticky or slimy? This is feces that simply does not hold together to form any sort of shape, but is not muddy or watery. It just seems to fall apart.


  20. To ???

    As I mentioned in the text and comment section as in, as long as you don’t see blood in feces, dry and extremely hard feces, or you don’t feel pain in the abdominal part or back pain while pooping, it should do you fine. However, if you’re still feeling uncomfortable and doubt on your present situation, then you may consult your doctor for further advice on your lifestyle and eating habit to improve your bowel movement.

    I hope this helps. Take care and regards,

  21. If we are what we eat – the truth will out..

  22. very good article, job well done. just out of curiousity, poop with oil floating in the water, does this call for concern?

  23. To amanda,

    Poop with oil floating in the water, of course, is a public health concern. As indicated in my article, this situation indicates that your digestive system is extremely poor. Other reason may be due to the adverse intestinal absorption pancreatic diseases caused by the poor absorption of fat.

    If you’re concern about the condition of your feces, you should check with the doctor.

    I hope this helps.


  24. My poop is round and hard, sinks to the bottom with adominal pain, minimal. What should I do?



  25. Hi Joy Ropel,

    Consult a qualified and experienced doctor to check on you. The reason is that some diseases/ underlying diseases may cause abdominal pain, so please don’t treat it on your own without your doctor’s assistance and approval.

    Note: remember to describe to your doctor the condition you’re experiencing now.


  26. I have a skin-like substance that came out with my poop. It almost looks like chicken skin; but I haven’t eaten any chicken skin. Have you heard of any situtation that could cause this?

  27. Good job, I had no idea that fecal matter could tell you so much about your health.But, then again you are what you eat and it goes in one hole and out the other.Everyone I’m sure has heard that when John Wayne died they found like 15 lbs of fecal matter in his intestines. How can you have that much in you and not get it out?

  28. Hi Chan,
    Your article was very interesting but has worried me more than before I started reading. I poo is occasionally almost like small cubes with what looks like bacterial growth or cultures, honestly looking like some sort of aquatic fungi…last was a like a cubed mushroom with brown tentacles and looked almost alive……and I’m not kidding! My abdomen has been fairly swollen for 3 weeks and yes, I did go to see my GP who said after 3 seconds of seeing my stomach ‘I see nothing to worry me’ Im worried……should I be?

  29. Mr. Peng,
    I am hope you can help me. I need to know if I need to take my son to a Doctor or to just calm down and not over react.
    For most of his life my son (just turned 18) has had a continuing problem with VERY LARGE feces! But the last 5 years they range from 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches in diameter and at LEAST 10 to 12 inches long. I am very concerned. He believes this is normal…for him. He has no pain and doesn’t need to force a BM. When they are very large, there is usually just one. If they are smaller like 1 inch by 6 to 8 inches, there will be 2 to 3 feces. They are solid, normal in color. I don’t know if the float as they take up most of the toilet space. I have read all the comments and I didn’t find one that can pertain to our situation. He’ll be leaving for USMC boot camp in August and I feel uneasy about sending him off without knowing if this is “Normal” or just an over protective Mother being over protective.
    I want to thank you for your Web site and especially for allowing comments and most importantly for your care & concern by your VERY helpful responses!

  30. Hi Maali Olney,

    Don’t concern much about the size of the feces. As long as your son doesn’t feel any discomfort feeling, abdominal pain, headache, any abnormal health condition or his feces is too watery, too hard, too sticky, too much mucus, it’ll be fine. Just ask him to pay a specific attention to his daily diet, water, personal hygiene, rest, mental health and sleep.

  31. To all valued readers,

    Any illogical or hilarious questions will not be entertained or answered. This website is not made to be crazy, hilarious and laughing, but it’s made for helping people to cope with the problems.

  32. Very interesting artical. I have a question I had gone from having diariha 6-10 times a day ( for 2 years or more ) to now having 4-5 bowel movements with stools that are flat why is this

  33. To Norma Swartz,

    Your bowel condition is unhealthy. I would suggest you to do for a colon test. You might have a problem related to an intestinal tract or your digestive system may have been working poorly.

  34. Dear Dr. Peng
    My poop is sinking, I think it’s hard, I don’t know what it weighs, I don’t poop everyday, it’s dark brown on one side, somewhat black on the other with green stuff floating around, they smell, it’s shaped like a banana, and I don’t eat well but I excersize whenever possible.

    What does this mean?

  35. Hi Scared,

    If you don’t poop everyday, then there is a concern of your health. Could you please check with a doctor and ask them whether you need to do colon test.

  36. Dear Dr. Peng,
    I fear I might have a sort of a sirious problem and am scared.
    I never poop everyday I thought that;s how my body works,but in the last year I believe it’s been that I pooped twice-three times a week, or less and it;s getting softer and comes out in teh form of diarreha near and during my periods.

    on july-august all I had were either hard poops, again once in several days, then diareha as if had been blocked, then hard poop again then all over again, same method untill I get my period and all gets fixed .

    This month though is really scary experience for me,I just can’t get it out , I poop about once-twice a week a really small hard poop, I feel bloated, I have gases that won;t come out I feel how they move inside but nowhere near the exit.
    Last week I had aches around the abdoman,left side but it passed, it was like knife aches coming in waves, I sometimes feel sickness ,nothing that disturb my apotite too much.

    I can;t keep like this I tihnk something has to be done , my diet consisted (in the last 1 and a half monthes) of a lot of coffee with a lot of granola (handfull) with vegetables, a lot of fruites, meat,omlete, and bread, that;s about what I eat everyday,pretty the same.
    I drink mineral water only and I dont; eat anything that is sweet since I fear of getting fat(it;s been around the 5-6 years I don;t eat sweets at all but I get my sugar off of bread and other things that have sugar as an ingredient,my sugar lvl is good), one thing to point out dunno if it got anything to do with it but I always have around the minimum,sometimes below ,Ferritin level,though the ferium is fine.

    I appreciate any reply on the matter.

  37. Hi UtaChan,

    Have you checked your condition with a gastro doctor?

  38. Dr. Peng – thank you for your information on feces. I am a 65 year-old woman and for about the past year I have had pencil thin stools about 3-5 inches long and medium brown in color almost everytime I urinate. I have no pain but a lot of gas associated with it. I’ve seen my family doctor concerning this but she was not overly troubled by it. Do you have a comment as to this type of stool as I did not see it mentioned by anyone else. Thank you.

  39. Hi Sharon,

    Did you mean you have pencil like stools for more than a year? Now, before answering your question, could you please tell me if you’re suffering from any disease/s (e.g. diabetes, cancer)? Are you taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medication/s? What’s the content of your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner? Are you stress? Can you sleep well?

    After answering the above questions, we’ll have a further discussion. Take care and God bless you.

  40. Thank you for responding. I’ve had the condition about a year. I do not have any diseases. I have been taking thyroid medication for 20 years but I have never slept well and take trazadone to help sleep. I take zytec and zantac daily and also vitamins and fish oil. My breakfast is usually oatmeal and some fruit for high colesterol or cereal. Lunch is usually a sandwhich or soup or salad. Dinner can be anything from hamburger to fish but I try to eat healthy. I do enjoy a few drinks at night (wine, liqueur, or mixed drinks). I don’t believe I’m stressed but I do have an active mind.


  41. Hi Sharon,

    If you’ve been taking thyroid medication for years, meaning that you have a thyroid problem which is still considered a disease. Your pencil thin feces is never normal and can be a side effect of using trazadone or other medications. Trazadone could lead to diarrhea, constipation, sleep problems and etc. That’s why you couldn’t sleep well. Regarding zyrtec and zantac, have you discussed with your doctor the correct dosage you should take, and in your case, do you ask your doctor whether they can be taken together with vitamin supplements and fish oil?

    Oatmeal is fine. What types of fruits that you claimed to have high cholesterol? For lunch, you should add in some fiber rich green vegetables, not just sandwich or soup or salad. And your dinner is of course, unhealthy, can you add in fruits, vegetables, rice/noodles, beans, salads instead of hamburger or fish? For your case, I won’t encourage you to take wine, or caffeinated or alcoholic drinks and even dairy based drinks or foods.

  42. Great article! Got me thinking about my unexplained bloating and how monitoring stools patterns is a good way to change your diet around to maintain good health. Good thing I am a vegetarian that loves vegetables : )

  43. Dr. Peng,

    I was wandering, how do the good bacteria Lactobacillus survive the low pH of the stomach when taken in the diet in the form of yogurt or prebiotics? Do they form spores like the bad bacteria?

    Thank you for your time

  44. Hi Ashley,

    No, most prebiotics and probiotics can’t survive stomach acids, unless there is an improved technology used to protect them from stomach acids. Also, probiotics & prebiotics must contain millions of beneficial bacteria so that they can form the colony in the GI tract; and they should have multiple strains but not just one strain. They should also not contain dairy source so that people with lactose intolerance can digest them without any problem.

  45. Hey I\’m a teen and for a while now almost every time I poop it is like diharria what should I do to poop a solid piece

  46. Hey Im a teen and for a while now almost every time I poop it is like diharria what should I do to poop a solid piece

  47. Hi kid,

    Read here . you will find the answer there.

  48. Hi kid,

    Also, here you’ll get the answer here.

  49. Nice share good one, see you around

  50. 13 year old daughter has large round and hard feces that will not fit down the toilet. She will pass one large feces sometimes and I am concerned that this is unhealthy but she doesn’t complain. The only reason that I know is because every once in awhile the feces is stuck in the bottom of the toilet and we have to force it through.

    Should we be concerned?

  51. Hi Jaime,

    Hard feces can cause concern of constipation. How long has she been experiencing constipation? Try include more fiber rich vegetables and fruits in her daily diet, and make sure she drinks 8 glasses of water per day.

  52. Dr. Peng,
    I noticed that you did not answer the question from Glen.
    I too, really really have this same problem. I am being quite honest. Can you help me, by responding to his question.
    Thank you for your time and thank you for all the help that you give others.

  53. my two year old sister pooped slimy dark orange- almost red looking, but she drank red kool aid and ate barbecue the night before could this have any thing to do with it? She hasnt been acting strangely, it’s just that I’m worried..

  54. in the past couple weeks, mine floats ,is greasy and bannana shaped. every time i eat i get a really bad lower back ache. and cramping in my stomach . what is going on????

  55. Hi worried sister,

    Please get her to check with a doctor.

  56. Hi jeannette,

    It might be due to other underlying health issue, please see a doctor.

  57. I also have had issues like Glen and Ray, things that look like mushroom, wood fungus, or some big seaweed pod type thing in my feces. If you are not taking that question seriously maybe you don’t know the answer, but if you do, I would appreciate knowing what causes it.

  58. I also have had issues like Glen and Ray, things that look like mushroom, wood fungus, or some big seaweed pod type thing in my feces. If you are not taking that question seriously maybe you don\’t know the answer, but if you do, I would appreciate knowing what causes it.

  59. Dear Dr. Chan,

    Sometimes when I have blowouts at other people’s toilets, I find myself having to work hard to clean the bowl. I was wondering if there was some sort of surgery that would make my butt shoot my feces straight down into the toilet instead of out to the sides. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

    Hey thanks for any response,


  60. Dear Dr. Chan,

    Sometimes when I have blowouts at other people\’s toilets, I find myself having to work hard to clean the bowl. I was wondering if there was some sort of surgery that would make my butt shoot my feces straight down into the toilet instead of out to the sides. It\’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

    Hey thanks for any response,


  61. Dear Dr. Chan,

    Sometimes when I have blowouts at other people\\\’s toilets, I find myself having to work hard to clean the bowl. I was wondering if there was some sort of surgery that would make my butt shoot my feces straight down into the toilet instead of out to the sides. It\\\’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

    Hey thanks for any response,


  62. Only meant to do that once. Sorry DR. CHAN!

  63. Hi Holly Court,

    You need to include more fibre in your daily diet.

  64. Dear Dr.Chan,
    I am 39 year old women and had three c-sections (last one was in 2010). Usually my stools are type 2 stools on the stools chart. But for the last three months, it is like small small hard balls. I have to strain a lot. I drink lots of water and I am pretty active. I do not have any stomach cramps. When I get up in the morning, my waist size is 6 and by the end of the day it is like 10. The next day morning it’s back to size 6 again. I don’t eat any junk food and eating habits are pretty good. I tried everything from falk seed powder, BIO-K drink, Activia yogurt, berries smoothie with bran buds, prune juice, pomegranate, prunes etc., and nothing seems to be working. I have to push myself to go to the washroom and I have to strain. But suppositories work like a charm. Within 5 minutes I put it in, I pass lots of stools. Is something blocking the way? If so, how is it working for the suppositories. I do not use it every day and I do not want to be dependent on them. I don’t know what to do? Please advise.

    P.S: No one in my family has this problem

  65. I Have hypothyrodism and I am taking medications.

  66. Hi Sharmi,

    Have you checked your conditions with the gastro specialist? You should get a medical diagnosis to help you better handle with your health issue.

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