Does Music Affect Your Heartbeat?

Music affects your body in many different ways. It affects your mood, depression, it relaxes you. It also relaxes your muscles and bones. Music is a very powerful thing and nobody knows that. Music also affect the way you breathe and the speed you move in.

How to Measure Your Heartbeat?

The best way to measure your heartbeat is by checking your pulse. You could check your pulse in either the wrist or the neck. Use two fingers your index and your middle finger. Count the amount of beats that your pulse makes in 10 seconds. Then multiply that number by 6 to figure out your heart rate in one minute. For example if you have 15 beats in 10 seconds then you multiply it by 6 and then you will get 90 which is the amount of beats that you have per minute.

Different Kinds of Music

There are a lot of different kinds of music. Some of the most popular kinds of music today are rock, techno, hip-hop, and rap. All of those kinds of music affect you in different ways. Other kinds of music are instrumental music, opera, etc. Those kinds of music also affect you. The music that affects you the most is calm music like instrumental or fast music like rock or techno. Rock and techno make you speed up, and instrumental or calm music makes you slow down and feel more calm.

How Does Music Effect Your Body?

Music effects your body in many ways. It effects your body by making you have unpleasant sounds or feelings, slowing down your brain waves, and affecting your respiration. Also music can affect your heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, and it decreases your muscle tension. It can affect your body movement and coordination. Additionally it can increase your body temperature, and increase stress related hormones, and lastly music can boost immune function.

Unpleasant Sounds and Noises

Sometimes when you go to a dentist the dentist uses a drill to fix or work on your teeth. People dont want to get it done because people dont like the drill in their mouth, but the main reason why people dont like it is because of the sound it makes. The music the dentist plays in the office is usually not even noticed. But that music calms you down while you’re in the waiting room, also it balances out sounds of the drill while its in your mouth.

Slow Down and Equalize Brain Waves

Music can also slow down and equalize brain waves. A brain has 4 kinds of waves. It has beta waves, alpha waves, theta waves, and delta waves. When we do daily activities and experience emotions that’s when we use beta waves. Calmness is when we use alpha waves ,when your sleeping you use theta waves , and lastly when you are in deep sleep or in meditation that is when delta waves are used. When your brain waves are slow that is when you are very calm. Different types of music cause different waves. If you listen to calm music then the waves will drop to delta and theta. If you listen to fast or loud music your brain waves will most likely be alpha or beta.

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