Five Reasons Why You Must Go to Sleep Early

There are some researches that show the benefits of going to sleep early.

Most of us are familiar with the old saying: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” There are numerous researches showing the benefits of sleeping early as follows:

Go to Sleep Early is Very Important for the Liver’s Health

Recently 37 years old doctor from National Taiwan Hospital makes his colleagues shock since he was diagnosed having a liver cancer although he always does laboratory test (GOT, GPT and Liver Function Index). Despite that the doctor diligently does the test, there is a possibility that the disease is undetected. There is no better way to avoid the liver disease rather than preventing the disease as early as possible. And sleeping is essential thing we must do to prevent liver disease as from 11.00pm till 01.00am, detoxification process in our livers occur. This process will be optimal when we sleep deeply. Sleep early and help you liver works well.

Go to Sleep Early is Good for Our Antibody System

Researches have shown that, when healthy people sleep too late, their body will susceptible to infection. This is because at 9.00pm till 11.00pm detoxification process in our lymph gland is occurring. This process must happen in calm situation. If someone still works during 9.00pm till 11.00 continuously, it will bring negative impact to his/her health. That’s why the research also shows that every hour of sleep we get before midnight is twice as beneficial as the hours after midnight.

Go to Sleep Early is Good for the Metabolism

There are some persons who have habit sleep too late after midnight and wake up too late till afternoon. They think it is all right as long as their sleeping duration is fulfilled. This thing will disorganize the exile of useless substances from our body. Our ability to sustain exertion is as vital to our health as what we eat and drink.

Breakfast is Essential for Our Health

In the morning, from 7.00am till 09.00 our intestines absorb nutrient from food. This means we must have breakfast. Research shows that for the sick people it is better to have breakfast before 06.30am. Breakfast is essential to our health. For they who cannot wake up early, it is good to have breakfast at 09.00 till 10.00am rather than not having breakfast at all. And very practically speaking, in order to be able to rise early in the morning to have breakfast, we have to get to bed early.

Go to Bed Too Late Will Have a Negative Impact on Our Performance

There is no substitute for sleeping at night. Some people take a nap in the afternoon. It still cannot substitute the benefits we get when we sleep at night. Without enough sleeping in the night we lose our ability to concentrate and make complex decisions. Sufficient sleep at night is the foremost factor in a person’s ability to sustain a high performance level, cope with stress, and feel a sense of satisfaction in life. Getting enough sleep directly impacts our moods and emotions, our ability to think creatively and respond quickly.

*Have a good sleep schedule and help yourself healthier, wiser and wealthier

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  1. Great article. A timely reminder for me to sleep earlier.

  2. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been going to bed earlier. I hadn’t realized that I was helping my health by doing so. I plan to go to bed even earlier than before so I can get the most out of my night’s sleep. After a certain age, there really aren’t many inducements to stay up at night! By the way, I had no idea that God had such terrible manners!

  3. good information! thanks!

  4. Do you have sources for these claims? Although I will make no argument that sleeping on a regular schedule can be beneficial to the body and mind, these specific time-schedules make me suspicious – especially since any physician will tell you that every human body is different and no two function in exactly the same way.

    For instance, I tried to figure out how a hypothetical body would know that it’s 9 A.M. and therefore time to stop absorbing nutrients from food. The obvious answer would seem to be that the body takes its cues from daylight, but upon further reflection that doesn’t work – there are hundreds of thousands of people living in the area of the Arctic Circle, for instance, where in wintertime it doesn’t become light out until perhaps 2 P.M., and then is dark again by 5. Yet these people somehow continue to absorb nutrients from their food.

    If our body only absorbs nutrients from 7-9 A.M., does that mean that we need not bother with healthy food from 9 A.M. to 7 A.M., or any food at all, since none of those nutrients will be taken up into the bloodstream?

    Again, the basic premise – go to sleep early, it’s beneficial for your health – is reasonable, but all these timetables sound rather quackish to me. Some citations, links or names of some of these “studies” and “research” which show all of these things would come in handy.

  5. Dear eddiego65, Mitch Freeman, Diane Mccloskey and curious,
    thanks do much for your comments.
    I just read my article above and realize that there are some grammatical mistakes. I will fix the above article later. Sorry for trouble.
    For Curious, the timetables I talked about is related with Circadian clock.
    Temporary you may check about our body schedule at this site:

    I’ll try to give you better explanation next time.

  6. To Curios
    Other link about body schedule:

  7. From

    by Dr. Leo Rebello
    Our body has an built clock. It is called Circadian clock and it is programmed to carry out the following functions. Since we do not schedule our activities and the frequent travellers also cross from one time zone to another, this clock knows how to adjust as easily as you adjust your wrist watch to the new time, provided you cooperate with it. Circadian clock also can be programmed to wake you up at a particular time and it is more reliable than the human clock. Here then know the time table of the Circadian clock.

    1 AM to 3 AM – time for Liver to detoxify and process the debris of the past 24 hours.
    3 AM to 5 AM – time for Lungs to breathe deep in sleep, and ready body for dawn.
    5 AM to 7 AM – time for Colon to release the debris of the past 24 hours.
    7 AM to 9 AM – time for Stomach to break fast.
    9 AM to 11 AM – time for Spleen to process the products of digestion.
    11 AM to 1 PM – time for the physical heart to think, and plan, and execute.
    1 PM to 3 PM – time for Small Intestine to filter the pure and pass on the impure.
    3 PM to 5 PM – time for the urinary bladder to pass out toxins.
    5 PM to 7 PM – time for making physical love, sexuality.
    7 PM to 9 PM – time for higher thought, introspection, meditation.
    9 PM to 11 PM – time for the 3 cavities, chest, abdomen and pelvis, to balance.
    11 PM to 1 AM – time for revising decisions made and preparing for next day.

    Incidentally, the best time to sleep is from 10 PM to 2 AM and 3 to 5 AM is the time for Pranayam or breathing. Know the body’s time table for better health.

  8. From

    … yet they calculate timing in very different ways. The first one has a complex set of formulae (like astrology or biorhythms do), while the second one is much simpler – it has pre-determined times of day when each organ is “active”.

    7 am to 9 am – Stomach
    Next time is for stomach organ i.e., 7 to 9 am, so that breakfast is taken. Moreover, ulcer, gastritis, acidity, loss of appetite, headache cares are treated with relevant acupuncture points in stomach organ time.

    According to this guy, each of the 12 major organs is active for two out of 24 hours and pretty much inactive for the remaining 22. Why not? Let’s see how it really works. A few years back, several laboratories independently did a similar experiment – measuring expression of many genes in several different organs (of mice and rats) over a period of 24 hours, using DNA chips. For this finicky technique, the similarity between the results from different labs was quite large. I have to admit I was surprised at the relative repeatabilty of the data.

  9. From

    The body’s internal clock is a highly sensitive mechanism able to anticipate changes in the environment and regulate a host of body functions, from sleep patterns to metabolism and behaviour.

  10. I would like to add here what Bible says about going to sleep early:

    Early to Bed and Early to Rise

    And there are numerous references in the Bible to the joys and benefits of rising early. The psalmist said,

    My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise. Awake, my glory! Awake, lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn. (Psalms 57:7-8 NKJV)

    The clear implication is that the psalmist had a habit of getting up before dawn and “singing in” the morning. But what does this have to do with our sunset hours?

    According to modern sleep research, most people need seven to ten hours of sleep a day, and lost hours can never be made up.

    A good night’s sleep is one of God’s blessings to you. Sufficient sleep was a part of His design for your body and His plan for your life. When you make a habit of retiring early, you put yourself in a position to receive this blessing.

    You’ll find it easier to rise early and seek the Lord for His wisdom and strength for the day ahead.

  11. Going to bed early also gives us time for a little spiritual healing with a loved one

  12. So it is not good to be a nightowl like some of us are? I always have been and sometimes stay up all night and sleep most of the day since I have retired. Even before I retired I was really bad about staying up late. I will try to watch that, and seeing that it is already one o\’clock I will go leave another comment or two then off to bed I go.
    Great piece by the way.
    Damon/johnny yuma

  13. For idiots who would love for the author to site Some citations, links or names of some of these “studies” and “research” about thousands of years of experimentation that has been passed down from generations to generations and all different cultures basically agree on sleeping early is benificial.

  14. i found your information about go to bed early ,you say sleep time is only 10pm to2am only 4 hrs.but all dr.said 8 to 10 hrs sleep a day.let me know the reason

  15. Hi Atique Khan,

    It was Dr. Leo Rebello ( who said that the best time to sleep is from 10pm to 2am + 3 to 5am. According to him, not only 10pm to 2am, (4 hours) but 10pm to 5 am (6 hours). This is why most of doctors say that the best time to sleep is about 7 hours.

  16. It’s gone 11pm for me now so I should really get to bed, great advice thank you.

  17. to guy:
    if i change the recommended sleep timing to 6-10pm without any citations, would you not feel stupid following it? it is not idiotic to seek scientific evidence especially when some information seems suspiciously arbitrary. thousands of years of experimentation shows that many people seem to survive healthily even though they have widely varied sleeping habits. there are ppl who sleep 4 hours a day for many years, and others who can’t do with less than 8. there are those who work night shifts and have a rather different circadian rhythm, and even some unique fellows who have dual dawn & dusk shifts per day (i.e. a crepuscular life). are they automatically risking heavy liver damage then? it is important to have scientifically tested and proven results so that these people can either make insurance claims or switch jobs permanently – majorly disruptive decisions which should not be made based on off-the-cuff advice. in fact, if these timings are so important, it may even be the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens from such harmful habits (e.g. similar to anti-smoking campaigns and regular medical check-ups), lest substantial swathes of the population start caving in unnecessarily. this would be akin to public immunization movements when the vaccine became available.

    i’m replying to your flame because i think it is good to clarify why scrutinizing seemingly sound medical advice is important for the society and the individual. sleeping early is generally beneficial – but we need to know just HOW beneficial, and where the line is drawn, so that jobs with extreme requirements in this area are adequately compensated.

  18. Not to poke a hole in your theory but you should probably read this…

  19. very informative. I always sleep. haha.

  20. ur english sucks ass

  21. Thanks for your comment. I will fix it.

  22. What? Out bodies have clocks that are so smart they adjust to where I am? This is a bad article with no substantial information. If I am in Tokyo then my body cleans the liver at 11 PM in Tokyo? I never realized there was a digital watch that changes time zones automatically. How magical.

  23. No “Papa Smurf”, Your English sucks ass.

  24. I realize that when I sleep late (around 2-3AM), even with the right amount of sleep, I still wake up feeling awful and uncomfortable. I also still get bags under my eyes. In order for me to stop feeling so tired, I’d have to sleep around 1AM, or 10-11PM (on school nights) in order to maintain glowing skin. I just hate waking up early because I tend to overeat in the morning, and I usually do not have anything to do for some time.

  25. I wanna thank the person who wrote all this information and people who wrote their comment. Thanks Allah who told us his Book Quran. Suratal Amah. That sleeping early is good for our healthy. This is what every muslim reads every day in Prayer.


  26. Yes. you are so right. Sleeping early is also good for health.

  27. There is a lot of useful information here. I tried to go to sleep at 10pm, but end waking up too early. Meanwhile, I am trying to get to bed at 12:00 the latest.

  28. I know it is important, but still I can’t make myself to go to sleep at proper time of the night.

  29. interesting. but difficult to achieve.

  30. intweresting

  31. Sounds like primitive voodoo. Some of us have electricity now.

    I think there is some soundness in going to bed early and getting up early. This is because the morning is a wonderful time of day, very early, crisp air, mild and glowing sunrise. Time to thank God, feel a connection to His creations, and to His Son Jesus Christ. A great way to start the day. That is, if you can.

    I don’t buy into that voodoo about your liver and your other stuff reprocessing the day or something like that. You actually have that last segment scheduled way after your pronounced bedtime. All of this is from ancient Indian lore, pre-science and pre-electricity.

  32. We have been believed that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthier rich and sensible. But do we actually respect it?Here I describe the top 5 benefits of sleeping early in the night.

    1. Healthy heart
    Staying up late in the night is a way to pain your body system with hypertension and cholesterol levels. These are the threats associated with the heart. If you do not want to intensify the circumstance get enough sleep.

    2. Reduced stress
    A comforting sleep in the night reduces psychological and physical stress that is triggered during the process of regular activities. It calms the figure. With not enough sleep you are threatening your health with heart strokes and other diseases.

    3. Enhances memory
    Sleeping early enables your mind to organize the ideas well. Getting out of bed early with a fresh mind will maintain all of it.

    4. Reduce the risk of cancer
    Sleep in the dark. Light in the night decreases the melatonin stage which is expected to cause sleep and avoid the chance of cancer. So make your space dark and sleep beginning in the evening enabling your body to generate melatonin.

    5. Gives time for breakfast
    Breakfast is very important to get started with the day. But as a result of wake up later we skip it most of the time. To ensure food to our digestive system getting out of bed early in the morning and breaking the fast by 10 a.m is very important. So for this must need to go to sleep early at night.

  33. Very informative…

  34. ///

  35. Ive been sleeping late for the past 4 years. I used to sleep hardly 6 hours per day. Lately, Iam suffering from many health complications including several panic attacks. I never had such problems before. I used to be quite healthy with athletic built. I started sleeping late right from the day when I engaged with computers at my office. Right now, Iam very incompetent in every work I do. Iam having trouble remembering, increase body mass, unable to concentrate and severe panic attacks. When I attended my doctor, he advised me to go to bed early. I obeyed him for some days and I started my old bad habit. After reading the post here, I now understand the importance of early sleep. I will definitely sleep early from today, right from now after I finish typing here.

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