Top 10 Foods for Hair That Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss in men and women is a common factor. Most of us face this problem. But it can be prevented by following a healthy diet plan. Let’s see what are the best foods for preventing hair loss.

Before we get to know the best foods for hair, take a look of at some basic facts on hair fall.

Medically or technically known as Alopecia – hair loss can occur not only on the scalp but on any part of the body that normally has hair. Normally life expectancy of hairs are around three to six years. Hair grows and falls simultaneously. Though permanent hair loss or growth of fewer new hair can be genetic. There are different reasons for permanent hair loss and temporary hair loss.

 Some basic causes of hair loss are heredity, stress, inadequate nutrition and high levels of DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the natural metabolite of our body that is responsible for hair loss.

Foods for hair growth should be high protein (hair is made of protein) and high in iron. Also B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Sulfur, Vitamin Biotin, Copper, Zinc, Essential Fatty Acids and Water can promote hair growth. Avoid caffeine, sugar, fat, Carbonated drinks as they damage the health of hair.

As we know nutritional deficiencies are main reason for weak hair and slow regrowth of hair, this can be corrected by a good diet plan.

Here are top 10 foods that will promote the hair health and hair growth:

  • Egg: Starting the list with egg as it’s very good source of protein. Adding to this, egg also contains magnesium and selenium, and Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for hair growth and it improves the health of hair and scalp.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Dark green vegetables are very good for our health as these contain high percentage of Vitamin A & C. Also from the dark green leafy vegetables you can get iron and calcium. Vitamin A and C are good to strong our immune system- and as we know a healthy body is a must for healthy hair. Green leafy vegetables also contain folic acid that helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair health. Spinach, broccoli, swiss chard are great for hair as they contain high percentage of Vitamins A and C.
  • Salmon:  A rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is a excellent food for hair. Our hair needs good amount of protein to stay healthy and grow. Salmon also provides us  vitamin B-12 and iron which are important for healthy scalp.
  • Beans: Beans are excellent source of protein. Not only that, you can get fair amount of calcium, iron and biotin from beans. Biotin is extremely important for those who are suffering from hair loss. Biotin improves the hair condition by improving metabolism of scalp oil. Besides beans, other good sources of biotin are eggs, yeast bread and cereals.
  • Nuts: Nut are great for hair. But why? Because nuts are excellent source of selenium. They also contain good amount of zinc. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding, You need good amount of zinc in your diet. Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pecans are very good for hair. You can also have high amount of zinc in organ meats, especially liver and sea foods.
  • Oranges:  A good source of folic acid. Also rich in  Vitamin C, oranges help to manufacture of collagen and that is important to both hair and skin growth. Citrus fruits are good sources of Vitamin C. You can have  Vitamin C form berries, melons, peppers and even from potatoes and tomatoes.
  • Whole Grains: Because these are rich with zinc, iron, and B vitamins, whole grains (nuts, seeds, and legumes) whole grains are essential for good hair.
  • Poultry: Like beans, poultry is a great source of protein. Baked or steamed poultry meat is good for hair. Good amount of protein is essential for the growth of new hair and strengthen the  hair, resulting lesser hair fall.
  • Low-Fat Dairy Products: Skim milk and yogurt are good sources of calcium, protein, Vitamin A. All these are good for hair as they promote hair growth and improve scalp cells and tissues. Yogurt also contains  very high quality protein sources like whey and casein.
  • Water: Water is the most important of all. Good hydration is needed for a healthy body and healthy hair. Water is involved in the transport of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many other nutrients. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

In addition, applying coconut milk on the hair is certainly very helpful to get healthy and strong hair. So, don’t forget the benefits of coconut milk for hair.

There are many other foods that can be helpful for preventing hair loss and having strong hair. For better result limit alcohol intake, stop smoking, and do exercises regularly.

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  15. Enjoyed reading your comments. I think that one should obviously take care of one’s body as best one can and enjoy it as it is a tool that we use every day to perform various activities. As long as you are fit and healthy you’ll enjoy doing whatever you do. It might be a while before someone comes across the real reason why hair falls out so in the meantime enjoy who you are and get the most out of life. Hair or no hair, you will still be you!

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  17. Hey great tips on food! According to me, To control hair fall:
    1)Sleep well and relax.
    2)Exercise as it improves blood circulation in the body and scalp.
    3)Have food rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins like fruits, green veggies, chicken, fish and eggs.
    4)Use a good hair solution like Parachute Advansed Therapie Hair Vitaliser.

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