Robust: All Natural Sexual Enhancement Formula Made for Men

A product review about a dietary food supplement that can aid men on sexual activity.

Robust is a dietary food supplement that supports men on their sexual activity. It is an all-natural and BFAD approved sexual enhancement formula, minus the potential side-effects. It contains the following natural extracts from plants.

  • Epimedium

Besides having aphrodisiac qualities, Epimedium has Icariin as the active ingredient which can also treat osteoporosis.

  • L-Argine

L-arginine has been used for erectile dysfunction. Like the drug sildenafil citrate (Viagra), L-arginine enhances the action of nitric oxide, relaxing the muscles that surround the blood vessels supplying the penis. As a result, blood vessels in the penis dilate, increasing blood flow, which helps maintain an erection. The difference in how they work is that Viagra blocks an enzyme called PDE5 which destroys nitric oxide and L-arginine is used to make nitric oxide.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng is known to contain phytoestrogens. It has been confirmed to have a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of gonadotropins. In another study involving mice, it speeds up the development of reproductive organs in young mice, while it stimulates the production of sperm in adult mice.

  • Gingko biloba

In Chinese culture, Gingko biloba is considered to have aphrodisiac potentials. More to this, it blocks blood clotting that could lead to stroke or heart diseases and good for the improvement in blood flow to most tissues and organs.

Other extracts from plants include:  Dahurian Angelica root, Dansheng root, GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric acid and Cnidium monnier whole plant.

Image by the author

Robust as a sexual stimulant

The natural herb extracts present in the Robust formulation increase the blood circulation in the male sexual organ and with this, a lasting effect or erection can be experienced by the male.

Robust stimulates the release of the male hormone testosterone, increasing libido in men. It supports the healthy production of sperm cell and provides solution regarding premature ejaculation, a usual problem among men that affects their sexual relationship. In addition to this, while Robust maintains a man’s energy after sex, long term intake of this supplement maintains kidney sufficiency.

  • Dosage

Robust is available in tablet form. It is to be taken 1 to 2 hours before engaging to an intimate activity, one to two tablets taken in an empty stomach.

  • Important

 Viagra is a popular drug for erectile dysfunction. It is normally used in special precaution with males having heart diseases or hypertension. Its side-effect includes headache, flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, UTI, abnormal vision, diarrhea, dizziness and rashes. Robust doesn’t cite any contraindications, precautions or side-effects in its leaflet. Although, in some interview, some men using Robust complained headaches and nasal congestion, some side-effects similar in taking Viagra. If you have heart problems or hypertension, consult a physician before taking this product.

Robust is a dietary supplement, it contains the warning  ‘No approve therapeutic claims’. Robust is not a cure for erectile dysfunction, it simply supplies the body with extracts from herbal plants that can be beneficial for sexual activity.

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  1. wow. interesting!hehe

  2. Hmmmmmmh….good information.

  3. very good article here for men, no wonder Shilaho’s comment with the Hmmmmmmmh.

  4. Outstanding!

    I knew about L-Arginine and many amino acids have great benefit for circulatory and metabolic issues.

    However I was unaware of epimedium or the alternative uses of gingko biloba. Blood clotting is an issue my aunt is running into and the alternative is taking a product that is essentially a rat poison.

    Yohimbe is also useful for sexual performance as is maca root and horny goat weed.

  5. Hmmm interesting one ha ha ha cheers

  6. Interesting products.

  7. Interesting,

  8. Sounds helpful for men.

  9. I will keep this in mind! it may come in handy :-)

  10. Nice.

  11. Sounds interesting, and will be helpful for those that need this info, Phoenix..

  12. nice share

  13. question? is it safe for women to use this as well?

  14. Robust is not for the female. For more info about Robust visit the site below. Thanks.

  15. …just took the pills are prescribed…can’t wait to see & feel the results

  16. where can I buy i in the philippines???how much is that price??

  17. effective to me .. try it

  18. you can in all the leading drugstores in the philippines…very very very effective..ur partner say’s 1 more pls….^ 6 ^

  19. buy

  20. Sir/Ma\’am;
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    Potensan® is a 100% natural food supplement, based on a tried and true Norwegian formulation and has been used safely and effectively by literally millions of Men and Women over the world for the past 21 years (since 1989).

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  21. is this Robust product available in Mercury Drugs in the phils.?

  22. TGP (The Generics Pharmacy) and South-star Drug sell this stuff. But, you can inquire it at Mercury. They must have it as well.

  23. Tried it. Very effective but had fever after,=)

  24. Very good experience. I strongly recommend vs Viagra or Cialis. But still costs a lot for the ordinary Pinoy to satisfy sexual fantasies at a matured age… Please consider 50% price reduction. Thanks.

  25. where this can be bought (potensan) in pinas??ty

  26. its very effective to me.. compared to chinese stuffs which gives you head ache and not even BFAD approved… you can buy em at drug stores.. especially at mercury drug.. try em… i recommend robust for men~~

  27. is there a side effect sa girl. puede ba kami maka buo baby nito..

  28. highly recommended, effective sa akin and i confess- i am really satisfied after taking just one tablet. side effect yes meron = i am still getting an above normal erection after days of taking this tablet (seriously).

  29. just asking, how many tabs, someone just starting to take this, do i need to intake?

  30. @ curious, 1 to 2 tablets, 1 to 2 hours before engaging to sexual activity.

  31. Ayos.. effective talaga.. after mga 1 hour and 20 mins.. tumigas agad..hehe..

  32. I just took 1 tablet 1 hour before.. tumigas xa kahit hindi pa ako horny.. ayus.. pero medyo masakit ulo ko pgka tapos.. pero kayang-kaya lang..

  33. pwede ba yan sa 19 years old?

  34. yes..very safe and effective ang robust..i already tried it twice..the important is take it in an empty stomach 1 to 2 hrs before the intimate activity.1 tablet is i think enough for younger men and 2 tablets is recommended for older far no side effects for me..the whole night palaban c manoy until morning, hehe.available sya sa mercury drugstores.more or less P80 price nya.

  35. ang shape nito ay pareho sa product ng chinese ung ying da wa at toro.parehas ba sila?kasi nasubukan ko ang mga un ang effect sa akin ay masakit ang ulo tapos nagbabara ang ilong ko .mga mata namumula.

  36. This pill never failed me.

  37. Can I order it online? Ship to US?
    What website? Any recommendations?

  38. I use Robust and although i got a strong erection, i experience headache and sensitivity to lights after cumming..

  39. Effective khit sa mga me ED tulad ko! ang galing kala ko sa viagra na lng ako aasa, hindi pla… meron pa plang robust at mu ra pa.

  40. lol.. dont take robust! why BFAD aprov dis kind of capsule it can kill the consumer or buyer. i take robust and i suffer experience there something in my head that make frustrating. look like i can’t make for a long time any-longer and i pray and pray for this and thanks god i recover. want money for selling so why consumer get suffer are robust manufacturer want to kill buyer just to earn money?


  41. i understand y details said that there’s no side effect bcoz it safe? c’mon! u cheated just to earn money.. u want it u buy it take enjoy and get suffer ache after. i think many people suffer when they didn’t know where’s d headache came from or they know but they didn’t what to do and its so embarrassing to talk abt this..

    they sell for a KILL

  42. gumamit din ako ng robust kase sabi nila safe daw..sumakit ulo ko, 3 weeks lagi msakit prang nahihilo na ewan ako. meron paba na mas efective? intindi kita bro… ^ ^
    d na nga ko ggmit nun. tang ina me kadamay pala ko :)
    sexlifter baka me idea email mko ha

  43. just wanna mga nka take na ng robust ,nkaka tulong ba xa sa premature ejaculation?

  44. ako din… head ache at nababara ang ilong ang side effects sa robust.. pero napaka effective, di ka mapapahiya sa laban. Kaya lang sana ma improve na mawala ang headache.

  45. how about potensan

  46. bro ang sulit ng robust
    ang sarap ng ….
    nakaka tulong sa may pre eja bro…
    hindi na ma bibitin si misis :D

    1st use side effect HEADACHE
    2nd dose wew STOMACH UPSET
    3rd coming soon :D

  47. I felt dizzy and uncomfortable, I don’t want to try this robust anymore, they must put a precautions to their packaging, this might not be applicable or effective to all men.

  48. i just took one tablet two hours ago and right now, i’m experiencing abnormal vision (which is a cited side effect of viagra). isn’t it possible that makers of robust add some chemical components (which are also present in viagra) to achieve its claimed erection effect?

  49. grabe effect nito. Kahit kapapalabas pa lang wala pang 2 mins. tigas ulit! nakatagal ako hanggang 6 rounds. solved na solved gf ko. hanggang kinabukasan effective pa din though I experienced mild headache but it was nothing compare sa ligayang naidulot nito sa gf ko. cool!

  50. is it applicable to take robust when you are drunk?

  51. pwede kaya uminom ng robust pag lasing or nakainom ng alak? meron bang bad effect o wala? i need some answers :)


  53. If you are under alcohol, using Robust might not be a good idea. Generally, alcohol should not be used with any medication and even with supplement. Pwede pong mawalan ng bisa o depende na rin po sa may katawan.

    Tungkol po sa premature ejaculation ibang usapan na po yan. Good luck po, siguro po’y dapat makontrol ang excitement pagdating po sa pakikipagtalik para maiwasan ang premature ejaculation.

  54. I am from Dubai UAE.. where can I buy this?

    Please tell me … Thanks

    here is my email:


  55. it is said…to take Robust 2 hrs before sexual activity, on an empty stomach. after taking Robust,…is it safe to eat a meal while still doing sexual activity?

  56. it is said…to take Robust 2 hrs before sexual activity, on an empty stomach. after taking Robust,…is it safe to eat a meal while still doing sexual activity?

  57. Interesting concept, sir. But, I think that’s OK.

  58. i tried this and it never fails me but the side effect to me is that It feels like i have colds…and a bit headache and bluish vision…

  59. Is robust still effective if you drink alcohol?pls answer…tnx!

  60. hi kaye ur so cute ! please text me 09228535502. tnx

  61. I just wanted to know if is it ok to take this pills even after drinking alcohol?

  62. Sama ng robust i dont take it anymore,,i could fel d headache and suffer my stomacheache,,

  63. kung mag take muna ng robust bago uminom ng beer, pede ba yun?

  64. oh my god!!!!! sinong my sabi sainyu na after 1 hr. titigasan na,,,,, shit i take one tablet because of curiosity aand after 30 minutes ayun tumigas na,, take note inurasan ko talga,, but it fells my head na parang sasabog,,,,,,
    ang sakit na ewan kung saan nanggaling,

  65. can this be taken along with viagra?

  66. i take robust before and i suffer for headache and going disorder thinking for a month.i feel like im gonna die. u know what L argine? study shows this content on long term use may cost you suffer like headache heart palpitation and many more.

    fuck the one who made this they going to kill people just to earn money. go to hell!

  67. hey phoenix what the blood hell are u doing?
    u convincing people to buy it just for money?

    what the fuck up.

  68. Robust has different effect on different people. If you find it not effective or hazardous, simply stop it. It should not be taken with alcohol or Viagra.

    This article is not a promotion about Robust. It’s a review. Please read the article carefully. I am a pharmacist and it’s the well being of the consumer that’s important to me. I found Robust really interesting that I made a research about its contents. I’m only sharing my views to the public.

    Thank you very much.

  69. can i mix this with my drink? like juice?

  70. I’m only 24 years old, wala naman ok impotence problem pero whenever makikipag sex ako sa isang girl na nakilala ko lang the same night, nahihirapan tumigas si junior, it’s because of my inferiority complex daw, Shy type kasi ako. So tinesting ko uminom ng robust, 1 tablet lang on an empty stomach, 40 minutes pa lang, tigas na agad si junior kht di naman ako horny.

    Been using it for 4 times now (once every 2 weeks whenever I encounter new girls) and it never fails me, kahit kakatapos lang tigas na tigas parin kaya naabot ng maraming rounds. Yun nga lang, Medyo grabe din ang side effect sakin, masakit sa ulo that lasts 5hours, then yung vision ko mjo nanlalabo, lahat ng flourescent lights na nakikita ko eh medyo kulay purple sa paningin ko. Felt dizzy for a few days din.

    Tolerable naman yung side effects, nawawala din, mas ok na siguro yun kesa naman mapahiya sa girl.

    In my own opinion, tingin ko ok naman gamitin ang Robust basta wag lang araw araw, bka gumrabe ang side effect pag masyadong frequent. For me Twice a month ko lang ginagamit.

  71. For me, I have been taking robust for the last 3 years now and I can say my partner and I are very much satisfied…I take only 1/3 of the tablet and boom! No side effects, no headache, stomach ache and whatsoever…am 54 years old…

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