Write to Decrease Your Stress

Stress is at an all time high in the U.S. today. People are trying to decrease their stress and losing the battle. But, have you tried writing to decrease your stress? Well, give it a try, you might find out it works.

 Americans are more stressed today than ever before. They are losing jobs, their homes and their livelihoods because of this economic disaster. They are working more hours for less pay. They are having to educate their children because the American schools are failing our children. Americans have more responsibilities now days than ever before.

The level of stress we are feeling now, is extremely detrimental on our health. Stress causes disease and illness, depression and mental decline, among many other things. Stress, when not taken care of, can actually lead to death.

So how can we actually decrease the stress in our lives right now. We can make an outlet for our stress. Some place that we can get rid of the stress, and maybe forget about it for a little while

Writing is a great outlet or getting out the stress in your life. Studies have shown that writing decreases everyday stress, but also helps with cognition, blood pressure and strengthens your immune system.

So how do you start? Just get yourself a pen and a piece of paper or writing tablet and start writing. Pour out your feelings. Write about your stressful situation, about the horribly stressful day or week you have had. Write about anything. Just write.

You will find yourself letting go of little things that caused you great stress before your wrote them down. You can use you writing to problem solve a stressful situation. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation, it really doesn’t matter. Just write out your stress.

Writing can be done anywhere, which is a good thing because we have a hard time actually finding time for one more thing. You can get a journal to fit in your purse or your book bag and have it whenever you need to vent.

Keep it private, don’t let anyone peek. You are more likely to write the real deal if you know that no one will read your gripes. So, stick a “don’t touch” sticker on it and let others know that your writing is hands off to them.

Writing about the things that cause you stress can help to let your stress go. Sometimes you will start writing about something huge and by the time your done writing, it’s no so huge anymore. Stress has such a negative impact on our lives. Writing does help decrease stress, and should be intigrated into your life to help reduce your stress.

So, grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing today for less stress tomorrow

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