10 Health Benefits of Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is brimming with nutrients. Check out its nutrition facts and health giving goodness.

For every 100 grams of pan fried chicken liver, these are the nutrition facts and health promoting properties.

1.       Guards the body against anemia (Vitamin B12 – 352% DV)

Chicken liver can supply the body with over three times the DV of vitamin B12, an essential nutrient which supports the production of red blood cells and helps prevent pernicious anemia.

2.       Promotes good eyesight (Vitamin A -288%)

Many people probably didn’t know that it is brimming with vitamin A in the form of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene including lycopene. At 14378 IU, it’s a very powerful supporter for healthy vision.

3.       Supports fertility (Folate – 140%)

If you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, chicken liver may be good for you. With its 560 mcg of folate, it helps promote fertility as well as prevent neural tube defects for the developing baby.

Sauteed Chicken Liver by FotoosVanRobin.

image by Fotoos Van Robin via Flickr

4.       Good for the body tissues (Riboflavin -136%)

Soreness around the lips, mouth, and tongue and cracking and/or peeling of the skin at the corners of the mouth and around the nose indicates a lack of riboflavin in the body. Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2 is essential for normal reproduction, growth, repair and development of body tissues including the skin. Chicken liver is loaded with 2.3 mg of riboflavin.

5.       Ensures a healthy thyroid (Selenium – 126%)

It is brimming with selenium, a mineral which supports iodine to keep the thyroid gland in top shape.

6.       Fights stress (Pantothenic Acid – 83%)

With its rich pantothenic acid, it helps the body combat stress by supporting the adrenal glands.

7.       Boost immune system health (Iron – 72%)

In addition to its role in preventing anemia, iron also keeps the immune system in top condition and chicken liver is an excellent source of this essential mineral.

8.       Wards off pellagra (Niacin – 70%)

Lack of niacin supply in the body will show in the form of pellagra, a disease with symptoms that include delusions, diarrhea, inflamed mucous membranes and scaly skin sores. Chicken and tuna are some of the highest sources of niacin.

9.       Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails (Protein – 52%)

One of the many health benefits of protein is keeping the skin, muscles, hair and nails in top condition and chicken liver is another excellent source of this very important nutrient.

10.       Keeps teeth and bones healthy (Phosphorous – 42%)

It is also good for the teeth, gums and bones through its rich phosphorous content as calcium cannot build teeth and bones without the aid of this mineral.

Nutrient data source: USDA

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  1. WOW… looks yummy. But i don’t relish liver.

  2. i love eating chicken liver… in our country it is called atay sa manok…

  3. Very useful information.

  4. Gr8 post…but sadly, I don’t eat non-veg.

  5. Hey, I love chicken and also this article. Thanks, for sharing this article; now I have another reason to eat chicken:)

  6. I prefer leaving my chicken liver, in my chicken. while it walks around the yard eating the bug.. chickens are awesome pets.

  7. Highly informative article. Outstanding!

  8. Wow that was an amazing article,with so many cool infos that makes it more interesting :)

  9. I like chicken liver in adobo…yummy!

  10. Chicken liver adobo with balunbalunan or pancit with chicken liver.. I just love them!

  11. Im a vegetarian.. any suggestion??

  12. yeah it good taste
    but in pondicherry chicken centre liver is available at freee of cost.
    usefull information

  13. very useful info

  14. In my country this is called “Higado” i was raised in Dominican Republic; therefore, we eat this a lot now that i live in the U.S. I continue with our tradition, I haven’t or ever get sick; in addition, this is very yummy plus its benefits are great for an overall health.

  15. Looks Good! Very informative !

  16. To the vegetarians, if you want information on veg stuff, simple go to a site that contains contents that provide similar information on nutrients that chicken liver provides. Yes we know you don’t eat the meat for whatever reason, get over it because other people do. They always have and always will, until animals are non-existent on this planet.

  17. as long its healthy and good for your taste you can eat it :)

    I love chicken liver hehe just finish my lunch with it

  18. Riboflavin IS NOT Vitamin B1. It is Vitamin B2.
    Vitamin B1 is Thiamine.

  19. @ Muammar Huq
    This artical clearly states that Riboflavin is Vitamin B2.

    This is a wonderful, infomative artical. Had chicken liver for dinner, and I always wondered what the health benifits from it was.

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