10 Health Benefits of Durian

You either hate this fruit or love it, but do you know what eating durian does to your health? Discover the nutrition facts and health benefits of this exotic spiky fruit.

Who haven’t heard of durian? With its edible flesh which emits a strong and penetrating odor even when the husk is unopened, it is the only fruit that is either loved or hated. Some people find its smell sweet, while others find it disgusting. For durian aficionados, the flesh is rich, buttery smooth and luscious. Its finger-licking deliciousness incomparable to other fruits that they referred the durian as “the king of fruits.”

But beyond its delectableness, durian boasts of a host of health-promoting goodness.

1.       Good for the skin (Vitamin C – 80%)

Vitamin C is an in important factor in making collagen, an important protein found in the skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It plays a vital role in wound healing, and every cup of durian contains 80% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin C.

2.       Aids in digestion (Thiamin – 61%)

Durian is brimming with thiamin, a B vitamin which promotes a normal appetite and helps produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach for proper digestion of food.

3.       Regulates blood sugar levels (Manganese – 39%)

It can aid in regulating blood sugar levels through the help of its rich manganese content.


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4.       Fights depression (Vitamin B6 – 38%)

It is packed with vitamin B6. Lack of vitamin B6 in the body may lead to depression. Studies have shown that depressed patients are low in vitamin B6, one of the nutrients essential in producing serotonin, a neorotransmitter chemical that affects mood.

5.       Avoids and relieves constipation (Fiber – 37%)

The king of fruits is rich in fiber, a complex carbohydrate which absorbs water and expands in the digestive tract to gently and effectively speed up the process of moving bulk through the system.

6.      Maintains healthy bones (Potassium – 30%)

It is also rich in potassium. When talk is about bone health, most would only focus on calcium. But potassium is also a key nutrient for healthy bones. It conserves calcium by preventing too much from being excreted in the urine.

7.       Combats migraine headaches (Riboflavin – 29%)

Are you suffering from migraine? Munching on durian might help ease the pain. Riboflavin is another B vitamin found in durian which helps and is used to treat migraine headaches.

8.       Helps maintain a healthy thyroid (Copper – 25%)

When it comes to thyroid health, iodine is probably the only nutrient that most people associate it with. The trace mineral copper also plays a role in thyroid metabolism, especially in hormone production and absorption. 

9.       Promotes healthy pregnancy (Folate – 22%)

Durian is also loaded with folate, one of the must-have nutrients for pregnant and planning to get pregnant women. Folate is essential for normal tissue growth and protect against brain and spine problems for the developing baby.

10.       Relaxes nerves and muscles (Magnesium -18%)

Prevent muscle cramps throught the help of durian which is a good source of magnesium, which acts as a chemical gate blocker in nerve cells. Over active nerve cells can result in over contraction of muscles.

Nutrient data source: USDA

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  1. Wow! I did’nt know that this fruits contain so much benefits. Excellent article.

  2. Very Brilliant Write

    Highly Informative stuff

  3. THanks for teaching me about a fruit I never heard of. I don’t think I ever saw one at the store……I’ll think about trying it.
    Thanks a lot for the post!

  4. We had it once had a heck of a time figuring out what to eat and how to eat it.. it was okay but I probably wont buy it again… I think the one we got was a bit old when we ate it too but really not sure.

  5. I was not aware of this fruit and its benefits. Thnx for the share.

  6. Very interesting and informative post, nice one kabayan!

  7. I think durian is unhealthy since it increases blood level, but now my mind is changed.

  8. good post

  9. very informative post, kabayan. Pero, hindi mo ako mapapakain nyan, di ko ma-take amoy..:) pwede Duriann candy na lang..LOL

  10. good post

  11. That’s good to know. I’m one of the few ones who enjoy Durian. I like to eat it fresh from the freezer. it’s creamy and buttery, almost like ice cream.

  12. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I just can’t stand it’s smell.Ü

  14. but wait guys or girls,,, be careful about obesity if u too much eat durian,,

  15. It can lead to high blood pressure and stroke!!!!
    Beware of eating too much durian dude…..

  16. i just love durian……………………..

  17. durian is wonderful,,first time i bought i smelled like hell..i hated it……then i decided to try again and bought the whole durian..was wonderfull..i think the trick with the smell,is not to buy a fully riped basically if it is little open then it probably wont smell strong……..nutrition wise its amazin

  18. Durian is a fruit of the tree. The name durian comes from the term Malay thought that is the word thorn given the suffix-an to be a durian. This word is mainly used to describe sharp barbed fruit skin.

    thank for information….

  19. all of your comment was correct about durian and i suggest buy durian candy because its the same in taste… the number one in DAVAO CITY!! DURIAN

  20. sorry..pero di ko talaga ma take kainin ang durian.

  21. OMG this is my favorite fruit, the king of fruits, durian is very tasty for the fans and very nasty for the haters

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