10 Health Benefits of Pomelo (Pummelo)

The nutrition facts and health benefits of pomelo, the largest member of the citrus family.

The pomelo (pummelo), also called Chinese grapefruit, jabong, lusho and shaddock, is the largest member of the citrus family. This grapefruit ancestor has a soft but very thick rind. It has light yellow to coral-pink flesh that can be juicy to slightly dry with a flavor that range from spicy-sweet to tangy and tart. The flesh can be eaten straight, added in salads and other food preparations where grapefruit goes well.

For every 1 cup (190 grams), here’s how healthy it is.

Vitamin C – 193% DV

1. Prevents UTI

Drinking lots of water and loading up on cranberry juice are two of the natural effective ways to help fight urinary tract infection. Pomelo, with its ultra high vitamin C content also help combat this common inflammation during pregnancy. Vitamin C is known to up the acidity level in the urine discouraging the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.

2. Promotes fast healing of wounds

If a loved one had surgery, shower her with vitamin C-rich fruits like pomelo and other citrus fruits. Vitamin C is a cofactor of enzymes involved in the formation of collagen, a protein which strengthens and makes skin elastic encouraging faster wound healing.

3. Good for the teeth and gums

Bleeding gums and loose teeth may be a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Collagen is not only essential in skin formation but also in building healthy teeth and gums.

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4. Guards against anemia

Scientific findings have shown that vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron in the body. That is why it is best to drink orange juice if you are taking iron supplements, or to eat broccoli or other vitamin C-rich vegetables with your meat so that both nutrients will be present in the intestines at the same time.

5. Wards off colds and flu

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients which play a very important part in stimulating the action of antibodies and immune cells which guard the body against invaders like bacteria and viruses that can cause respiratory problems.

Potassium – 12% DV

6. Regulates blood pressure levels

Another good reason to eat pomelo is because of its rich potassium content. It’s common knowledge that potassium helps lower blood pressure levels. Avocados, bananas and guavas are some of the fruits that are rich in this essential  mineral.

7. Boosts bone health

What does potassium have to do with bone health? Study participants have shown the significant link between dietary potassium intake and bone mineral density.

8. No leg cramps

If ever you experience leg cramps it may mean that you’re body is calling for more potassium, one of the minerals which play an essential role in muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Fiber – 8% DV

9. Perfect for constipation

Pomelo is also packed with fiber, a  must-have nutrient to help maintain regular bowel movements, prevent hemorrhoids and even colon cancer.

10. Aids in weight loss

Did you know that fiber is an ally for weight management? Experts believe that most high fiber foods stay in the stomach longer resulting in longer sensation of fullness; they also need more chewing time giving the body longer time to feel satisfied reducing the risk of too much eating.

Pomelo is also one of the few fruits which contain protein and calcium.

* Nutrient data source: USDA

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