Health Benefits of Camu-Camu

Camu-Camu is a super fruit with many health benefits that you simply have to try.

Camu-Camu is a tropical fruit native to the Amazon rainforests. And like many fruits coming out of the famed Brazilian/Peruvian rainforests, camu-camu has many health benefits. Counted among the emerging super fruits, camu-camu is a deep red or purple fruit that resembles the all-important and healthful berries of the Amazon.

Camu-Camu or myrciaria dubia as it is scientifically known, is a bush tree that grows wild along the river banks of the Amazon. Camu-Camu is harvested for its health benefits for local consumption in South America, as well as for export to Japan, a chief importer of camu-camu.

Although camu-camu is not a popular fruit in the US or Europe, it is slowly gaining popularity due to the newfound interest in tropical super fruits and alternative medicines. Camu-Camu benefit’s the health as it contains nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin C, niacin, phosphorous, leucine, serine, iron, flavanols, riboflavin, valene, thiamin and amino acids.

In fact, one of the health benefits of camu-camu is that it contains a large dose of Vitamin C, more than 50 times the Vitamin C found in oranges. Vitamin C has many health benefits to the body.

Other health benefits of camu-camu is that:

  1. camu-camu is an anti-depressant
  2. camu-camu is antiseptic
  3. camu-camu is good source of beta-carotene
  4. camu-camu improves circulation
  5. camu-camu lowers blood pressure
  6. camu-camu is a powerful antioxidant
  7. camu-camu is effective at treating colds
  8. camu-camu promotes mood balance and immune system
  9. camu-camu strengthens the immune system
  10. camu-camu supports health red and white blood cell formation

Camu-Camu and Cancer

The high Vitamin C content of camu-camu makes it powerful at preventing cancer. The US Department of Agriculture and the National Cancer Institute state that high Vitamin C consumption helps to prevent cancer associated with the colon, stomach, mouth, lung, esophagus and throat. So, eating camu-camu will lower your risk of developing different kinds of cancers.

The health benefits of camu-camu are great and wide ranging. Camu-camu is not popular in the Us, but because of its many health benefits, camu-camu is sold as a powdered supplement in drug stores. However, if you look around Latin and Asian supermarkets, you are bound to find camu-camu on the market stands and reap the rewards of its many health benefits. Please note that camu-camu should not be consumed during pregnancy and that you should talk to your doctor before supplementing your daily diet.

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  1. Excellent article!

  2. Never heard of it in Canada either, maybe at an ethnic food store?

  3. First heard of it in one of my favorite manga as one of the devil fruits: One Piece! *^_^*
    Never had the chance to taste it though. Great information! But why is it not suitable for pregnant women?

    Cheers xxx ebazaar

  4. It was faulty wording, I must say. I meant to say that pregnant women especially should be careful what they consume and that during pregnancy, women should especially talk to their doctors before supplementing their diets with new foods. Camu-Camu has not been known to cause any problems for pregnant women, nor does it have a stigma attached to it like pineapple juice, which has the legend of being able to induce early labors and cause abortions. This is not true; many doctors have dispelled this myth.

  5. Great article!
    Tammy, thanks for clarifying the myth on camu camu.
    How about wolfberry? Any truth to it being harmful to the
    unborn? Please elaborate if true or not. Thanks.

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