Health Benefits of Mung Beans (Munggo)

You think Mung Beans are not good for you? Read on and think again!

Mung beans are known for so many names. There’s the mungbean, mung, mongo, moog, mungo, monggo, green/golden gram, choroko and many others. I like eating mashed mung bean, sauteed with garlic, onions and tomate. It goes well with fried fish, and yes hot steamy rice!

Anyway, these beans are legumes that contain tremendous amounts of nutrients. They may come is 2 main forms – as beans or as bean sprouts. They may be eaten as the main dish, or made into noodles, or mixed with salads or even taken as desserts. No matter how you like these beans though, you will never be shortchanged of their nutritional contents.

Mung beans are high in fibre. They are low in saturated fat and sodium; and they contain zero cholesterol. They help increase our metabolic rates which help us digest fats faster. Not only that, a cup of mung beans consists of only about 30 calories. This much would already fill our cravings for an entire meal. Needless to say, these are great food components to those who are trying to lose weight. 

Mung are also anti-cancer foods which help strengthen our immune system. They help protect our bodies against free radicals. They help promote cell growth, as well. They are also good sources of folate (folic acid) which make it good food for pregrant women to take.

Since Mung beans have no cholesterol content or any saturated fats, eating them would help reduce the risk of getting heart diseases. For the same reason, it’s also good food for diabetics.

Mung is also rich in Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant that lowers the risk of coronary heart ailments, such as stroke. The potassium content of mung beans may also help control the rise of one’s blood pressure. They are also rich in Vitamin B which helps our nervous system to function accordingly.

Aside from our hearts, mung beans are also good for the other organs in our bodies, such as our kidneys. Remember, they have very low sodium content, nearly none in fact.
Mung beans are truly one of nature’s wonder agent. You’ll be surprised what other nutrients may be derived from this food. Have you tried them yet?

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  26. Well discussed but if you are referring to whole green gram then there is a whole lot of people who cannot digest it. Sprouted green grams cause acidity and acid indigestion to many. So, every one has to test it carefully before trying to get its benefits.

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