Natural Herbs and Foods to Help Upset Stomach

Skip the trip to the drugstore when you have a stomachache, and look in your cupboard instead for these foods and drinks.

Stomachache is a discomfort in the upper abdomen, which includes all or some of these symptoms: constipation, gas, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, cramps, and vomiting.

We all have upset stomach at one time or another, so instead of running to the drugstore, look into your cupboard for these natural foods and teas to settle down that uneasy feeling.

Foods That Soothe Your Stomach

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The following foods are good for when your stomach is unsettled. Whether you feel bloated, heavy, nausea, vomiting, or have diarrhea, remember these foods to reduce that uncomfortable feelings.

  • Oatmeal

    Oats contains a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber reduces cholesterol, and insoluble fiber helps relieve constipation. Oatmeal has many other benefits such as fighting cancer, reduce weight, and slow down blood sugar level.

  • Chicken Broth

    If you experience nausea, and diarrhea, make sure to restore your body with homemade chicken broth. It is light, nutritious, and easy on the digestive system. Stay with clear liquid such as chicken broth, and flat ginger ale when your stomach is uneasy.

  • Chicken Rice Soup

    Chicken rice soup usually does the job on settling down upset stomach, or nervous stomach. Add a few slices of fresh ginger pieces in your soup to ease with diarrhea or vomiting.

  • Canned Peaches/Apricots

    If you have stomach cramps, try canned peaches, or apricots, or pears since it is easier for the stomach to digest. Canned fruits are packed with vitamins, and are high in carotenes, which provide antioxidants that protect the body’s cells.

  • Applesauce

    Sprinkle some cinnamon in a small cup of apple sauce will ease upset stomach, and nourish your body.

Sooth Your Stomach with Teas

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Chamomile, ginger, and peppermint teas are wonderful for upset stomach, because these three herbs contain plant sterols, and other ingredients that are effective for easing stomach issues.

  • Chamomile

    Chamomile has some antioxidants and antimicrobial activities. When drinking as tea, chamomile can ease stomach cramps, muscle spasm, menstrual problem, and indigestion. Avoid chamomile if you’re allergic to ragweed.

  • Ginger

    Ginger tea is proven to relieve motion sickness better than Dramamine. It is a natural supplement that can also help relieve anxiety, lower high blood pressure, soothe migraine, relief arthritis pain, and lower cholesterol level.

  • Peppermint

    Peppermint has been proven to help alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, digestive distress, relief symptom of asthma and allergy. In Europe, peppermint oil capsules are standard treatment for IBS.

Next time your stomach acts up, try these natural foods and herbs to sooth that uncomfortable feelings.

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  1. great article Icy! I can’t su it right now..i’m at when i get home i will…if my internet’s up!

  2. very informative article, icy. I love reading these types of articles bc my stomach doesn’t like me most of the time :( but i have been finding that even slight changes in my diet have been really helping.

  3. Wonderful, Icy! I take ginger tea. I will try peppermint and chamomile too.

  4. If more people used healthy food and herbs instead of drugs then people would have far less illnesses.

  5. Fantastic article! These are simple remedies that work.

  6. Icy, I love these remedies, and you are so right. Mother Nature has the answer.

  7. Icy, this is such a well researched and informative article. Thanks.

  8. Wonderful article Icy! You are right on, all great answers to some frequent ailments.

  9. I will keep this list for the next time my digestive system gives me some grief, great article!

  10. This is such a wonderful article. And yes, you’re right, more of us should at least try a natural remedy first before opting for drugs as a cure all.

  11. Thanks, Icy. I’ll have to try some of these.

  12. Great job, Icy! These tips will be really helpful.

  13. Useful tips, thanks.

  14. Chamomile tea is perfect for upset stomach. It’s the only thing I can drink when I have the flu.

  15. Interesting read Icy. Oatmeal gives me the worst diarrhea i have ever experienced. i started to eat it as part of a healthy diet – the outcome was me having to be close to a restroom 7 hours after consumption. i had some very bad experiences and embarassing moments. i have mild crohn’s disease and wonder if that has anything to do with it??

  16. man, apple sauce really eases the pain when it comes to upset stomach. after I ate it, i thought i was going to to throw up, but I just burped a few times and it was all better!

  17. Very informative, thank you!!

  18. OK,what also helps me is sprite or 7-up. If you are puky Then take a bath and just relax

  19. I have had morning sickness for 7 weeks now and PEACHES really help settle my stomach. And I mean immediately!
    Crackers, Ginger ale, sprite, etc… just make me throw up more.
    I also eat apple butter on toast which helps; I would much prefer apple sauce, but we don’t have any in the house. :-(
    I think everyone should be able to find something on this list that will work for them!

  20. Good article. However, I read that peppermint creates gas and was advised to use spearmint or wintergreen instead.
    Also—Cinnamon is ok? Seems like it upsets the stomach.

  21. you are all wonderfull young people doing things my gen never could do–keep up the networking

  22. Icy, I’m back for another look. Good tips. Thanks!

  23. ideally perfect health tips for all human beings for the sub continents nicely compiled grd job=========

  24. A little late but always helpful:
    Fresh Ginger Chai
    This is an alternative to just getting Ginger Teabag, and doesn\’t take much effort at all. And it\’s much more FRESH.
    If you can get your hands on fresh ginger, found in supermarkets, then grab a chunk.
    -Splice/dice/chop a small piece of it – about a centimeter\’s worth. If you want you can crush it or leave as is.
    -Throw it in a pan, and boil it with water. About 4-5 \”slices\” for a cup\’s worth of water.
    -Boil it.
    -Strain it.
    -Drink it.

    If you want, put some milk in it as well – I use skim because whole milk seems too heavy if I keep drinking this all day. I boil the milk along with it, (watching for it to not bubble over) because the ginger mixes in better.

    It\’s helpful for a sore or tired throat as well.

  25. if you have irritable bowel pears, apples and peaches may not help your stomach-however i recognize that if you just have an upset stomach i\’m open to the possiblity. i have irritable bowel syndrome and those things do not help. i read someones comment about oatmeal making them worse-my docter told me that for irritable bowel symdrome some people benefit from a high fiber diet and some don\’t. so maybe the oatmeal is giving you a high fiber diet and that is not working for you. but i\’m not a docter so don\’t want to say that you are definatly suffering from IBS. The suggestion of ginger, pepperment and chamomile tea i have found to be helpful however. it can help to boil ginger root chopped up in water for a period of time and then remove the ginger and drink the water. i have done this and found it beneficial. thanks for reading.

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