The Amazing Health Benefits of Sardines

Have you discovered the health benefits of sardines? Here’s why they’re considered to be one of the healthiest fish around.

You’re probably already well versed as to the health benefits of eating fish but one nutritious little fish that’s often forgotten is the sardine. Relegated to flat metal cans with peel off tops, this unassuming little fish named after the island of Sardinia is surprisingly nutritious. They’re also so convenient to eat. No preparation required. Simply peel off the thin metal top and enjoy. What are the health benefits of sardines?

Probably the greatest nutritional value of sardines resides in their high concentration of omega-3-fatty acids. Omega 3’s have been shown to reduce triglyceride levels and play a role in preventing dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities. They also have an anti-inflammatory activity. Sardines are considered to be one of the best sources of omega 3’s around, surpassed by only a few other fish such as Salmon.

The advantage of getting omega 3’s from sardines rather than larger fish such as the salmon is that the smaller size of sardines makes them less likely to have accumulated toxins such as mercury, dioxane and PCB. Generally, the highest levels of these toxins are seen in larger fish such as the tuna. One of the many health benefits of sardines is that you can get your omega 3’s naturally from them with minimal exposure to potentially dangerous toxins.

Another important health benefit of sardines is that they’re a naturally good source of vitamin D. As you may already know, few foods are high in vitamin D, but sardines are one of them. Most Americans don’t get enough vitamin D on a daily basis and data from the latest studies has repeatedly shown the importance of vitamin D in the prevention of certain diseases.

Among the other health benefits of sardines is that this little fish is high in calcium which can work with the vitamin D to help promote stronger bones. The nutritional value of sardines is hard to beat if you’re into “clean eating”. With 37 grams of protein and zero carbs per serving, it’s a low carbohydrate dieter’s dream food. The high protein content of sardines helps to promote satiety and the lack of carbs helps to keep blood sugars stable.

When you purchase sardines, look for ones that are packed in water, mustard, or tomato sauce as opposed to oil. The oil can add significantly to the calorie and fat content. Sardines packed in water tend to taste and smell less fishy than ones packed in other liquids. There are a variety of ways to eat sardines such as creating a sardine salad, on pasta, in a sandwich spread, or eating them straight out of the can. An internet search will yield lots of salmon recipes for inspiration.

The health benefits of sardines make them a worthy addition to your diet. Why not give them a try?

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  1. Yes it’s true. Fish food is the best even for the skin because of its natural oils. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten sardines.

  2. What’s the point in informing people that sardines are high in vitamin D, then advise them to buy cans packed in water??? Vitamin D is fat soluble.
    Buy the ones packaged in sardine oil – much higher concentration of vitamins and omega-3.

  3. I eat them frequently and recommend trying steak sauce, or spicy honey mustard to them to make them taste better or change the taste of them. The choices are limitless.

  4. In Spain, we have sardines packed in water and lemon. It gives the sardines a less intense, much more palatable taste. I recommend putting a can on salad, a great combination for good digestion.

  5. I love sardines I had them with cheerios ( dry ) for breakfast

  6. Sardines from the Pacific have more Vitamine D than sardines from the Atlanic. Do any companies specify where their sardines were caught?

  7. I eat sardines on crackers, wheat-thins, and the like (although melba toast is my favourite) and top them with black pepper and hot sauce. Delicious.

  8. I enjoy sardines two to three times a week. I usually have them with white or brown rice, lemon and chilly. Yum! I don\’t mind them on toast either. I notice a difference in my skin overnight. It appears more supple and clear.

  9. Some interesting points:

    - The japanese are brutal, lying savages commiting crimes on the high seas
    - They dump tons of whale offal and refuel illegally
    - They force feed mecury ridden dolphion and whale meat to their own children
    - They are great at propaganda, up there with hitler if you ask me
    - a WW2 style effort is required because diplomacy won’t stop a damn thing
    - They have huge stockpiles of unwanted meat in the deep freeze that they can’t give away
    - Security ships now with weapons? come on. Whats next? gun fire (oh wait we had that didnt we?)
    - the financial cost of this ‘research’ must be enormous. How can they afford it with so many domestic issues…
    - 9000 whales killed over 22 years for research with nothing to show for it? Gosh

  10. …then again, on average, most Japanese live longer than americans… what does that tell you about their diet? Is it the mercury ridden dophin and whale meat that’s giving them those long live spans?

    lee, your comments sound like great propaganda as well… did you practice with “the japanese”?

  11. Take it for what it is worth.

    I pour off the liquid in the sardines I use and replace it (on my salad) with a light coating of extra virgin olive oil that I purchase separately as I feel the quality of the oil I buy is of superior quality than is used in the canning process.

    Do I have concrete evidence of this, No. Am I going to pursue it, no, I have more important things to do. Just a quirk of mine.

  12. I am vitamin D deficient and may also be B12 deficient as well, since I eat a mostly vegetarian diet and I am not over weight. Just found out I am pre-diabetic and all the research I’ve done this last week says sardines are mega-sources of B12 and vitamin D. So guess what I will be eating every day now! I was told to lose a few pounds to help reverse the the pre-diabetes, so will continue to buy sardines in water. I can take them to work and eat them drained, right out of the can, for lunch. YUM!!

  13. Who gives a rat’s ass about the japanese? So SHUT up you muslim!!!

  14. Shut up you muslim? lol. Has anyone referred to ethnicity or religion here? Id have to say its sad that your name is ArmySolider and your making a reference to muslims in a derogatory manner. Hey let me take it further. Thats America for yah lol. Pathetic. How has a thread about Sardines come to this? lol. Anyhow yes Sardines are delicious and very beneficial to your health. I take cod liver oil capsules everyday, which contain Omega-3s, and this week alone I had 3 cans of sardines. I was always told to listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs or wants.

  15. i dont liek americans bunch of idiots by the way i love sardines

  16. I second that a person should listen to their body for nutrition. I have always condoned this way of eatting, and it makes sense that my heritage is of the Greek/Italian/Norwegian kind. For about the past 10 years, i have been a vegetarian, and for the past 2 i’ve been a vegan. While i felt wonderful, and never craved red meats, i’d crave the fish i grew up on. On recent visit to my dentist, he noticed a few little cavities at the back of my mouth, and as the years have passed, my teeth have become more and more sensitive. I’ve done my research and have come to the conclusion that i had ignored my body for such a long time that it was steadily stealing phosphorous and calcium from my teeth. Needless to say, i have re-introduced fish into my diet and am feeling wonderful from inside out.
    Also, i am disheartened that we americans have attained such a reputation though, unfortunately, i understand why. What purpose does it serve to make insults in a public forum where the thread wasn’t even remotely concerning race, or creed?

  17. The writer is a doctor, she knows the best and all the most nutritious food that exists. It’s time for you all to permanently change and scout for canned sardines beginning this very day for immunity’s sake. That is if you want to live longer to be exact.

  18. no wonder when we rested after working straight for 3 hours under the blazing Saudi sun, we feel recharge after having a snack of baguette and a can of portuguese style sardines which the french doctors have chosen for us to eat. its so nutritious.

  19. Yum. just had a sardine and pickle sandwich on toasted rye toast. It was so delicious and my baby loves it. I am pregnant week #17.My skin glistens, i smile alot. I feel amazing… eat well kids…. everyone out there is getting really fat. Eat well.

  20. salad with tuna: tasty. lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, red and green peppers,sprinkled with salt and pepper, and olive oil with cheese and Portuguese canned sardines: yummy, healthy and delicious!

  21. where in this article does it say anything about whales, americans or muslims… find something else to do with your time. muslims and americans are people who just want the same out of life as everyone else. if the japanese whaling practices bother you, take it up with them

  22. i dont like smelly muslims but i love smelly sardines.

  23. Moroccan sardines are the best. There is a company that sells them canned in tomato sauce. You can find these at Korean grocery stores like H-Mart. These are much cheaper than canned sardines at whole foods or other stores and they taste much better too!

    As far as Japanese whaling, it is not a national interest of Japan. It is the interest of smaller communities who are over represented in the parliament. In fact in the years I spent in Tokyo and Osaka I never met anybody who admitted to eating or wanting to eat dolphin or whale meat. But- the hunting is a terrible practice that should stop immediately, the meat should not be fed to school children and the big companies like Mitsubishi should not be stockpiling/hoarding tuna.

    Luckily for us, sardines fishing is low impact so we can enjoy our healthy living by eating sardines. I do wonder if the cans have BPA linings. I hope not because that could compromise the benefits.

  24. What’s the difference between eating whales, sharks, tunas and sardines? All of them are living creatures. Although a whale is not a fish, what is probably wrong with hunting, killing and eating them? (ok, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan I see your point).
    I have killed animals and have eaten them. I do not see the moral difference between killing sharks, dolphins, whales on one side and killing tuna, sardines, cows and sheep on the other side if you kill them for the food and use all of them (and not just the fins i.e.).

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