The Benefits of Caffeine

A positive look at Caffeine .

People should stop looking at caffeine as a bad drug and realize caffeine’s benefits outweigh its downfalls. Ninety percent of people across the world have drunk caffeine for its stimulating effects. Caffeine is used in many medications and even has many benefits for just daily consumption as well. Caffeine isn’t a terrible thing that we should quit taking, and start buying all caffeine free pop for our children. Caffeine by itself has many advantages for people and also for the medical field too.

The physical and mental advantages of caffeine outweigh the disadvantages. If a person consumes a moderate consumption of caffeine then they will actually benefit from that. “Caffeine is classified as a stimulant because it increases the activity of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, and provides a sense of alertness in the brain.” Sandra M. Alters“Scientists know that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, resulting in increased alertness and mood elevation.”Caffeine has been proven to increase work capacity, stimulate respiration, and perform Intellectual tasks more easily. Caffeine greatly increases the metabolic processes used in everyday activity, resulting in an increase in breathing rates. Caffeine can also raise some persons body temperature due to the increase in blood flow and muscle activity. Caffeine shortens reaction time and within minutes of consumption cause the drinker to feel more alert. “Research has shown that caffeine can improve endurance at levels of 3-6mg/kg.” Ramond, Goldberg Caffeine must give you a good enough performance enhancement to have the Olympics test for it when testing their athletes before events. Other positive effects of caffeine are that it elevates moods and temporarily reduces fatigue.

Caffeine has many prescription and over the counter medical benefits. When infants are born premature and have weak lungs they prescribe caffeine, because of its bronchodilator effect of opening the airways in their lungs. Caffeine acts as a pain killer and is often contained in headache medicine. When caffeine is combined with headache medicine like ibuprofen, it brings faster and longer relief from headaches. Caffeine increases the acidity in your stomach, which helps speed up the absorption of pain medications. “Caffeine’s effect on blood vessels around the brains important in medicines that reduces pain from tension headaches because it constricts both the inner and outer vessels.” Caffeine is also used in sleep medications like nodoz to keep you awake and more alert, because it delays the time it takes for the consumer to fall asleep. Caffeine blocks adenosines from binding with a receptor that tells your body that you are tired. Adenosine is a purine that is important in human genetics and cell function. Caffeine is also used in certain weight loss medications because of its metabolic effects. “Fatty acids are released into the blood, and a general increase in metabolism is evident as there is increased muscle activity, and calcium is made available through caffeine’s action in the muscles for contraction.”

Caffeine doesn’t have a bad effect on children or mental disorders. Researchers have done studies and concluded that caffeine isn’t associated with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. Most people would think that children shouldn’t have caffeine and that it would be bad for them, but it’s not like that at all. Children are no more sensitive to caffeine than adults are. Children actually rid their bodies of caffeine faster than adults do. Caffeine is equally effective on adults as children, and children are no more sensitive to caffeine than adults.

Caffeine has been consumed and used for as far back as the stone age, and is consumed by nine out of ten people all across the world every day. The misconception is that caffeine is a health hazard and should be monitored in our daily diet but actually what we should watch are the foods and drinks we consume that contain caffeine.

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  1. I don’t understand who would believe this nonsense… i’m doing a project, and what i have to say is that the risks outweigh the benefits a whole lot…

  2. your right ,
    great job gordy
    this is bull

  3. This is such a bunch of bunk…

    Let’s all consider Nodoz a vitamin now. Sure it sounds safe to block the receptor in my brain trying to tell me to get some rest while I’m behind the wheel of a Semi.

    I see no risk that my every day consumption of caffeine is messing with the natural blood flow around my brain.

    There’s no REAL issue with children drinking caffeine… just because their urine release 25% extra calcium when consuming caffeine, that doesn’t mean it’s bad for them… it only means they’ll be short.

    Who cares if the overstimulation of caffeine causes me to ‘crash’ resulting in depressive symptoms. I was too happy any from all that Red Bull.

    I can’t wait for this writer to post another editorial (since this was so scientifically backed with proof) sugar has more benefits than risks.

  4. “Who cares if the overstimulation of caffeine causes me to ‘crash’ resulting in depressive symptoms. I was too happy any from all that Red Bull.”

    did u really read the article ????

    “The misconception is that caffeine is a health hazard and should be monitored in our daily diet but actually what we should watch are the foods and drinks we consume that contain caffeine.”

    U said so .. u drank Red Bull .. not a Coffe cup .. there is a diference .. is not the caffeine by itself.

  5. caffeine raises Systolic BP and Mass Arterial Pressure. It is NOT for the many people with BP or Arterial problems. Caffeine also raises stress hormones. It also happens to be an addictive stimulant. Caffeiine is great for occasional small doses for those healthy enough to enjoy the stimulant effects. Your fluff article on a drug like caffeine is irresponsible!

  6. Ok So im like doin a research paper on caffeine and it effects and with most of yall sayin this info is bulll so should i not use this as info for my paper? :d

  7. what about the caffeine found in colanuts, we Africans use it as medicine. who knows about that?

  8. I am doing a report of caffeine and I want to ask you, do you happen to work for a coffee company? You have only listed good points about caffeine, and not the bad points e.g. its addictive and could lead to hospitalisation and death. To be fair, your info is accurate, but you have a reckless attitude towards caffeine. Im not saying don’t drink coffee (like im doing now)but be aware of the dangers.

  9. caffeine, i would say is relevant for man because its stimulates the entire body which is good for mans activity.

  10. what people are saying that caffeine is so bad, it may be true, but it’s really not that bad when you put it into reasonable terms. Granted caffeine can have it’s bad side effects but it most likely wont cause depression if you don’t drink too much. Granted it can cause hospitalization and death, but its very unlikely to do so unless you overdose on it, and to do that you would have to take atleast 5000 mgs. orally or 3000 mgs. intravenously. Overall if you do take it, take it within the recommended dosages and you will be fine.

  11. Caffeine is bad for you if you drink to much of it thats what you guys don\’t get, Its all about moderation. Like drinking a cup of green tea that has 20mg of caffeine. I have asthma and it does help me breath better. They even said in the article a moderate dose.

  12. The whole thing said in moderation! He didn’t say, replace the 8 cups of water you drink with coffee, while snorting caffeine powder up your nose.. (Which really gives a good kick by the way..)

  13. you all need a life instead of aguing about coffee who really has the time to drink that much coffee to die and even if they did they would get sick of the taste and go to something else jeez get a life everyone

  14. and the person who wrote this article titled it the BENIFITS of caffeine not benifits and negitives and its easy to judge. . . wheres all your perfect aticles lay off him…

  15. caffiene is a powerful stimulant which make u feel active.

  16. seriously guys, caffeine is a good stimulant that isn’t addictive unless you overdose on it. I take a pill that has 300 mgs in it every mourning after breakfast and I am good for the whole day with only a small crash before lunch because my stomach gets empty of the breakfast; after lunch, I am back to my awake energized self.

  17. Obviously coffee is not for children or growing adolescence but who can say that a 6′3″ 20 year old male who receives plenty of calcium and has a healthy diet will suffer from coffee. Have any of you doubters ever been to college? If you had you would certainly have experienced the benefits of coffee. The “stress hormones” released make you a smarter, more motivated person. I think if coffee causes you to be depressed, then it is probably because you are a depressed person who drank coffee. If you drink so much coffee that you do not sleep then you will not be healthy. If you drink six gallons of water, you will also not be healthy (moderation).

  18. Now I am confused with that phrase at the end “we should watch are the foods and the drinks we consume that contain caffeine.” if it benefit your health we we should take care with it…?

  19. Not a doc here, but what a lot of people might mis-read deals with the moderation. As a number of folks have stated already, they’re not saying to consume large quantities of caffeinated products each day. There are a number of foods and drinks that contain caffeine, and it’s the amount of these items that should be watched out for. The article stated 3-6 mg/kg of body weight, which roughly means that, for me at 165 lbs/~75 kg, I should consume between 225 & 450 mg of caffeine each day. (By the way, I think the numbers are something like 60-80 mg/cup of coffee, which means only about 3-4 cups at the low end, for you coffee drinkers.)

    This is also dependent on the person. If someone is ‘caffeine sensitive’, I believe that they should start (given my numbers) around the 200 mg/day, and intake that no later than about 3 pm. Under normal cycles (6 am wake-up and 10 pm bed), this means the consumer has 7 hours to cycle the caffeine through themselves, with a ‘crash’ right about bedtime anyway. (This is not to say that there is a need to ‘crash’ at the end of the day, but timing is more convenient.

    All just a thought from a guy who’s going to need closer to 450 mg/day for the next few weeks… ;)

  20. i totaly aggre with this person i have driking 3 or those enormise rockstars and im just fine

  21. Quite an irresponsible article!

    You should know, coffee from coffee beans does not only contain caffeine. It also contains other antioxidant properties which I agree beneficial to our body.

    But the caffeine per se is the bad chemical in coffee which every company who’s product making a lot of profit for them contains caffeine telling us these chemical is good.

    Caffeine is a BAD CHEMICAL!


    It is a vasoconstrictor, depriving blood supply to our brain. The blood which carries not only life giving oxygen but also carries all the nutrients needed for braincell repair.

    Constriction of blood vessels results to increases blood pressures and pressures to your vessels will cause your vessels to BURST resulting to stroke.

    Less oxygen to your brain causes your brain cell to die early. Not enough nutrients to help the CELL repair definitely later on you will have all kinds of brain disease.

    CAFFEINE IS a Stress Chemical!

    It triggers your ADRENAL GLANDS to produce Adrenalin Hormones. A chemical your body produce during intense STRESS! You know what I mean!

    So everytime you take anything with caffeine whether cola, medicines or watchamacalit, you subject your body to intense stress!


    in any amount practically caffeine has nothing good to offer like COCAINE. it is even used as pestIcide.

    Would you still cONSIDER caffeine good for you!


  22. There are medical benefits to caffeine, it literally saved my sons life. I have a son who was born at 27 weeks gestation. He had to be on caffeine for two months to help keep his heart rate steady. If he wouldn’t have had the presciption caffeine then he wouldn’t be here today. He is now a health 4 month old boy!!! But there is a difference in caffeine in soda and the medical caffeine.

  23. Totally right, Nesty.

    I consumed caffeine in one form or another for decades. When I finally looked into it and managed to get off the stuff, I felt so much better. Yeah, it\’s anecdotal and, yeah, it\’s just one guy … but I tell anyone who\’s interested that you have NO idea just how much caffeine-induced stress you have in you until you quit ingesting that stuff. It really is a way to stress your body in many, many ways. You\’ll wear out your adrenals by using caffeine and there are a multitude of other bad effects on the body that are caused by caffeine. You may doubt it, but isn\’t at least worth a try? Get off the stuff and stay off it for 2-3 months. You\’ll be amazed at the difference.

  24. I would have to agree with the majority of posters here, Caffeine\’s benefits outweigh the negatives by far. I use caffeine before my heavy lifting routines and I\’ve had outstanding performance gains. Just like anything, too much can be a bad thing. I personally like energy shots over coffee, such as Eternal Energy shot (kind of like a 5 hour energy or Stacker, but better imo) and the like. But each to his own.

    I\’d like to see somebody do studies that link caffeine to being a bad thing. Just think about how many people consume it on a daily basis throughout the entire world. If it was proven to be some death wish I\’m sure somebody would have research backing it up, but as it is there are more studies that correlate benefits than there are negatives.

    - Jared

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