Top 10 Deadliest Foods

For your health, avoid these foods.

Rubbish or junk foods do not provide our body with the essential nutrients, but harm our health as well as weakened our immune system. I won’t explain further on this topic as it has written brilliantly by a Triond’s writer, Judy Sheldon on her article entitled The Top Foods to Avoid. Below are 10 types of deadliest foods that will put you in a critical health problem.

Grilled or Roasted Foods

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This type of food contains very high proportion of “Triphenyl Sibing topiramate”, a carcinogenic substance that causes cancer. This chemical substance is found in the barbecue, grilled or roasted meats. When this chemical compound comes to contact with the stomach, and the gastric mucosa, the possibility of getting gastric cancer is always very high.

While in the process of grilling or roasting food, many processing environmental conditions are always unfavorable, as the meats might have contaminated with bacteria, parasites or might even uncooked thoroughly during the entire food handling process. A roasted meat is equivalent to the toxin of as much as 60 cigarettes.

Frozen Dessert Products

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Scientist has confirmed that these frozen dessert products which include ice cream, have very high content of sugar but less nutritional value. Excessive intake of these foods may lead to obesity, and diabetes, and in some cases they may also indulge the existing health problem. Therefore, these foods should not be at the dining table for the proper meal.

Junk Food

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Junk foods contain substantial amount of nitrite, salt, food coloring, stabilizer, and food additive which can harm our health. The long-term intake of junk foods may indulge hypertension.

Canned Foods

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Canned foods here refer to any fruits, meats, and vegetables that were canned to preserve their longer storage. These canned foods not only low in nutrients, but also contain high calories. Furthermore, the aluminium which is used to make a can is easily contaminated when exposed to the surrounding air. Also, while in the process of canning, many nutritional value of the food was destroyed. People who get accustomed with the canned products are more likely to have high proportion of Alzheimer’s disease developed.

Instant Foods

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Instant foods contain very high content of salt, coloring and food additive. That means instant foods have only high calorie but no nutritional value at all. As they are lack of trace elements and essential vitamins and minerals, the intake of the instant foods may lead to nutritional deficiency. The prolong intake of these foods may cause cancer, obesity, hypertension and other underlying diseases.

Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks contain lots of phosphate, carbonate which will lead to the loss of calcium from our body. The more the soft drinks are taken, the more calcium will be taken out from our bone.

Processed Meats

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Processed meats are rubbish to our body. The more you dump these processed foods in your body, the more weakened your body will be. These processed meats have large amount of sodium add-in during the food handling process and thus they will cause or indulge hypertension. Besides that, the high content of sodium found in the meats will increase the workload of the kidneys. The more you eat these meats, the shorter the life span of your kidneys will be, which finally wearing off within your unexpected age.

Deep-Fried Foods

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These foods have been identified as the culprit of the cardiovascular disease as they contain substantial amount of carcinogenic substances. Acrylamide is one of the chemical substances found in the deep-frying foods. This chemical substance is also found in the vehicular emission and potato chips. Another harmful compound is alum, which can impair memory, brain and nerve cells, besides causing irritability and depression once it is absorbed into our body.

Pickled Foods

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Pickled foods have abundant carcinorgenic compounds which cause cancer. These foods might be contaminated with the microbes during the food handling process. The intake of these foods may cause oral ulcer, nasopharyngitis, hypertension and they are found to be harmful to the stomach.

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  1. what can you eat then?

  2. Interesting and very informative. I am familiar with all of these from Culinary school.

  3. Agh! Not my pickles! I love pickles…

  4. Chan, thank you for a very informative article. Your article points to the fact that natural foods are healthier. We need to return to the foods are grandparents ate.

    Did your research indicate whether homemade pickles were also unhealthy? If it did not, do not concern yourself because I have a source I can inquire at.

  5. I thought canned was good for you, as frozen is, because it has more of the nutrients in it. ? And what if the grilled food isn’t burned? I have read that before about grilled, but I think it’s better than frying. We grill a lot.

  6. Uh oh, I am in trouble! BBQ is a food group here in Texas! You don’t go to a meeting or seminar that doesn’t serve BBQ or Fajita’s. Great article! Thanks for the info!

  7. Chang Lee Pen, thanks for the article. It is very enlightening. I hope you don’t mind me adding you as a friend, because you must have a great load of work keeping up with reading.

  8. Thank God! the list didn’t include home-made pickles. I love pickles and can’t eat without them.

  9. Great article, Chan..

  10. Our helth dependes on what we eat, thank you Chan Lee for the excelent tips, my applauses to your research

  11. i am zeta ben 10 thanks nowi will avoid it

  12. it seems like a privilege to be able to eat healthy. unfortunately for most of the world.

  13. thank you for sharing what you know..,its a great privilege to you..,,,you help people who dont know how they can protect themselves from any food that can harm their nutrition…thank you again…may you share more knowledge to us…

  14. its a great help to us…………………………………………………………….hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. A poster said return to what our grandparents ate. That’s a great idea, oh but what to do about the vegetarians (no meat) vegans (no dairy) and all the rest of the health nutcases that have infested a once sane world.

    Illegal drugs, sex anywhere, with all and sundry, but woebetide if you smoke, drink, eat unhealthily then you’re deemed a non-entity worthy of constant abuse from the health fascists.

    The vast majority want to be left alone to get on with their lives, without constant interference by the health fascists with mostly junk science. These people haven’t got the courage to take on the big people, pharmacuetical companies etc., (Big Pharma actually fund many of the activists) so concentrate on us little people by lobbying the useless, greedy, corrupt government.

    With the rate it’s going on what we can and can’t do we might just as well lay down and die, because life is fast becoming controlled by a very small minority.

    Gullible sheeple doesn’t cover it for many.

    How can so few cause so much damage to the many.

  16. First of all, i thought grilled foods were good for you. I mean, im a healthy eater but what’s a satisfying and healthy way to eat then? Bc i saw every single food group in that top ten list!

  17. Totally correct, the benefits of grilled, baked & boiled has been drummed into people for years by those that think they know best, now it seems they knew nothing., and still don’t.

    The health fascists would do better to make a list of what we can eat, they’d be able to print it on a stamp, with room to spare.

    The best advice ever given was ‘whatever you fancy, in moderation’. Now it’s only eatwhatever the health fascists deem healthy or they’re going to call for bans.

    Every food in the top ten list – God forbid they print the top hundred, we’d be existing on lentils, grass roots & nuts.

    I’ll do what I’ve always done, eat what I like, in moderation, and totally ignore the ever increasing interference of the health activists.

    Please won’t someone save us from these people, they’re absolute menaces, only out to further their own agenda and feather their own nests.

  18. these bad cuz so many people love these foods………..
    holla holla at u diease

  19. I only counted 9,,,

  20. I know im guilty of splurging on many of the forbidden items here and the forbidden grains fruits and veggies from the other article so basically you can eat a concoction of sterilized whey protein, gluten, mixed with pasteurized homogenized skim milk substitute into a gruel which I now sell on ebay and amazon ;)

    Grow your own stuff or go organic and wash yer fruits n veggies.

    Live happy and thankful for enough good food to eat.

    get back to basics. Grains, Meat, Veg. Simple dinner. BAM!

    Most of all start cooking yourselves people and rely less on processed foods with chemicals. Its not hard. How many cooking channels do you need?

    By the way, BBQ and roasting are NOT as bad as you say Unless you like chompin on the black bits. We cant ALL boil our meat like the Chinese, Pal.

  21. how come its only nine? you post it ten deadliest foods

  22. foods that are not here, you can eat

  23. you have soft drinks/soda pop listed but what about alcoholic and caffeine based drinks?

    its easier to list it like this…

    no animal or animal by-product (except fish 1 or 2 times a week, baked or steamed only)
    no refined sugars and carbohydrates
    no salt
    no alcohol
    no caffeine
    no processed foods
    no frozen foods
    no deep fried foods

    but all foods/liquids are bad for you or we’d all live forever! so choose for yourself…

  24. “A carcinogenic substance that causes cancer” That’s really smart.

  25. Very good article Chan.

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