Exercise at Home From Head to Toe

If you cannot go out to jog every day, try doing some simple exercises at home. Stretch your body from head to toe with 25 exercises for good health.

We all know that exercises are good to health. However, many people fail in taking 20 minutes every day to do some exercises. Lack of time is the most critical excuse for the failure. If we take a look at what we can do, the simplest exercises can be done at home without the need of equipment. Naked if you like. Spend some time on each exercise to stretch your body well from head to toe.

(Push-up, image from Wikipedia)

1. Move your head up and down, left to right.

2. Roll your head in circle to stretch your neck.

3. Roll your eyes up and down, left to right, and in circle.

4. Arms straight, move them up and down, palms closed at the top.

5. Arms straight, move them forward and backward with palms closed every time.

6. Stretch out your arms straight and bend the forearms inwards 90 degrees.

7. Bend your wrists 90 degrees.

8. Hold your fists and draw circles to roll your wrists.

9. Bend your arms with the two fists closed, parallel to the chest and form a triangle. Move the bent arms side-ward, back and forth.

10. Place your bent arms at the back, right one on the top, left one at the bottom, with fingers closed.

11. Legs straight. Bend your waist at least 90 degrees, or if possible let your arms can touch your toes.

12. Bend your waist left and right, and also backward a little bit.

13. Roll your waist in circle.

14. Stand on one leg and lift the other knee at 90 degrees.

15. Stand on one leg and kick the other one upward and backward, side-ward as well.

16. Stand on one leg, bend the other one and have the arm held the foot at the back.

17. Sit on one leg and stretch the other leg straight.

18. Sit like a frog and stand up.

19. Move your ankle up and down and draw circle with the foot.

20. Stand with your toes and back to the whole foot.

21. Push-up.

22. Sit-up.

23. March on the spot.

24. Jump on the spot.

25. Frog Jump on the spot.

After doing the first 20 exercises, hope you feel warm. If you have time and energy, give the last five exercises a try. Do not overdo exercises at a time. Increase frequency bit by bit as time goes by.

These simple exercises will not consume too much time and space. Adopt them every day and develop a good habit of doing exercises at home. You do not need to bother the weather anymore. Hopefully good health is the reward for your continuous effort.


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  1. wonderful tips, I also do stretching exercises at home usually.

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