Catfish: John & Kelsey


John has fallen for a girl named Kelsey he met online in a psychology chat room. And like so many of the others, they have NEVER video chatted. He is 27 years old, born and raised in south Detroit,  living in Dearborn, Michigan, and pretty smart and sensitive. Kelsey lives in Florida allegedly and hasn’t met with John because of her body dysmorphic disorder.  As it turns out, John works in IT and has an advantage over most others who have been catfished. Nev and Max assume he’s done some digging given his skillset advantage, but he wants to respect her privacy and trust that she is who she says she is. He just has a sneaky suspicion that there is more to the story than what he knows. 

Investigation doesn’t validate this girl’s existence because outside of the chat room, she has no social media accounts. And John says that is because of her body image disorder, but Nev and Max are still suspicious.  The pair have only spoke one time for a very few seconds and John has not been able to speak to her on the phone since. Nev decides to use the chat room source as it is his only option and reach out to other users about Kelsey. They say she is a good friend and listener, but she refuses to talk on the phone to anybody. One in particular is a girl named Ellie who reveals she is in a very similar catfish scenario of her own with a guy named Adam who refuses to give his full identity as well. Hmmm….

Nev and Max finally message Kelsey about meeting up and letting John finally meet her and shockingly she agrees. They arrange to meet at her Orlando residence only to find an empty lot upon arrival. They contact Kelsey who says she was “testing them” and gives them an address to a local cafe to meet. It’s actually an online casino/business once they arrive and they finally meet Kelsey- a man named Adam who has been a virtual friend to John in the chat room and also dating Ellie- dun dun dun! Nev and Max refer to him as a “villain” as he explains he has catfished not only John and Ellie, but 30-40 others just “to pass the time”. He takes pictures of high school classmates and makes up phony chat accounts so that he can become “king of the catfishes”. They meet again the next day and Adam says he really catfished John to keep him away from Ellie and used to get information on Ellie that he could later use as himself in conversations with her. Nev and Max contacted Ellie the day before to tell her the news about Adam and she needed time to process, but upon his recent revelation, they got her on video chat for Adam to confront her face-to-face ish for the first time.

Since the reveal: Adam moved to L.A. and is focused on writing. His video chat with Ellie helped their relationship grow on truth and to a better place. As for John, he says, “I don’t have any distractions now,”. He has forgiven Adam and is still very active in the chat room. You will also be pleased to know that he is in a real life relationship with a girl and Nev’s check in interview actually shows him during a visit with her in Illinois!

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