Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is an important aspect of life that most will miss out on. Its an extremely simple concept and if done correctly can lead to tremendous gains in your life and health. The first and most important step to physical fitness is a well balanced diet and good nights rest.

Strength Training

Most people don’t realize the best start to any physical activity is a good nights sleep followed by a healthy diet. If you have both of those then your off to a great start already. 

So when working out or lifting weights understand your limits. If possible you will want to find your personal record(PR) or 1repetition max in your major lifts. Major lifts being Bench Press, Backsquat, Deadlift, and overhead press. Once this is established you will want to develope your work out schedule with realstic goals to work towards. An example of what a workout plan may look like would be this:

Week 1

Day 1/Monday: Bench (1rp Max 200)

5 sets of 5 repetitions

1st set 5 x 135 2nd set 5 x 155 3rd set 5 x 175……get the picture

Day 2/ Tuesday: Backsquat (1rp Max 300)

5 sets of 5 reps

1st set 5 x 215 ………

This is your basic setup and in between sets you can conduct supporting workouts as well, however the primary focus hitting the major muscle groups. Little do people know working your major muscle groups releases the chemicals in your body to help all your muscles grow na dbecome stronger in multiple areas. Day 2 would simply be your next muscle group to focus on. I would take day 3 off then pick back up with day 4 then 5. This is usually based off of starting on a monday, however it doesnt have to be. Once you move past that first week your sets would stay the same however, you might move to four reps and heavier weight. Remember rest days are important in order for the muscle fibers to regenerate and grow stronger. Form is important as well, and in saying that I would recommend researching the movements before executiing them. Especially once you move into more complex movements, however for a beginner this is a good start to at least develope a baseline for yourself. 

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